Matt Welch Discusses 'Stand-Your-Ground' Laws after Zimmerman's Acquittal on Jansing & Co.

Reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch appeared on Jansing & Co to discuss the growing backlash against Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' law in the wake of George Zimmerman being aquitted in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Airdate July 17, 2013.

11 minutes.

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  • Rhino||

    Mr. Welch, you have one hell of a poker face to sit next to her and listen to the ridiculous things she says, or listen to a clip of Hillary Clinton patronizing the NAACP by telling them this supreme court decision was so horrible for them, when all they decided was that the federal government has to treat all the states the same under the law. No special hurdles for some states because of problems they had 50 years ago when other states are now worse than most of those states.

  • Rhino||

    Correction. No NAACP, It was some sorority

  • Zhenia Oleynik||

    I was waiting for Mr. Welch to crack up at that comedian sitting next to him.

  • SSGMcIlwain||

    Amazing how inaccurate she is in discussing the "Stand Your Ground" laws. You cannot seek out confrontation and utilize the SYG laws as a defense. The SYG laws do NOT protect the initial aggressor in a confrontation, clear and simple. Perhaps she should do some research before she opens her mouth and misinforms the public.

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