Free to Design: Florida Entrepreneurs Take On the Interior Design Cartel


Florida is ground zero in the nationwide battle to cartelize the interior design industry.

A small group of well-funded industry insiders led by the American Society of Interior Designers has been relentless in its pursuit of ever more restrictive laws. Studies have shown that interior design regulations result in higher prices, less variety, and fewer employment opportunities, especially for minorities and older mid-career switchers.

On May 26, 2009, the Institute for Justice joined with three interior designers-Eva Locke, Pat Levenson and Barbara Gardner-and the National Federation of Independent Business to file a lawsuit in federal court in Tallahassee challenging Floridas interior design law.

The Institute for Justice is the nations leading legal advocacy group for economic liberty-the right to earn an honest living free from excessive and arbitrary regulation. IJ has successfully challenged anti-competitive interior design laws across the country. Floridas suit promises to be the biggest fight yet in the battle against the interior design cartel, and may finally put an end to restrictive interior design laws nationwide.

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