Twitter's Take on #MyNYPD Not Exactly What NYPD Hoped for

It's always a bit entertaining to watch misguided social media moves backfire. But there's a particular poetic justice when the moves are made by conceiveable villains like politicians or J.P. Morgan or...the New York City Police Department (NYPD). On Tuesday, @NYPDnews asked people on Twitter to post photos of themselves with officers, using the hashtag #MyNYPD. You can probably imagine how this went .... 


After a few friendly posts, the response quickly shifted to folks using the #MyNYPD hashtag to highlight police brutality and abuse. 


@MoreAndAgain: You might not have known this, but the NYPD can help you with that kink in your neck. #MyNYPD


@OCongress: 50 years of #NYPD brutality on minority youth. Bet you won't feature this on your Facebook. #myNYPD @NYPDnews

NYPD Deputy Chief Kim Y. Royster tried to put a positive spin on things. "The NYPD is creating new ways to communicate effectively with the community," she said in a short statement. "Twitter provides an open forum for an uncensored exchange and this is an open dialogue good for our city."  

@TORYRVGXRNo problem, I have a photo wit 4! RT @NYPDnews Do you have a photo w/ a member of the NYPD? Tweet us & tag it #myNYPD

For a while on Tuesday the #MyNYPD hashtag was among the top 10 trending topics on Twitter, not just for New York City but around the world, according to The New York Times


@NYSpanishThe way they are trained to twist your neck!! : This lady #MyNYPD is stronger than Superman

An unnamed "law enforcement source" told the New York Post that the department didn’t think it through, because "who uses Twitter? The younger generation who have had bad interactions with the Police Department." Yes, clearly only those pesky millenials have had bad run-ins with the cops ... 


@CassandraRulesHow about featuring this one of the #NYPD with the 84yo man they brutalized for jay walking? #myNYPD @NYPDnews


@OccupySPb: @OccupyWallStNYC Arresting the old man for writing "Peace to the World" against Russian invasion in Ukraine #MyNYPD 

Correction: It's been pointed out to me that this last photo—though tweeted with the #MyNYPD hashtag— doesn't actually picture the NYPD.

Correction #2/Update: It seems the cop in the first photo might not actually be NYPD either! Commenters on Reason's Facebook page are saying it's a Chicago cop. Chicago residents have begun sharing photos of their own friendly local officers, using the hashtag #MyCPD (and many of the photos are getting shared sort of willy nilly between city hashtags). Residents of other cities have been joining in with their own hashtags and photos as well. 

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    It's a testament to how delusional cops are about the "respect" they get from "civilians" that they thought this would work out well. But I guess you get delusional when you arrest/beat/fuck with anyone who gives you lip or tells you what they really think of you.

  • Tonio||


  • RBS||

    I love my job and everyone loves me, all the jurors I talk to tell me so.


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    dunphy was a perfect example. The idea that people might tell you they like you because they're afraid of you or what you might do to them if they tell you what they really think didn't seem to occur to his sub-genius intellect.

  • tarran||

    Hey, he once jumped into a pond to save a kid's life!

    No mundane would ever do something heroic like that!

  • Mainer2||

    That video literally brought a tear to my eye. THAT is the definition of a hero.

  • dinkster||

    What, no one had a paddle board or kayak handy?

  • tarran||

    Did you see the ice chunks? The cops were trying to get inflatable boats to the survivors for a long time; the boats got stuck in the ice floating on the river.

  • Mainer2||

    On the other hand, there seemed to be strong indications that dunphy wasn't a cop at all, just a braggart who had picked up some police lingo.

  • tarran||

    Yeah, his ignorance of the Boston PD's true nature despite being a cop in the Mahtha's Vinyahd PD was kind of eye-opening.

  • Gorilla tactics||

    im just this him?

  • Gorilla tactics||

    It sounds like the shit he would write though? right?

  • Ayn Random Variation||

    To be fair, this isn't something cops came up with. It was some boss making 6 figures who thought of it.

  • Cliché Bandit||

    That is hilarious.

  • Sudden||

    Thanks for the H/T guys.

  • Rasilio||

    No way man you SF'ed the link, I should have gotten the hat tip

  • Sudden||

    I went back and checked the morning links and i certainly did not SF that link.

