Publisher's Notes


• REASON IS GROWING: REASON is pleased to announce that it has entered into an arrangement with the Society for Individual Liberty to fulfill the balance of existing subscriptions to the INDIVIDUALIST, previously published by SIL. SIL is the largest libertarian organization in America, with more than 100 active chapters located on college campuses throughout the country. SIL has agreed to offer special combination memberships which will include a subscription to REASON in addition to membership in SIL, for the combined cost of $10 per year. SIL offers many useful membership benefits, including (in part) a monthly newsletter, SIL NEWS, and numerous issue papers. REASON's March issue, featuring Murray Rothbard's significant discussion of "Free-Market Police, Courts, and Law" was the first issue sent to INDIVIDUALIST subscribers. Since the negotiations with SIL were concluded just prior to printing the March issue, we were not able to publish notification of the SIL arrangements in last month's issue. At this time, REASON would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new readers.

• REASON ASSOCIATES: We are grateful for the nice response to our Reason Associates campaign. As we go to press, Reason Associates include:

Sustaining Members: Edward Crane III, Los Angeles CA; James O. Galloway, Los Angeles, CA; M. Lindsay, Montreal, Quebec; J.L. Erickson, Oklahoma City, OK. Supporting Member: David B. King, Landover Hills, MD. Regular Members: Keith Homan, Jackson, MS; Paul Lepanto, Poughkeepsie, NY; Bruce Lagasse, Sherman Oaks, CA; Virginia Macintosh, NY, NY; Jim Garrison, Bronx, NY; Kenneth W. Douglas, Los Angeles, CA; Doug & Janet Den Uyl, Chicago, IL; Alan Neumann, Chicago, IL; Craig Stinson, Los Angeles, CA; Pat Santy, Los Angeles, CA; Peter Weber, Phoenix, AZ; Marshall Bruce Evoy, Toronto, Ontario; Tim Barrus, Midwest City, OK; Dr. V. Bernstein, Verona, NJ; Saul Rackauskas, Camarillo, CA; H. Esserman Jr., Creve Coeur, MO; Anthony Conte, Brookline, MA; Warren Vining III, Anaheim, CA; Virginia Fulwider, Anchorage, AK; Alan Kaufman, Skokie, IL; Harriet Ward, Cleveland, OH; Arno Duenkler, Sante Fe, NM; Mark & Caroline Molitch, La Palma, CA; Don B. Duncan, Zephyr Cove, NV; Daniel Wiener, Los Angeles, CA.

We hope that many more of our readers will become Reason Associates, thereby helping REASON finance its promotional campaign aimed at nonlibertarians. As set forth on the back cover of our March issue, Reason Associates also receive unique, tangible benefits, in addition to helping spread libertarian ideas. A regular membership for one year costs only $25; and a sustaining membership costs $100. Send in your check today!

• REASON ON SCHEDULE: REASON has consistently published each issue on schedule since it was taken over by Reason Enterprises, commencing with the January 1971 issue. In connection with Clarica Scott of Rimstar Publication Services, we work closely with our mailing house in an effort to assure that issues are sent to each of our subscribers on a timely basis. Issues are sent by second class mail. Unfortunately, the service provided by the government postal monopoly seems to be deteriorating. In the past two months, we have received a record number of complaints from readers who did not receive their issue. We would like our subscribers to be aware of REASON's policy of replacing lost issues only if within two months old. Requests for replacement of undelivered issues which are over two months old must be accompanied by full payment. Since postal delivery is often slow, please wait until the first day of the month of issue before notifying us of nondelivery. And if you are moving, be sure to give us six weeks' advance notice, which should be accompanied by your new address and old address label. Any issues lost due to late notification of an address change will be replaced only if full payment is enclosed.

• INCOME TAX UNCONSTITUTIONAL? The December 1972 issue of the AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION JOURNAL contains an article by a New York City tax attorney, William G. Halby, "Is the Income Tax Unconstitutionally Discriminatory?" Halby discusses a recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision in which, by implication, the court is saying the Federal Internal Revenue Code is unconstitutional. Halby states, "What, I wonder, would be the response of Congress and the Treasury if tomorrow, say, a million taxpayers decided not to pay their taxes and to test the constitutionality of the Federal income tax laws in the Tax Court?" We wonder…

• NATIONAL TAX PROTEST DAY—APRIL 14: The Society for Individual Liberty is coordinating a project opposing taxation, which includes commitments from nearly 70 groups around the nation that will be putting on local demonstrations and working with the media. In connection with the project, SIL is sending special literature to the local groups, including a hard-hitting brochure, "Taxation Is Theft." For further details, write SIL, 304 Empire Bldg., 13th and Walnut Sts., Philadelphia PA.

• LIBERTARIAN OPINION SURVEY: Results of the recent Polifax Press survey of libertarians have been announced. Findings of the survey show that "REASON is by far the most respected libertarian magazine." Also, REASON editors Manuel Klausner, Robert Poole and Tibor Machan were each named among the ten individuals who are doing the most to build the libertarian movement into a major force. Complete survey results are available for $.50 from POLIFAX SURVEY, P.O. Box 20067, Denver, Colorado 80220.

• LIBERTARIAN SENATE RATING: The November 1972 issue of THE LIBERTARIAN FORUM contains a useful rating of Senators from a libertarian perspective. No Senator rated an excellent, but Senators H. Byrd (Ind., Va.) and Roth (Rep., Del.) each were rated Very Good. The absolutely worst Senator was Scoop Jackson of Washington ("Excruciatingly Bad"). THE LIBERTARIAN FORUM is edited by Murray Rothbard. Subscriptions, $8.00 per year from The Libertarian Forum, Box 341, Dept. R, Madison Square Station, New York, NY 10010.

