Join Us Tonight at 9 p.m. as We Live Tweet the 2012 Vice Presidential Debate

Tonight at 9 p.m., it's the contest you've all been waiting for: Vice President Joe Biden and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan will fight to the death. Just kidding. That would be awesome though, right? They're just going to debate instead. The staff of Reason will be here at Hit&Run, tweetering away.

Stay tuned for the official Reason 2012 VP debate drinking game, to be posted later this afternoon.

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  • Whiterun Guard||

    I joined you last time and no one posted shirtless pics except for Tim Cavanaugh. Not going to fall for that again.

  • Fist of Etiquette||


  • Auric Demonocles||

    It's 2012. Live, realtime blogging is no longer good enough. I demand up-to-the-next-minute blogging.

  • benji||

    I demand pre-cog blogging.

    With extra alt-text.

    Also, fried chicken.

  • Auric Demonocles||

    The alt-text should itself have alt-text.

  • Apple||

    I'm so excited. The WNBA championship of presidential debates is finally here.

  • benji||

    Do I have to?

  • Hyperion||

    Oh nos, here we go again...

  • Tim||

    Tweeting the twit versus twat.

  • thom||

    You must really love your jobs. If my employer made me watch one of these debates I would quit immediately.

  • Auric Demonocles||

    As T o n y says, they are employees so they have no rights and are powerless to do anything about this torture.

  • Raston Bot||

    i already saw two squirrels fucking over an acorn this morning.

  • R C Dean||

    I'll be opting for an invigorating round of Borderlands 2, instead.

    Although its starting to kind of bother me, the way the Nomads keep saying "Just leave us alone!" when I'm slaughtering them.

    Finished doing the tea party with Tiny Tina last night. What a hoot. She is what my youngest niece would be, if my youngest niece had lotsa bombs.


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