Reason-Rupe Poll: 'Millennials Aren't Liberals, They're Social Liberals and Fiscal Centrists'

"Since 2004 millennials have been voting increasingly Democratic in presidential elections" says Reason-Rupe polling director Emily Ekins. "But, despite all this, millennials are no more likely than Americans over 30 to say they are Democrats. Instead they are three times as likely to say they are independent and half as likely to say they are Republican."

This is new information from the most recent Reason-Rupe poll that took a magnifying glass to the millennial generation's voting habits and thoughts about politics.

"Millennials aren't liberals, they're social liberals and their fiscal centrists and their social attitudes are what is largely defining their political identities and driving their voting behavior," says Ekins.

Watch the video above to hear Ekins delve deeper into these results.

For full poll results, check out

Approximately 2:44 minutes. 

Produced by Alexis Garcia & Paul Detrick. Camera by Detrick. Music by Podington Bear

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