  • Rasilio||

    Ah in that case you were too late, it was posted in the Independents threat last night

  • UnCivilServant||

    Nobody reads the independants thread.

  • Wasteland Wanderer||

    Nobody goes to that thread anymore; it's too crowded.

  • Dweebston||

    Unless you're thinking of me, posting this to last night's Independents threat, after doing a thorough search for a similar post, and correcting my SF'd link... I'll let the timestamp speak for itself.

  • Rasilio||

    Did you? I didn't notice the correction, only that you had posted it with a bad link when I posted mine

  • Sudden||

    Doesn't count if its the day before. Otherwise, I will move to Australia and DESTROYZ YOU ALLZ!

  • Dweebston||

    All of a Sudden...!

  • Stormy Dragon||

    Hey, I beat you guys by almost 6 hours:

    Stop boggarting my hattips!

  • R C Dean||

    This was on the frickin' Today show this morning. I larfed and larfed. What a pack of idiots the NYPD is, to think this would turn out any other way.

  • Brandon||

    Were the Today hosts sad about how mean people were being to our noble and cherished public servants?

  • R C Dean||

    I didn't see the whole thing, so I'm not sure where they left it.

  • dantheserene||

    Ok, I'm pretty sure the last photo was taken in St. Petersburg (Russia) in front of St. Isaac's Cathedral.
    Also, F*ck the police.

  • UnCivilServant||

    Well, the patches don't match the NYPD markings, so I have to say there's a good chance you're right. Also, those cops aren't geared beyond what foot patrol requires, so they're probably not 'Murican cops.

  • Swiss Servator, Käse, Käse!||

    Yeah, I don't think NYPD has patches in Cyrillic.

  • Brandon||


  • Elizabeth Nolan Brown||

    D'oh. I think you're right.

  • UnCivilServant||

    After a long and unproductive span of time colloquially called a "Meeting" this cheered me up. Not the content of the images, but the reaction to the plice propaganda request.

  • Jordan||

    Remember, these are the only people trustworthy enough to be armed.

  • Brett L||

    It sure is nice of Superman to let those cops punch up on him rather than squishing them like bugs.

  • Brett L||

    "Stay. The fuck. Out of Gotham, Kal-El!"

  • Swiss Servator, Käse, Käse!||

    +1 beatdown

  • db||

    Here, I thought he broke his neck in a riding accident. I guess the truth always comes out eventually.

  • Andrew S.||

    So how long until the NYPD starts serving subpoenas to twitter to get the identities of some of the people who tweeted the pictures of police brutality?

  • Dweebston||

  • gaoxiaen||

    It's happening now. Just gotta find the right judges/cronies.

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    Since nobody is reading the morning links anymore, and this is topical, I'll repost it here.

    Warty|4.23.14 @ 11:18AM|#|–|filternamelinkcustom

    Making robberies into larcenies. Making rapes disappear. You juke the stats, and majors become colonels.
    reply to this
  • Brett L||

    I think the biggest red flag in the whole article is this little parenthetical statement:

    (He, like most of the nearly 40 police sources interviewed for this story, declined to be identified by name, citing fears of disciplinary action or other retribution.)

    Ah, yes. The mythical "good cop" who is shocked! and appalled! So shocked and appalled that he doesn't want to lose his cushy job. Either these guys are a criminal gang that needs breaking up or they are entirely peopled by mendacious cowards. Whatever the case, the idea that they should have any special powers or privileges is unacceptable.

  • Cytotoxic||

    I have a hard time blaming someone in the Chicago PD for not wanting to incur the wrath of the Blue Brotherhood. I'd rather have an incognito good or not bad cop than a fired or dead good ex-cop.

  • Brett L||

    Why? Why would you want to prolong a status quo where some people are selected at random from the middle of the bell curve and told to do what they will? Its not like they're keeping the murder rate down or providing even on-balance rights protection. There is no justification for Chicago PD by any libertarian standard.

  • Swiss Servator, Käse, Käse!||

    And I heard the Chief Scumbag, McCarthy, on the radio bristling at these reports calling them untrue, etc.

    Screw him with a frozen swordfish, sideways.

  • gaoxiaen||


  • Jordan||

    Goddamn, Chicago is unbelievably fucked up. That shit is straight out of The Wire.

