Editor's Notes


Ayn Rand speaks at Lord Hall Forum the evening of November 9. Her topic: Apollo 11 and Woodstock. Further information: 8D Boylston St., Boston; Mass. 617-426-0725.

Robert Hessen is working on a book on the New Left to be completed next fall. This he revealed at a recent debate between he and Noam Chomsky at MIT on the subject of war research. His book, he answered to my question, will not cover the same ground as will Mrs. Estrada's anthology (parts of which are appearing here in shortened form) on the subject.

This month's feature article, by Cheri Kent Litzenberger, represents a revised presentation of her chapter in a forthcoming anthology on the New Left and their current assault on the universities. Readers interested in further information about the anthology or wishing to aid the project, should write the anthology's editor, Jackie Estrada, at 4471 44th St., Apt. 102, San Diego, Calif. 92115

A reminder that the Association for a Volunteer Army is still very much in existence (ah, aren't election promises wonderful?), still very much fighting the draft, and still publishing its monthly newsletter. Further information: Howard Katz, 85 Fourth Avenue, Apt. 6M, New York City, 10003.

Winston Duke, the Harvard Business School student who invited Ayn Rand to breakfast after her Ford Hall Forum speech last year, currently contributes a weekly column to his school's paper, the HarBus News, on aspects of capitalism.

Frank Bubb, at P.O. Box 2042, 3440 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa., 19104, writes that he is starting an organization called the Student Libertarian Columnists Association, in which pro-Objectivist students who have columns in their student paper can exchange columns with other such writers to lessen the load. The organization is currently functioning. Write Mr. Bubb for a prepared release explaining in full the operation.

Ergo, the first student newspaper I know of owned and operated fully by students of Objectivism, is currently publishing at MIT. Sample or information: James Meginniss, 12 Inman St., Cambridge, Mass., 02139. (This publication has reprinted articles from Reason.)

A forth-coming (Arlington House) book analyzing the Kerner Report written by Lillian Boehme, entitled Carte Blanche for Chaos, contains several footnotes alluding to Reason Magazine, as well as several quotes from two of last year's articles. For those who don't find Reason big enough and would like more high quality reading material, I recommend her magazine, the Libertarian. Her articles are flawless and her style consistently good. Although she has not worked out for her publication what I call a marketing identity, individual articles are excellent. In a recent conversation, Mrs. Boehme said she planned to review the currently publishing pro-Objectivist magazines (including Reason). I thought I'd upstage her (since we are deadly competitors and all that) with my own review. (So there.) Samples of the Libertarian are available for fifty cents and subscriptions for five dollars. Box 36, Wenonah, N.J., 08090.

Back issues from Vol 1 No 4 on are still available in limited quantities. The cost of the whole set of 9 is $2; the cost of single issues is $.25. An index for the first volume can be found in Vol 1 No 11. Once these copies are sold out, they probably won't be available until they are put onto microfilm at the end of this volume (if then). Therefore, if you are contemplating buying back issues, do it now.