Wisconsin Legalizes Medical Marijuana—But Only for the Children!

Totally baked. You can tell, right?Credit: thejbird / photo on flickrThe discovery that an oil extract from marijuana was successfully treating extremely serious, life-threatening seizures in children with rare disorders has prompted some changes in the way people think about the drug (except, perhaps, for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie).

Medical marijuana is not legal in Wisconsin, but yesterday Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill making it legal in the state to use cannabidiol, a drug made from cannabis, to treat seizure disorders. This particular, singular type of medical marijuana is approved because there’s no chance anybody would enjoy taking it. From the Journal Times of Racine, Wisconsin:   

Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill legalizing cannabidiol, or CBD, which has reportedly been shown to work for children in Colorado. It was illegal in Wisconsin because it contains a small amount of THC, the component present in marijuana, but advocates noted that CBD could never be used as recreational marijuana.

The bill was written narrowly to apply only to CBD, which must be administered by a physician and is not considered by advocates to be "medical marijuana."

Baby steps, anyway. At least there’s another state where parents won’t have to pack up their families and move to Colorado if one of their children turns out to have the disorder. But Wisconsin may not be alone. Several other states that haven’t legalized medical marijuana are nevertheless considering legalizing this one particular marijuana extract for treating this particular rare illness.

For an exhaustive list of where each state stands on marijuana decriminalization or legalization, check out John K. Ross’ recent state-by-state review here.

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  • Jerry on the sea||

    Won't somebody please think of the parents?!

  • OldMexican||

    Wisconsin Legalizes Medical Marijuana—But Only for the Children!

    Old man with pot: "Here, my boy! Want some?"

  • Hugh Akston||

    Is it really worth keeping these kids alive if they're just going to grow up addicted to marihuana?

  • ||

    Maybe this is a new approach we can use with the FDA: fast track approval of new medications if we can prove they're no fun to take.

  • Rich||

    Baby steps, anyway.

    Not really. Not even fetal kicks.

  • derpules||

    So basically Wisconsin wants all the babies to start having sex with our white wimmin

  • gaoxiaen||

    Most people can think. Christie, not so much.


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