Publisher's Notes


• Lanny Friedlander, founder and original editor of REASON, is now in business as Conceptual Design Group, Box 5970 Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10017 (212-233-5910). The firm offers a variety of graphic design services. One of Mr. Friedlander's recent designs is the book cover for Roger J. Williams' NUTRITION AGAINST DISEASE.

• Dr. Albert G. Wilson and his wife Donna are going to repeat their excellent course on THE FUNDAMENTALS OF FUTUROLOGY during the Winter Quarter 1972 at the University of California, Los Angeles, Extension. They last gave it in the Spring Quarter 1971, and it treated the four major components of the emerging science of change: Theory (Dynamics and Modeling of Change, the Concept of Alternative Futures). Methodologies (Morphological Construction, Iterated Feedback Surveys, and Trend Extrapolations). Assessments (Values and Value Systems. Technological and Social Assessments), and Planning (Long Range and Short-Range, the Planning of Planning). Dr. Wilson defines Futurology in part as "the study and design of methodologies for imaging, forecasting, and shaping the future and influencing change; the scientific study of…any activity that predicts or shapes the future; the study of the nature of time and the dynamics of change." As readers of our issue on Social Change (REASON, June 1971) will appreciate, a course such as this has some far-reaching implications for libertarianism, and has much to offer those interested in acquiring some tools to use in promoting societal change in accord with libertarian values.

For those living in the Los Angeles or Southern California area, this course is highly recommended. Further information about the course and enrollment can be obtained from University of California Extension, Los Angeles, CA. The course reference is X 403.1.

REASON apologizes for a mixup in last month's photographs. Shots of Boston appeared in place of New York (page 7). Although the principle the photos meant to illustrate was well served (as evidenced by the ease with which the mixup occurred), in behalf of accuracy we are publishing this apology.

• Previously, REASON announced its intention to award a prize subscription for the best letter selected to be published each month. In view of the difficulty encountered in selecting the "best" of the highly diverse letters we receive, REASON will not award such prizes.

We are pleased by the quality and quantity of mail received from our readers and hope to continue to publish a lively and literate selection of letters.

• Look for large increases in unemployment if the latest Democratic-backed minimum wage bill is passed. One of the hardest-hit categories is likely to be household maids and cleaning women, who are currently not covered by minimum wage laws. Under the bill, people would be forced to pay such workers $1.80 per hour in 1972 and $2.00 an hour starting in 1973. For those who retain their jobs, of course, this will be fine, but many of those employed by lower and middle-income families will simply be let go and may end up on welfare.

• Oblivious to the very real dangers posed by automobile airbag systems ("Is 'Inflation' Good for You?" REASON, March 1971), Ralph Nader is contemplating legal action to force the Transportation Department to reinstate its now-cancelled order requiring installation of front-seat airbags by August 1973. Nader apparently goes along with the bureaucratic trade-off that more lives will be saved by airbags that work than will be lost due to (inevitable) accidental misfiring—ergo, airbags are good and can legitimately be forced on everybody. Whatever happened to the individual's right to decide for himself what risks to take with his own body?

• A new journal will make its debut in January: THE JOURNAL OF LEGAL STUDIES, published by the University of Chicago Law School. It will be edited by law professor Richard A. Posner, with assistance from an advisory committee including Chicago-school economists Gary S. Becker and George J. Stigler and Norval Morris, coauthor of the excellent (and libertarian) book THE HONEST POLITICIAN'S GUIDE TO CRIME CONTROL. Volume 1, Number 1 will include articles by George Stigler and Harold Demsetz. Subscriptions to the twice-yearly journal are $8.

• A new libertarian political party based on Objectivist principles has been announced by John D. Daniels. Further information on the Capitalist Party, including a statement of principles, may be obtained from Mr. Daniels at 510 S. Normandie, Apt. 307, Los Angeles, CA 90020.

• Life Problems Consultants is an association of libertarian oriented psychiatrists and psychologists. Present members of the association are Geoffrey Hosta, M.D., Rod Shorter, M.A., and Henry E. Jones, M.D. Although each member of the association is autonomous and independent in the conduct of his therapy practice, the consultants are in agreement on certain fundamental issues. According to Dr. Jones:

"First, we are libertarians. Our entire approach to problems of living is consistent with this philosophy. This, of course, means that our psychotherapy is based on values which are individualistic and egoistic rather than the usual altruistic values underlying most psychotherapy practiced today.

"Second, we reject the mental disease concept of psychological problems. Any concept of a medical etiology of psychological problems bootlegs psychic-determinism via physiology and is sloppy epistemology.

"Third, each member of Life Problems Consultants is also a member of the A.A.A.I.M.H. (The American Association for the Abolition of Involuntary Mental Hospitalization) and opposed to any form of coercive "psychiatric treatment."

"Fourth, we are firmly committed to the belief that absolute privacy and confidentiality is essential to our work. Communications with our clients and the information given us is held in strictest confidence.

"Fifth, our goal is to assist our client toward greater autonomy and independence in the conduct of his life."

Further information may be obtained from Dr. Jones at 1888 Century Park East, Suite 1810, Century City, CA 90067.