J.D. Tuccille Talks Terrorist Databases and Open Societies on RT

RTRTWe know the feds are perfectly capable of losing track of terrorism suspects. With competence an open question, how legit are their other terrorism busts, such as that of a Russian-speaking truck driver in Idaho? And, while the feds are eager to gather up plenty of data for the national security state, what in hell can they do with all of that information once their hard drives are stuffed fuller than President Obama's box o' woes?

Discussion of that last point made it through the editing process and into video posted online. Check me out at about the 2:45 mark as I suggest that massive databases are more trouble than they're worth, and that maintaining an open society requires that we take a few risks.

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  • Austrian Anarchy||

    Just heard Dr. Gillespie on the Jerry Doyle show for about 1/2 hour. Local affiliate is the same one that has Kane on their morning zoo every week, http://WKVL.com

  • Almanian!||

    Tuccille? How was I to know he was with the Russians, too?


  • WomSom||

    Sometimes dude you jsut have to roll with it.



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