• RAMPART COLLEGE: At the December meeting of the Rampart College Board of Trustees, Seymour Leon was named as president for 1973. Mr. Leon has been associated with Rampart College since 1967 and is the founder of the League of Nonvoters. Outgoing president, Rampart's founder Robert LeFevre, will continue to teach the courses in the "Fundamentals of Human Liberty" offered by the college. Rampart announced that LeFevre's decision to resign as president was prompted by his heavy teaching schedule and his desire to concentrate more heavily on writing. Rampart publishes a monthly newsletter, available at no charge upon request. Write Rampart College, 104 West Fourth Street, Santa Ana CA 92701.

• ANTITRUST MYTHS: D.T. Armentano, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Hartford, has had his book THE MYTHS OF ANTITRUST published by Arlington House. Armentano's article, "Capitalism and the Antitrust Laws," appeared in the January 1972 issue of REASON, and REASON's highly acclaimed March 1972 cover story, "The Great Electrical Equipment Conspiracy," was drawn from THE MYTHS OF ANTITRUST. A limited number of copies of the January and March 1972 issues of REASON are still available, at the cost of $1.00 each.

• ASIAN AID: Both the U.N. and the Liberal Establishment have remained silent while Uganda dictator "Big Daddy" Amin ordered some 60,000 Asian professionals and shopkeepers (i.e., capitalists) out of the country, stripped of their possessions. Another million Asians in Africa are susceptible to similar moves by racist government demagogues, the first of which appears about to begin in Kenya. To assist the victims of such pogroms, a group of libertarians has organized the Asian African Relief Foundation, a non-profit, charitable organization with offices in California, New York, and London. AARF has hired the John Zeigler Inc. advertising agency to prepare a fund-raising ad campaign. The group hopes to raise money both for direct assistance to the exiles, and to underwrite travel and negotiations aimed at establishing an enclave where they (and others seeking freedom from government oppression) can resettle in peace. Contributions may be sent to Asian African Relief Foundation, P.O. Box 6262, Santa Barbara, CA 93111.

• POPULATION PAMPHLET: David Friedman, Columbia University physicist and son of economist Milton Friedman, has written an interesting pamphlet on the population problem. Titled "Laissez-Faire in Population: The Least Bad Solution," it is published by the highly-respected Population Council. Friedman presents an economic analysis of the factors affecting family size and discusses the extent to which child-rearing is currently subsidized in the United States. The 46-page pamphlet is available without charge from the Population Council, through Key Book Service, 425 Asylum Street, Bridgeport, CT 06610.

• MACHAN IN HUMAN EVENTS: Associate Editor Tibor Machan recently had an article published in HUMAN EVENTS, the conservative weekly. The article was titled "TV Violence: An Analysis," and explored the change in American values that is reflected in TV's growing presentation of violence for its own sake, apart from a moral context.

• LIBRARY GIFTS—INCOME TAX SPECIAL: Best way to assure that REASON finds its way into more libraries is to donate a gift subscription. A complete listing of current library subscribers was carried in this column last month. As an incentive to secure additional library gift subscriptions, REASON is again offering a year's free subscription or renewal to all readers who donate three one-year library gift subscriptions at the $9 regular subscription rate. Names of donors will be published in this column. REASON can select library recipients, if desired by donors. This is an excellent way to help promote libertarianism. Act now—this offer will close on April 15, 1973 (Income tax due date).

• TELEVISION APPEARANCE: REASON editor Manuel Klausner appeared with Jim Kelly of the Libertarian Party on "Fisher's Target," a Newport Beach cable television interview program. The program was aired twice in February and may be scheduled for additional showings in the future.

• FOR A NEW LIBERTY AVAILABLE NOW: Murray Rothbard's new book, FOR A NEW LIBERTY, scheduled for release in March by The MacMillan Company, can be ordered at a discount from REASON, P.O. Box 6151, Santa Barbara, CA 93111. FOR A NEW LIBERTY, excerpted last month in REASON ("Free-Market Police, Courts, and Law"), sets forth a comprehensive, systematic application of libertarian analysis to current problems, ranging from education and highways, to foreign policy, welfare, conservation, ecology and more! A highly-significant, provocative work—available now from REASON for only $7.25. Regular price is $7.95. Additional 10% discount to REASON ASSOCIATES. (California residents, please add 5% sales tax.) Send in your check today for Rothbard's engrossing and richly instructive new book—an indispensable volume for all libertarians and every person seeking to learn about libertarianism.

• LIBERTARIAN FACULTY REGISTRY: Space limitations preclude our publication this month of the listing of libertarian faculty members in American and Canadian colleges and universities. As previously announced, REASON is cooperating with OUTLOOK in compiling the faculty registry. Readers are invited to submit proposed names for inclusion on the registry. Please send name, department and university for each faculty member. REASON's initial listing will be published in a forthcoming issue.

• COMING NEXT MONTH: REASON's May issue will contain the long-awaited second exclusive REASON interview with Nathaniel Branden. The interview provides an excellent introduction to Dr. Branden's approach to therapy and constitutes a major addition to the literature on psychology. Also included in the May issue is REASON associate editor Tibor Machan's thoughtful analysis of human rights and REASON science fiction columnist John J. Pierce's insightful discussion of Robert A. Heinlein and his important new novel, TIME ENOUGH FOR LOVE.