Brickbat: What You Can't See

A French court has ordered Google, Yahoo and Microsoft not to list 16 video-streaming sites in anysearch results. It also ordered several ISPs to block customers from accessing those sites. The court said the sites violate French intellectual copyright laws.

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  • nailzer||

    And there's 210,000,000 results when one types "full streaming movies".

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Some of the companies involved in the case told the court blocking the streaming websites was unworkable as users just created new sites under a different name and used forums to tell each other where pirated content could be found.

    Attorneys got paid and, in the end, isn't that all that matters?

  • RishJoMo||

    Roll that beautiful bean footage. I mean like seriously.

  • Rich||

    I see you're calming down a bit, Anonbot.

  • EDG reppin' LBC||

    Hahahahaaa!!! The major studios/music conglomerates business models are crumbling, and they will squander every last dollar they have on lawyers and courts. What a bunch of myopic turds. Good riddance.

  • Acosmist||

    Because of thieves.

    Which kind of sucks. But since this is a prog magazine, who cares! Thieves ftw!

  • Redmanfms||

    Which kind of sucks. But since this is a prog magazine, who cares! Thieves ftw!

    Fuck you are stupid fucking turd.

  • Knarf Yenrab (prev. An0nB0t)||

    Outside of TPB, these sites typically come and go in a year or two. No controlling that.

    And even if they could, VPNs are going to become increasingly the standard in years to come. There's simply no way to implement this law in a meaningful way.

  • ||

    BTW, TPB is now hosting domain with Peru in case anyone is curious.

  • BakedPenguin||

    Apropos of nothing, H&R could use more pics of Laetitia Casta.

  • Almanian!||


  • TheZeitgeist||


  • CE||

    With alt text next time.


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