On April 13th the Society for Individual Liberty (a national campus-based libertarian organization), joined by the Libertarian Party, sponsored the second annual National Tax Protest Day. Protests were carried out in a number of cities including Tampa, Gainesville, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami, Florida; Philadelphia, PA (where a gun toting Uncle Sam rounded up tax slaves and received radio, TV, and newspaper coverage); Los Angeles, CA (the 85 demonstrators at the Federal Building received coverage by TV network news, several radio stations, and the LOS ANGELES TIMES. Speakers included representatives of the Libertarian Party, the Peace and Freedom Party, the Republicans, the Democrats, and the American Independent Party. Roger Scime sang some tax protest songs and The Libertarian Players presented an anti-IRS skit); Las Vegas, NV (where the 25 protesters garnered coverage from two television and six radio stations); Pocatello, ID and Salt Lake City, UT (the IDAHO STATE JOURNAL carried a long article on the Pocatello group, led by Larry Fullmer and the Utah group, led by Karl Bray). The June 1974 issue of SIL NEWS will contain a full report on the tax protests—SIL NEWS is sent free to members of SIL; others may subscribe by sending $3 to Society for Individual Liberty, Room 304, Empire Bldg., Philadelphia, PA 19107.


On Saturday, April 20, Dr. John Hospers (Director of the School of Philosophy at USC, and 1972 Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate) was the guest of honor at a fund raising party held for Sanford Cohen in Highland, New York. Cohen is the Free Libertarian Party's candidate for U.S. Congress from New York's 25th district.

Over 100 supporters of the campaign heard Dr. Hospers speak of the urgent need to elect people, like Cohen, whose only political motive is the extension of human freedom.

The party was the official kick-off of a massive direct-mail fund raising effort. Cohen thanked the people from all over the country who have contributed to the campaign. He emphasized that, "the thousands of dollars raised by this party are a small part of what we have already done and what we will continue to do. These contributions will help us to go on raising the kind of money needed to put power-brokers like Rep. Hamilton Fish out of business."

For further information on Sandy Cohen's campaign please contact Citizens for Cohen, P.O. Box 1776, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601.


The Utah Libertarian Party has gained a spot on the November general election ballot by virtue of having submitted over 500 signatures from throughout the state with at least 10 from each of 10 counties. Karl Bray, a leader of the national tax resistance movement, will be a ULP candidate for Congress.

The Tampa Bay Chapter of the Florida Libertarian Party meets on the second Saturday of each month at 1 p.m. Officers include: vice president, Skip Grierson; secretary, Roberta Breedin; treasurer, Bill Sunbaum. For further information please contact Skip Grierson at P.O. Box 181, Tampa, FL 33601.

Brian Donerly, Gainesville, Florida LP chairman, is campaigning for a seat on the Gainesville City Council. Brian has been a vocal libertarian in Gainesville for three years and he says that in only one month and with only a $300 investment he has gotten 10 times more publicity for libertarian thoughts than at any time in the three year period. He is a first year law student and has masters degrees in statistics and journalism. To contribute or obtain further information contact Donerly Campaign Fund, 288-3 Corry Village, U. of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32601.

Libertarian Alternative of Los Angeles members appeared on television four times in May to deliver rebuttals to station editorials, including ones on such topics as school bonds (Libertarian Alternative opposed the bond issue) and the California State Department of Tourism (libertarians called for its abolition). Libertarian Alternative meets the first Monday of each month at Eater's Digest Restaurant, 9032 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, beginning at 8:30 p.m. All interested persons are invited to attend; it is not a dinner meeting and there is no charge.

Political activists should take a look at THE ALMANAC OF AMERICAN POLITICS by Michael Barone, Grant Ujifusa, and Douglas Matthews published by Gambit Press in Boston ($6.95 in paperback). Taking every one of the 435 Congressional districts in the U.S., the almanac describes the political history of each district, who lives there, how much they earn and other demographics, and the voting histories of their elected representatives. If you're planning a political campaign it's a good way to find out what you're up against.

The Libertarian Information Forum (LIFE) has been organized, "whose purpose is to examine the application of libertarian solutions to the serious problems facing South Florida." For further information please contact Rebecca Bailey, 3367 College Avenue #104, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33314, (305) 792-4133.

Greater Washington Society for Individual Liberty will meet Sunday, June 2 at 7 p.m. to hear a talk by James Kiefer entitled "Objectivism and Theism: A Critique of Branden's Concept of God." The meeting will be held at Doris Gordon's house in Wheaton, MD—for information contact her at 460-4141.

Sy and Riqui Leon, directors of Rampart College, will hold a discussion and open house at their residence the second Friday of every month from 8 p.m. to midnite. The policy is BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle), with the Leons supplying ice and light refreshments. Guests are welcome and need only be interested in ideas (i.e. they needn't be confirmed libertarians). For information about the location contact Sy or Riqui Leon at Rampart College, P.O. Box 11407, (714) 832-6234.

The Libertarian Supper Club of Los Angeles is an informal association of libertarians who meet monthly, on the first Tuesday of the month, for supper and to hear a speaker or other type of program, and discuss the ideas presented. There is no form of charter and no officers or dues, expenses being covered by the charge for meals or a nominal amount to attend the program only. Those who are unable to attend any of the meetings but would like to be retained on the mailing list for the monthly Newsletter/meeting notice are requested to send in $1.20 once a year to cover the postage costs involved. The meeting is held at the Taix Restaurant, 1911 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, with dinner being served at 7:15 p.m. For further information please contact Lloyd Licher, 12536 Woodbine St., Los Angeles, CA 90066. Phone (213) 397-4848 (home) or 390-4449 (office).