Gary Johnson Clear Winner in Reason's Chia Pet Presidential Predictor!

On October 29, we announced a bold new experiment in political diviniation: Reason's Chia Pet Presidential Predictor.

...we...prepared the heads according to Chia's instructions and placed them in a makeshift greenhouse on a window sill, firmly convinced that the head with the greatest hair growth come November 6 will signal the eventual winner of the 2012 Election. What this method lacks in say, Scott Rasmussen's proven track record or Nate Silver's sabremetrically inspired weighting formulas, it more than makes up for in sheer simplicity.

Here's the final result, circa 5pm ET this evening. It's a clear win for the ersatz Gary Johnson Chia Pet, followed by Barack Obama (right) and Mitt Romney (left). I'm happy to stress that this result was in no way rigged or planned-for.

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  • ||

    Now all we need to do is dig up Abraham Lincoln and attach Gary Johnson's face to the body.

  • Killazontherun||

    Admit it, Nick. You gave the Johnson chia a higher portion of quality nutrients than the other chias. You call this journalism when you are so obviously in the bag for GayJay?

  • ||

    I'm happy to stress that this result was in no way rigged or planned-for.

    I know if i worked in that office I would have put bleach in the Obama and Romney water.

    Nick may be innocent...but the rest of the reason staff?

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Whiterun Guard is going to have to rewrite his whatever that is.

  • ||

    Looks to me like Larry Fine is going to be the next President.
    Don't tell Mo.

  • AnonoBot||

    Tell me, does the Clinton chia pet grow hair...or another part of the body?

  • nothinghead||

    This really just proves that Zombie Lincoln would have won if he was running.


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