  • Invisible Finger||

    Even in a good article such as this, they still play the stupid “police are heroes!” card. I could sense a real “not enough police” vibe running through the whole thing. What a crock!

    There are NOT fewer beat cops, Chicago has the highest number of police per capita on the planet. The CPD keeps playing games with the force – the article alludes to it but doesn’t go far enough (it would probably be another series in itself). I have a friend who is a CPD cop (7 or 8 years) – he started on the tactical force that only went to that day’s “hot zone” then two or 3 years ago they stopped doing that (which is what the article mentions - it was basically assuring a police clusterfuck every day somewhere in the city and the "show of force" was always unorganized); he was then given an assigned neighborhood which is the stereotypical “beat”. Then a year later they reintroduced the tactical force but they had more - these smaller tactical forces were strictly defined to “districts” (not really official police districts, but rather “crime districts”) so instead of being sent to the Far South Side one day and the Northwest Side the next, he’d just be in the mid South Side every day and a different tactical unit was assigned to the Far South Side. Which sounds like he was taken off a “beat” – hence the ridiculous connotation that there are now 7K fewer police than a few years ago which is so wrong it harms the credibility of the article.

  • Dixon_Sider||

    This isn't confined to Chicago, either:

    Although Chicago's is far more egregious, as it involves multiple homicides. Reading that Chicago article kind of makes one want to just go all Punisher on that city.

  • Swiss Servator, Käse, Käse!||

    I can only say one thing about this....


  • SugarFree||

  • From the Tundra||

    16 seconds.

    My god, what did we do to deserve that?

  • tarran||

    Thirteen seconds.

    I want those lost seconds back.

  • Swiss Servator, Käse, Käse!||

    I want to thank you and From the Tundra for sacrificing your time and sanity to spare me from going there.

  • From the Tundra||

    Glad to help. Here, have some Dessa, instead:

    Hawks gonna prevail?

  • Swiss Servator, Käse, Käse!||

    I fear the Hawks will not - they look tired and sluggish and hurt. I guess it just goes to prove the old saw about the Stanley Cup being the hardest championship to repeat.

  • Brett L||

    Well, I'm assuming her market is mostly international now. But I watched a good minute on mute seeing if there was any eye candy worth seeing.

  • gimmeasammich||


  • Brett L||

    Negative. Well, it wasn't negative eye-candy. Just negative to worth seeing. If being a slutty raccoon is her thing, she needs to vamp harder.

  • ||

    30 seconds. Isn't she a bit old for this? And why was she showing so little of her tits?

  • SugarFree||

    This might be her Kidz Bop audition tape.

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    30 seconds. Isn't she a bit old for this? And why was she showing so little of her tits?

  • ||

    With the sounds off I made it 20 seconds. She couldn't even slut it up enough to make that worthwhile.

  • Babylonandon||

    5 seconds ... and I like KPOP!! At least the Korean girls are cute, talented, and keep their mouths shut about politics and focus on singing.

    If I want politics, I got to the News sites on the web like REASON, not some high-school dropout tart, doped-up media skank.

  • Babylonandon||

    go to

  • datcv||

    She was dating the lead singer from Nickelback, so there was no way that her music was going to get BETTER.

  • Brett L||

    Married him, I believe.

  • Invisible Finger||

    She found the only possible way her music could get worse.

    I tried to at least see if there was any eye candy but my browser rejected it.

  • The Original Jason||

    43 seconds.

    She's doing kawaii? Seriously?

  • JW||

    7 seconds. I'm not shitting you.

    Holy fuckballs, that was bad.

  • Dixon_Sider||

    27 seconds.

    Mother of God

  • jmomls||

    This is all the twitterverse has? Some random photos of cops who aren't even NYPD placing cuffs on random people? And I'm totally sure all these cats were all just innocently standing around doing nothing.

  • vazhzsh||


    We love when you guys visit.

  • Gorilla tactics||

    Obviously jmomls isn't a dog owner...or at least he shouldn't be.

  • PH2050||

    Gobble that badged, blue boner. Yummy yummy

  • ibcbet||

    What a pack of idiots the NYPD is, to think this would turn out any other way.

  • gaoxiaen||

    NYKGB. It's a feature, not a bug.


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