HHS Cancels Obamacare Fraud Audit, Blames Budget Cuts

credit: American Life League / Foter / CC BY-NCcredit: American Life League / Foter / CC BY-NCWill Obamacare's exchanges protect the privacy and data security of those who use them? Perhaps not — and we might never know.

The Health and Human Services Department is canceling a planned HHS Inspector General's audit of the exchanges, according to The Washington Post, which describes the nixed project like this:

A planned audit into computer security at state marketplaces — known as exchanges — that will sell individual health-insurance policies under the health-care law. The inspector general’s office said that “time pressures” to get the exchanges running by Oct. 1 may increase risks that states will fail to shield private medical information from “hacker exploits, unauthorized data access and data theft or manipulation.” In addition, the OIG document said, about $3.8 billion in grant money to develop the exchanges is “potentially at risk for wasteful spending.” Seventeen states are planning to run their own exchanges, while the rest will be operated by the federal government or in state-federal partnerships.

The Post also reports that the health department will forgo a study of shady medical equipment dealers, and an examination into fraud and abuse in state-run and privately-contracted Medicaid programs. 

The official excuse is that the projects are on the chopping block due to budget pressures, which have limited funding for the Office of the Inspector General. But HHS hasn't been shy about shifting money around to implement Obamacare when it wanted to. Earlier this year, HHS moved more than $450 million out of its prevention and public health fund in order to pay for the cost of setting up and marketing the law's exchanges. Building the health law's exchanges is apparently a priority. Catching fraud within them apparently isn't. 

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  • ||

    How do you expect the NSA to hide their backdoors into the medical database if there are all these audits going on?

  • mad libertarian guy||

    So when there's a rash of identity theft going on due to hackers hacking the exchanges, I'm sure it will be because the free market just can't get stuff right, and the solution will be MOAR GUVERNMINT KUNTROLL.

  • Bardas Phocas||

    It's a PenalHack!

  • Auric Demonocles||

    Building the health law's exchanges is apparently a priority. Catching fraud within them apparently isn't.

    They built them so well you don't have to worry about fraud slipping through.

  • PapayaSF||

    How conveeeeeeeenient.

  • Swiss Servator - past LTC(ret)||

    These guys in the Lightworker's admin have stopped caring if we see it anymore. They might as well just pull ski masks on and start robbing gas stations and convenience stores. Nobody seems to care or do anything about it.

    I hat to play what if...but what if a different president had started cancelling IG audits of, say, the DoD in 2004-2006 time frame?

  • Pro Libertate||

    Hubris, then atë, then nemesis.

  • Swiss Servator - past LTC(ret)||

    Can we just fast forward to nemesis, please?

  • Pro Libertate||

    Be patient. We're well into atë. Well into it.

  • anon||

    Know who else didn't give a shit about oversight of government programs?

  • ||

    Fraud is a feature of Obamacare. Why would they investigate it?

  • ||

    HHHS? Hubert Humphrey High School?


  • James Ard||

    Don't hold your breath waiting for Democrats to go after health care fraud. Those clinics and equipment crooks are some of their best campaign contributors.

  • Pro Libertate||

    When do they ever go after fraud? Fraud is a big part of their service, seems to me.

  • ||

    Spending is spending. Who cares if it's fraud?

  • Pro Libertate||

    You mean buying is buying. They don't spend those trillions for no reason, you know.

  • anon||

    Still amazes me that people buy that bullshit.

  • Gilbert Martin||

    "The official excuse is that the projects are on the chopping block due to budget pressures"

    Yet for some strange reason those same "budget pressures" don't seeem to extend to the spending on the propaganda campaign they are waging to try and convince people to love Obamacare.

  • InlineSkate||

    Convenient isn't it? The masses will eat it up hook, line, and sinker though. We seemingly have the money for Obamas massive pet projects, but audits and tours that cost maybe a few million to run are too costly.


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