Publisher's Notes


• REASON PRICE INCREASE: Effective immediately, the cost of all issues of REASON has been increased to $1.00, except for extra-length Special Issues, which will sell for $1.50 each. The price increase also applies to orders for back issues. Many back issues are in limited supply, and orders will be filled on a first come-first served basis. All orders for back issues should be accompanied by payment in full. Save money by subscribing now at the present low rate of $9.00 per year.

• NEW CONTRIBUTORS: REASON is pleased to announce the addition of three new staffers to our masthead. We welcome two new foreign correspondents to add to our regular correspondents in Argentina and Belgium: Larry Nelson, reporting from the Philippines, and Marc Swanepoel, from Pretoria, South Africa. Our initial report from the Philippines appears in this issue. It is accompanied by the work of our third new REASON staffer, cartoonist Steve Miller. Miller is a regular contributor to NEWS AND OBSERVER, Raleigh, N.C.

• LEGAL SETBACK: Chris Bates and Hank Hohenstein, libertarian activists, were found guilty in federal court on December 22, 1972, of charges stemming from a protest on an IRS seizure in San Diego on May 9th. The three week trial contained many errors which can lead to a mistrial or reversal on appeal. Specifically noteworthy was district Judge Nielsen's admission that the entire legal profession had an inability to define conspiracy. Additional funds are urgently needed. For those making donations we will send one page of trial highlights. Make checks payable to Libertarian Defense & Education Fund, Suite K 2550 Via Tejon, Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274.

• LIBERTARIAN FACULTY REGISTRY: As announced in this column in REASON's January issue, REASON is cooperating with OUTLOOK in compiling a listing of libertarian faculty members in American and Canadian colleges and universities. The original proposal was conceived by Walter Block, editor of OUTLOOK. Readers are invited to submit proposed names for listing on the Registry. Please send name, department, and university for each faculty member. REASON plans to publish its initial listing in next month's issue.

• "MINERVA OCCUPATION" REPUDIATED: Recently a number of libertarians received a flyer from "International Maritime Legal Research" in Toldeo, Ohio, describing a projected expedition to "occupy" the Minerva Reefs, site of the projected Republic of Minerva (see "Designing a Free Country," REASON, December 1972). Many people were disturbed by what appeared to be a hasty and ill-conceived plan set forth in the flyer. REASON has checked with the provisional government of Minerva and has learned that the group sending out the flyer was unauthorized to do so, and has since been repudiated by both the Minerva government and Caribbean Pacific, the land development company. Thus, there is no substance to the proposed expedition. Further progress on the Minerva new-country project is dependent on the outcome of forthcoming negotiations with the government of Tonga.

• COMING NEXT MONTH: REASON's April issue will feature an exclusive interview with real estate attorney Bernard H. Siegan, author of the landmark book, LAND USE WITHOUT ZONING. In the interview, Siegan discusses innovative free market approaches to land use planning. Also included in the April issue is law professor Michael E. Levine's significant article, "Do We Need More Airports?", which applies free market principles to the problem of airport planning, and discusses the use of rational pricing to reduce airplane noise. NATIONAL REVIEW Associate Editor Alan Reynolds contributes a provocative article comparing the approach to monetary theory taken by Chicagoites, such as Milton Friedman, with the Austrian approaches of Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard and Hans Sennholz. REASON's May issue will feature REASON's second exclusive interview with Nathaniel Branden, plus other exciting articles and features.