An End to the Draft?


Recent poll results indicate that Richard Nixon will be elected the next President. If he is, this will mean—at last—the end of the draft. Nixon has announced that after Viet Nam, he would completely abolish the selective service and substitute an all-volunteer army (N.Y. Times, 9/11/58, campaign ad).

Howard Katz, chairman of the New York based Association of a Volunteer Army (AVA), says: "…we can bring our campaign to a successful conclusion in just a few months if Nixon is elected." One of AVA's releases points out that Nixon is the only candidate who has pledged to end the draft.

It is intriguing, then, that several campus groups have urged that students refrain from voting because "there is no difference between Nixon, Humphrey, and Wallace." Are we to believe there is "no difference" between freedom and slavery?