Reason TV Replay: Obama vs Romney - Special Interactive Nanny of the Month!

The polls are still open to cast your vote for Reason TV's interactive Nanny of the Month. Vote early and vote often. We'll reveal the winner on Tuesday afternoon. 

Here is the original text from the Oct 1, 2012 video:

President Barack Obama. Gov. Mitt Romney. Who's more committed to minding other people's business?

This month Nanny of the Month turns three-years-old (!) and for the first time ever you the viewers will decide who takes home top dishonors in this "very special" election edition.

So will you vote for the the pro-drug war, pro-smoking ban, pro-health insurance mandate, pro-Patriot Act candidate who supports cracking down on medical marijuana and online poker? Or maybe you'll pull the lever (well, click the screen) for the pro-drug war, pro-smoking ban, pro-health insurance mandate, pro-Patriot Act candidate who supports cracking down on medical marijuana and online poker.

Either way freedom loses. But hey, that's democracy!

Doesn't matter if you're under 18, a convicted felon, illegal immigrant or even foreigner who's never set foot in America--as long as you can click a mouse, you can vote (as often as you like!) in Reason TV's very special Election Edition Nanny of the Month.

About 75 seconds.

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  • Pound. Head. On. Desk.||

    When I click it just pauses, so I vote "Obama for Special Interactive Nanny of the Month!" (Mostly because he's had more chance to Nanny us.)

  • Pound. Head. On. Desk.||

    Ah, it worked when I changed it to full screen.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    VOTING IRREGULARITIES. Recalibrate your browser.

  • Pound. Head. On. Desk.||

    First the user needs recalibration restoration.

  • DK||

    For those of you who think it's a tie, consider the tiebreaker - Michelle Obama.

  • ||

    crap i should have read the comments before voting.

  • ||

    I voted for Mitt.

    Mostly cuz they are the the same terrible nanny's but Obama did come out for gay Marriage.

  • ||

    Obama's video has more than double the views of Romney's video.

  • ||

    That is just from people checking the views of Obama's video.

    They don't think Obama is the biggest nanny...they just want to know how many people think he is.

  • Fladnag the Yarg||

    In case you missed it. Bucky Balls has thrown in the towel in their fight against the CPSC. Nanny state just can't tolerate anyone having fun.

  • tagtann||

    Sounds like some pretty crazy stuff mto me dude.

  • nike001||

    It's like listening to a story heard half of the back, but I do not want to know that people are not able to carry below. In addition, Mr. Wu was the second conversion is also very intriguing.


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