US “Reviewing” Aid to Egypt as Arab Nations Pledge $12 Billion

white house should readReason 24/7The Egyptian military deposed President Mohammed Morsi a week ago. After resisting pressure to call the act a coup, which would require US aid to be suspended, the White House now says it will indeed review US aid to Egypt.

From NBC News:

U.S. aid to Egypt was formally put under review Thursday in the wake of last week’s military-backed power shift as Arab nations rushed to pledge $12 billion to the country's new government.

"Given the events of last week, the president has directed relevant departments and agencies to review our assistance to the government of Egypt," the Pentagon said in a statement.

It marks a policy shift by the Obama administration, which said on Monday that suspending the annual $1.5 billion support to Cairo “would not be in the best interests” of the U.S.

Amid recent events, US aid to Egypt, both military and political, has made it easier for both sides in Egypt to claim the US opposes them.  How seriously should the “review” be taken? The delivery of four F-16s to the Egyptian military will proceed as planned. Nevertheless, cutting US aid to Egypt, for whatever reason, is still among the most helpful things the US can do for Egypt.

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  • Palin's Buttplug||

    US bankrolled anti-Morsi activists

    Our resident idiot (John) kept insisting that Obama was backing Morsi.

    Wrong again, John.

  • Jordan||

    Of course, that was after the Obama admin attempted to cut Morsi's government a $450 million check.

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  • The Late P Brooks||

    in the wake of last week’s military-backed power shift



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