Reason Writers on TV: Brian Doherty on RT Talking Ron Paul's Farewell

I appeared on the RT network yesterday evening via Skype, in a segment discussing Ron Paul's farewell address to Congress and the future of the Ron Paul revolution with Ron Paul off the field:

My book Ron Paul's Revolution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired.

I blogged yesterday about Paul's refreshing approach to the concept of a virtuous and moral people in that farewell address.

Bonus Doherty on TV: discussing the election results last Wednesday on KCET with Los Angeles legend Patt Morrison and John Ridley.

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  • CE||

    Fare well, Ron Paul! Who says libertarian politicians can't win? He was elected to Congress eleven (?) times, and was arguably the most successful Republican presidential candidate of the past two cycles (no one is going to remember McCain's platform, or Romney's.)

  • JeremyR||

    Mia Love?

  • Ted Levy||

    The clip ends on an optimistic note, noting, as Paul himself did, an upsurge of young people on college campuses captivated by a man in his 70s preaching liberty. The claim is that this bodes well for the future. Not from a desire to rain on that parade, but simply to note the history, Doherty himself came of age about the time an upsurge of young people on college campuses were captivated by a woman in her 70s preaching liberty. And some of them stayed true to that ideal, like Doherty himself. But many did not. It is unclear why this time is different.


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