Publisher's Notes


• ISSUE DATE: You will notice that this issue is dated June/July, even though it is still only Volume 4, Number 3. We have merely shifted our publishing schedule one month; this will make it more feasible to have REASON distributed on newsstands, since there will be more lead time. Subscribers will still receive the same number of issues they originally paid for, and subscriber expiration codes (as on the address label) will remain the same. Only the month, not the volume and issue number, will change. Thus, if your expiration code is 4-7, your subscription will now expire with the November 1972 issue, rather than the October issue.

• KLAUSNER BECOMES REASON EDITOR: In accordance with Reason's policy of rotating its editorship among its associate editors, Manuel Klausner steps up to the post of Editor, with Robert Poole joining Tibor Machan as associate editor. No change in policy is signified by the editorial shift.

• ATLAS SHRUGGED TO BE FILMED: Producer Al Ruddy, whose last production was "The Godfather," has acquired motion picture rights to Ayn Rand's epic novel, ATLAS SHRUGGED. Ruddy's film adaptation is scheduled for release in Christmas of 1973.

• NEW BOOK OF INTEREST: Harper and Row has just released a new paperback entitled OUTSIDE LOOKING IN: CRITIQUES OF AMERICAN POLICIES AND INSTITUTIONS, LEFT AND RIGHT. Four of the 23 articles in the book are by libertarians, three of them REASON editors. Associate editors Robert Poole and Tibor Machan, and contributing editor Rod Manis each have articles in the book, along with well-known libertarian economist Murray Rothbard and such other notable figures as Hans J. Morgenthau, Peter Viereck, Ernest Van den Haag, and Edward Banfield.

• LIBERTARIANS ON THE AIR: Two libertarian groups continue to be active in obtaining time on radio and television to air their views. In Los Angeles, Libertarian Alternative began a regular weekly half-hour radio program on KPFK-FM (90.7 MHz.) in April. The group's president Charles Barr appeared in a reply to a KNBC-TV editorial on 9 March. He spoke in favor of amnesty for draft evaders who have left the country. In Boston the New Right Coalition broadcast an editorial reply on WBZ radio and television early in March. NRC's reply was in opposition to a proposed Massachusetts graduated income tax and was broadcast by national chairman Donald A. Feder of Boston University Law School.

• FREE-MARKET POSTAGE STAMPS: Libertarian entrepreneur Richard King is giving the British postal monopoly fits with his successful private postal service. Called Poste Haste, the enterprise is taking advantage of a loophole in the British postal law which allows "messengers-on-purpose" (i.e., persons employed by the message-sender) legally to deliver mail. Hence Poste Haste has no employees—it is a cooperative of like-minded people who are employed by the companies for whom they deliver. Poste Haste has received excellent publicity in British newspapers, especially for its stamps which chronicle the history of government attempts to stamp out postal competition. Americans wishing to support this effort may wish to purchase a selection of Poste Haste stamps (which may one day have great value to collectors!). Any amount of $1.00 or more will bring you an assortment of the stamps. Write Richard King, 130a Ashley Gardens, Westminster, S.W. 1 London, U.K.