Publisher's Notes


• HOSPERS PAPERBACK AVAILABLE: Sales are booming for the new paperback edition of Professor John Hospers' LIBERTARIANISM. The book is published by Reason Press, a new division of Reason Enterprises, by special arrangement with Nash Publishing, which brought out the hardcover edition in 1971. The profitability of this first venture into book publishing will influence the extent to which Reason Press expands. Copies of the paperback are available at $2.95 from REASON.

• BRANDEN NOVEL UNDER WAY: Nathaniel Branden has advised REASON that he is interrupting his work on his book THE PSYCHOLOGY OF ROMANTIC LOVE in order to start work on a novel he has been wanting to write: Branden is now engaged in research for the novel and in working on the plot outline. The novel will deal with the world of psychology in the last third of the 20th Century. Branden expects to begin the actual writing late this year. According to Branden, "It will be a very long book and the writing of it will occupy me for the next several years."

• NEW BRANDEN INTERVIEW: Nathaniel Branden is also involved in another project of special interest to REASON readers—a second exclusive REASON interview. Following REASON's original interview with Branden, which was featured in REASON's Special Issue of October 1971, the forthcoming interview will probe deeply into Branden's clinical and analytical approaches to psychology and psychotherapy.

The interview has been partially completed and is tentatively scheduled to appear next April.

• LAW AND LIBERTY PROJECT: The Institute for Humane Studies is instituting a new program, The Law and Liberty Project, which aims at recovering liberty by reestablishment of fundamental law, with its accompanying ethic. It is contemplated that the law project will offer fellowships, conduct a law study program, publish studies on law, conduct conferences and symposiums, and develop law practice apprenticeships. F.A. Harper, president of the Institute for Humane Studies is seeking financial support to help fund the cost of the project. Further information can be obtained from Harper at the Institute, 1134 Crane Street, Menlo Park, California 94025.

• LIBERTARIAN CANDIDATES QUALIFY: California voters are advised that the Libertarian Party's Hospers-Nathan ticket has qualified as an "official" write-in slate, so that all votes for these candidates will be counted and reported. (Under provisions of the state's "Mickey Mouse Law," write-in votes will only be counted for candidates of officially registered parties.) California voters may also wish to change their voter registration to Libertarian before the election. Whether they are registered as Libertarians or not, all California voters are eligible to write in John Hospers for President and Tonie Nathan for Vice President.

• CMI NEEDS FUNDS: The California Marijuana Initiative (CMI) campaign urgently needs financial support. The initiative, which will appear on the November ballot in California, provides for removal of criminal penalties for cultivating and possessing marijuana for personal use. Donations for the campaign may be sent to CMI, 2214 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 90026.

• SURVEY OF LIBERTARIANS: Ferdinand V. Solara of Polifax Press has been commissioned by a national publication to do a feature article on the "libertarian movement." In order to obtain a broad cross-section of views of libertarians, he is interested in having REASON readers participate in a survey. In order to participate, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to POLIFAX SURVEY, P.O. Box 20067, Denver, CO 80220. Do it now, since all completed survey forms must be returned by 15 December 1972.

• CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS PUBLISHED: The Summer 1972 issue of THE PERSONALIST contains the proceedings of the 1971 University of San Francisco Conference on Political Philosophy. The conference, directed by Professors Robert L. Cunningham and Tibor R. Machan, addressed the subject of "The Individual and Society," and included discussions of human nature, virtue, property, aggression, and liberty in a technological age. THE PERSONALIST is published by the School of Philosophy at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California 90007.

• ATLAS SHRUGGED FILMING: REASON continues to follow closely the negotiations between Ayn Rand and producer Al Ruddy concerning the planned film version of ATLAS SHRUGGED. No new developments have occurred since our last status report. Read this column next month for an up-to-date report of developments.

• ANTI-WAR DEMONSTRATIONS: The National Peace Action Coalition has called for massive demonstrations of a peaceful and legal nature to protest the continuing American involvement in the Indochina war, to take place on November 18 in at least 15 cities across the country. The tentative list of sites for the demonstrations includes the following cities: New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Detroit, Cleveland, Denver, Seattle, Portland, Houston, Austin, and Atlanta. The central demand of the demonstrations is for immediate and total American withdrawal from Southeast Asia. Other demands include a call for abolition of the draft, and immediate, total, and unconditional amnesty for draft resistors, military deserters, and GI's who are in the brig for anti-war activities.

A group of libertarians who have been actively involved in the anti-war movement have formed an ad hoc group for the purpose of encouraging and coordinating libertarian involvement in the November 18 NPAC demonstrations. Libertarian Action for Peace & Freedom will be developing literature for distribution at the demonstrations, as well as promoting an awareness among libertarians of the activities of local, regional and national anti-war organizations, and hopes to be able to refer libertarian anti-war activists across the country to other anti-war libertarians in their area or region.

If you want to be put on the mailing list of Libertarian Action for Peace & Freedom, or to help coordinate libertarian involvement in the November 18 anti-war demonstrations, or to make any kind of contribution, intellectual or financial, write to:

Libertarian Action for Peace & Freedom
P.O. Box 66321
Houston, Texas 77006