Brickbat: Handgun

Married With ChildrenMarried With ChildrenOfficials at Washington's Marysville Middle School suspended Hunter Lance after he pointed his finger at several other students in a hallway and pretended to shoot them. Assistant Superintendent Gail Miller said Lance “frightened some children.”

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  • Almanian!||

    No one NEEDS all ten fingers

  • Auric Demonocles||

    You can have a pair of gloves with 10 fingers, but you can't put more than 7 fingers in it.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    His mother, Rondi Lance, understands the severity of the situation...

    And yet she sent her little monster off to school with a loaded finger. A school filled with children. Just thank GOD no one was hurt.

  • ||

    Not to mention giving him a name like Hunter. She really ought to have it changed to something like Apple.

  • Rich||

    Indeed, his name is Hunter *Lance*.

    What kind of "parents" doom their child to a lifetime of finger pointing?

    Send CPS to the rescue *immediately*!

  • Live Free or Diet||

    Don't point that thing at me! It has a nail in it!

  • Floridian||

    Common sense....
    Anyone who doesn't want to cut off the children's fingers hatez the childruns!!!

  • Matrix||

    Only crazy finger-rights wingnutz are against sensible finger laws. Nobody NEEDS assault fingers!

  • Dweebston||

    Nobody knew why they called him Hunter "Assault Fingers" Lance, but legend has it...

  • Ted S.||

    I'm sure the officials' bullying is frightening children, too.

  • Spoonman.||

    Namely the children in the administration

  • Rich||

    When I was in school, the boys would occasionally offer up the OK gesture rotated 180^o toward the recipient to indicate "suck it" or "eat me". (FWIW, we, I mean they, called it "the wong".)

    Serious question: These days, would that get the giver suspension at least and a sex criminal record at most?

  • Dweebston||

    Mandatory sensitivity training and an unexpungible note in his permanent file.

  • Mainer2||

    Assistant Superintendent Gail Miller said Lance “frightened some children.”

    and the pussification of America continues.

  • Bramblyspam||

    The heck with frightening some children, he freaked out some administrators!

  • Russell||


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