Obama Office Decor

One story in this local news piece on the upcoming Texas primary is that an interior design choice (the flag, to the right of the small Obama poster, emblazoned with Che's Guevera's iconic mug) made inside an Obama campaign office wasn't a story. Check that. It wasn't a story for the local news team, but conservative bloggers are pouncing.

What a shame if this becomes a left-right thing. No doubt there are plenty of righties who will overreact. Some perspective: The web site of the Fox affiliate that ran the piece notes that the office is run by volunteers and is not an official Obama campaign office. Plus I doubt Barack has ever sported a Che T.

But perspective cuts both ways. Here's hoping we can one day get to the point where Communist thugs provoke the same revulsion as, say, Nazi thugs.

And come on Obama volunteers, at the very least, Obama's likeness should have been bigger than Che's.

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