Brickbat: 1984

Thai police arrested a man in Bangkok for reading 1984 in public. The arrest was part of a crackdown on protests of the May 22 military coup.

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  • ||

    When questioned, the man said he was reading the book for "liberty, equality and fraternity" - the slogan of the French Revolution. The man was also playing the French national anthem on his smartphone.

    Thank God they got this francophile off the streets before he had the chance to feed snails to innocent children

  • Libertarian||

    The guts it takes to partake in such an act of civil disobedience, knowing that Thai cops, as the result of a military coup, is going to drag you off That takes guts and puts some of our protests in a different perspective.

  • Ted S.||

    Oh, there are a lot of people who protest and don't realize the cops are going to respond by shooting their dogs.

  • antisocial-ist||

    Coming soon to a banana republic near you.

  • ||

    Thailand knows how to irony.


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