On December 10, 1968, the editor of REASON spoke at Wakefield High School to three 12th grade English classes. The format of the visit was that of informal question-and-answer periods. Subjects discussed included "student power," welfare, and freedom of the press. Mr. Al Stevens, head of the English department at Wakefield, had previously distributed to the students copies of NO 5 of REASON, which served as the general focus of the conversations. Although the make-up and response of each of the classes was quite different, vocalized opinion was, in general, divided evenly between those in support of and those in opposition to the positions the editor offered. The visit was one in a series Mr. Stevens is sponsoring for his classes.

Hand-drawn poster seen in Prague during last summer's Soviet invasion, mocking the occupiers: "Workers of the world, unite—or we'll kill you."

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