Jihadists Being Pursued in Tunisia Came From Mali, Says Tunisian Interior Minister

Credit: Magharebia / Foter.com / CC BYCredit: Magharebia / Foter.com / CC BYTunisian Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddou has said that the jihadists being hunted near the Tunisian border with Algeria have come from Mali.

From Al Arabiya and AFP:

The jihadists being pursued by the army on Tunisia's border with Algeria are veterans from fighting in Mali, where France has intervened against Islamist rebels, Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddou told parliament on Wednesday.

“They came from Mali,” the minister said during an open session in the national assembly, without giving more details on the militants for whom the military has stepped its search over the past week.

“I would have liked this to be a closed session to be able to say more,” he told MPs, who were grilling him about the hunt for two groups hiding in the border region that the interior ministry has said are linked to Al-Qaeda.

At the end of last month it was reported that the French-led intervention in Mali has resulted in militants moving into Mali’s neighbors Algeria and Niger, with some making their way to Libya.  

While Mali might be free of many of the militants that seized territory in the north of the country Mali’s neighbors will have to continue to deal with militants that have been displaced. At the moment the impact of displaced militants has been comparatively limited, however it shouldn’t be surprising if this changes as the French continue to withdraw from Mali and the Malian government tries to organize elections. 

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  • Almanian!||

    But remember - they hate us for our freedumz.

  • Killazontherun||

    This may explain the Big Lie. Some months back I linked to an article on France's intervention in Mali being the result of blowback from our intervention in Libya. We supplied and trained the soldiers of Mali warlords who went on to join the rebels in Mali. If the consulate attack was committed by the same groups, and if the administration knew about it, damage control would have been paramount. If the extent of the fuck up got out, even Mitt Romney could have explained it in clear, convincing language.

  • Rich||

    the jihadists being hunted near the Tunisian border with Algeria have come from Mali

    and have been heard singing "Good golly, ...."

  • Heroic Mulatto||

  • Heroic Mulatto||

    The problem in a nutshell: At a conference on human rights, a Moroccan philosopher makes some observations on the textbooks used in his country's religious schools. He states, "to call [upon people] to follow Islam by the use of violence and constraint is an act of terrorism." The Moroccan religious community responds by declaring him an infidel, accusing him of blasphemy against Mohammed, the Quran, and Islam in general, and calling for his death.

  • WomSom||

    Lol, who cares, seriously.


  • Lyle||

    Yep, violent Islamists are a global phenomenon and problem.


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