Publisher's Notes


• This issue marks the first anniversary of REASON's publication by Reason Enterprises, the partnership formed in late 1970 to rescue REASON from going the way of many fledgling libertarian journals. "Our" first issue, Volume 2, No. 10, appeared in January 1971. It was 28 pages long and contained articles by founder Lanny Friedlander, editor Robert Poole, associate editor Tibor Machan, managing editor Marilynn Walther, and part 2 of Rosalie Nichols' article on Indian property rights. It was mailed to all 400 people on our subscription list.

Twelve issues later, the magazine you are now reading went out to 3028 paid subscribers, numerous university and corporate libraries, and newsstands in cities from New York to California and several foreign countries. Our mailing list is maintained by an IBM 360 and our mail now goes by semi-reliable second class, rather than bulk rate. Our first year has seen articles and interviews of such persons as Nathaniel Branden, John Holt, Yale Brozen, Jay Forrester, Ralph Nader, and Robert Rimmer.

• We are pleased to announce the launching of the Reason Author Fund. Thanks to a gift from Henry Hohenstein, REASON financial consultant, REASON now is in a position to pay small honoraria to authors, in addition to our usual in-kind payments of complimentary subscriptions and copies. The purpose of the Fund is to encourage and reward the submission of high-quality material for publication in REASON. Initially, the Fund will apply only to original articles, not to reprints, poems, photos, or artwork. Additional contributions to the Fund are most welcome and will enable us to increase the amounts paid and/or expand the categories covered.

• An interesting libertarian group has been formed in New England. Calling itself the New Right Coalition, the group is aimed at political action—in the sense of pamphleteering, postering, demonstrating, etc. The group already has a large variety of posters and pamphlets available on various topics. Boston chapters have recently received publicity for several demonstrations, including one at the Boston Regional Welfare Office. National Chairman Donald Feder and Board member Gordon Nelson have appeared twice on Boston's Channel 38 to argue against the welfare system.

• Look for a different kind of West Coast Libertarian Conference. Bill Steel, Dana Rohrbacher, et al are designing a libertarian conference devoted exclusively to psychology and its role in libertarian analysis. Invited guests include Carl Faber, Carl Rogers, Nathaniel Branden, and others. Although still in planning stages, the place and dates are firm: USC on February 13 & 14th.


In last month's Trends column, the debate topic discussed under "A New Slant on TV News" should have read "Should the Fairness Doctrine be Extended to TV news?" It was on this question that Edith Efron said YES and Jeffrey St. John said NO. Our apologies for inadvertently reversing the sides of the debate.

• Several readers have asked if we know of any libertarian organizations outside the United States. The following is a list of such groups, compiled largely by Evan Soule of the National Committee to Legalize Gold, following his trip to Europe last summer:


Institut für Angewandte Sozial-und Wirtschaftsforschung, Renngasse 12, 1010 Wien.


Peace Plans, c/o John Zube, Wilshire Street, Berrima, N.S.W.


1) Free Enterprise Foundation of Canada, P.O. Box 176, Toronto.

2) League for Economic Democracy, 12 Charles Street, Stoney Creek, Ontario.


1) International Institute for Economic Research, c/o Dr. Arthur Shenfield, 19 Chandos Court, Caxton Street, London S.W.1

2) Aims of Industry, 5 Plough Place Fetter Lane, London E.C. 4.

3) Political Freedom Movement, c/o Mr. Laurence Clark, Blackbush Airport, Camberley, Surrey.

4) Society for Individual Freedom, 55 Park Lane, London W1Y 4LB.

5) Personal Rights Association, 31 Parkside Gardens, London S.W. 19.


Forum for Free Enterprise, Sohrab House, 235 Dr. Dadabhai Naoroji Road, P.O. Box 48-A Bombay 1.


Libertas, Incognitogaten 18, Oslo.


International Freedom Academy, Grevgatan 67, 114 59, Stockholm.


1) Wilhelm Roepke Gesellschaft, Weinbergstrasse 9, Zurich CH.

2) Die Vereinigung für Freies Unternehmertum, Zeltweg 46, Zurich


Centro de Estudios Económico Sociales, Apartado 652.