I must run through life,
Midnight to dawn,
For I've worlds to seize and conquer.
I've someplace to go
and someone to love,
With tears and touches and laughter.
I'm Young!
I don't want tastes of life,
I want to eat it raw.
I want to swim through flowing fields
down slopes and then to fall
breathless to grass,
breathless to laugh
Yet laughing 'til it pains.
And then to smile
to see your face and the laughter start again.
For I'm free and dizzy—
In love with myself,
A lifetime's love affair
Of meadows and music
And wind running wild,
Wild and lost through my hair.


What does it matter
Truth or lies!
The world demands illusion,
demands a God with Xmas bells
So little people
In little hells
Can smile and pretend to live.

Dear sweet liar,
Dear innocent fraud,
Committing suicide with every word…
Do you still watch the eagle soar,
Or do you turn your eyes away?
Whose life is twisting by
Like a snake through tall grass,
usually unnoticed,
ugly when seen.