Dreamers walk alone…
And learn to live with bruises.
Once they left open their doors,
But too many came
Only tracking mud and laughing.
Soon those doors were locked,
Opened cautiously
To but one or two.

They were greeted with a smile
And wondrous talk
And arms gesturing wildly
And a hope that you'll stay awhile…
And share.

Puffiness is nestled in your eyelids,
Hollows are scooped beneath your eyes,
Listlessness grasps your body
While fever rages on your forehead,
And I can only briefly hold
A cold compress against this storm.

If by some magic I could take
This plague from you,
I would swallow it,
Cacoon myself and beat it in mortal combat.
While some enjoy a lifetime
Of being unwell,
Sickness does not wear well on you.