Good and Bad News for Races Where Ron Paul Made Endorsements

Results in some races with candidates endorsed by Ron Paul (all Republicans) show some good news, some bad.

Of the 11 House races where Paul made an endorsement, only three Paulites were defeated, and three freshman House members will be coming into Washington in January with the Paul imprimatur: Ted Yoho of Florida, Thomas Massie of Kentucky, and Kerry Bentivolio of Michigan.

And Justin Amash of Michigan, most Paul fans' second favorite congressman, won re-election after redistricting.

On the Senate side, it was far grimmer for Paulism. Of Paul's six endorsements, only Ted Cruz of Texas won, with a second potential new senator, Danny Rehberg of Montana, embroiled in a race still too close to call. Four of Paul's favored lost. There's still Rand Paul.

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  • Bingo||

    Doherty you're being a negative nancy. Amash is pretty fucking good. Anyone on top of Amash is awesome.

    Outside of that bit of republicanism, I'll still take Warren's prescription: DOOOOOM.

  • ||

    Flake won in Arizona.

    Mia Love lost.

  • cavalier973||

    Amash publishes on Facebook each vote he takes, along with an explanation why he voted a certain way.

  • Brian Doherty||

    Neither Flake nor Love were Paul-endorsed, though certainly many in the Paul world had interest in them. Bingo, I said "good news" didn't I? The House stuff was great, only three losses out of 11 endorsements, and three new freshmen.

  • Bingo||

    I'd take it as a victory just on Amash's re-election. Maybe there is hope...

    J/k no hope. Get your liver ready for the next 4 years. I'm gonna make beautiful half-naked girls a regular for my posts. At least there will be something to look forward to.

  • UnionBuiltOhioRoads||

    Best post all night, IMO

  • Bingo||

  • UnionBuiltOhioRoads||

    Your idea is much better than the never ending, Reason-sponsored drinking games.

    Thank YOU.

  • Bingo||

    Anarchy, bro. Feelsgoodman.

  • Generic Stranger||

    God that's a nice ass but damn, she makes me look like a neat freak.

  • Bingo||

    Hahaha, I saw that. Girls do that shit.

  • Bingo||

  • RBS||

    Bingo 2016!!!

  • ||

    Neither Flake nor Love were Paul-endorsed

    I know...this just seemed like a good place to talk about wins and losses of libertarianish candidates that have been covered here at Reason.

  • np||

    Marc Victor is definitely much more aligned with Ron Paul than Jeff Flake though

  • UnionBuiltOhioRoads||

    Allen West just lost-although a recount is almost certain. Bachmann is in a dead tie. Sherrod Socialist Brown kept his senate perch. Tribe Leader Warren won. Mourdock lost. Akin lost. Mia Love lost, thanks to the LP.

    Tonight was no good night. At least Massie and Amash won...I guess.

  • John Thacker||

    Eh, Mia Love lost because Jim Matheson continues to pull out close win after close win, including in very strong GOP years in UT. It's possible that the moderate is just very good at politics.


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