Gary Johnson Goes Crowd Surfing

As noted in Brian Doherty's column earlier, Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson went crowd surfing at a campaign event in Salt Lake City last night. Yes, crowd surfing. Roll the tape...

Johnson has been locked out of tonight's debate in Denver but he is hosting a Google+ Hangout response event to answer the actual debate questions in real time. Details here

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  • ||

    I am totally not gay but I would have grabbed his ass if I was there.

  • ||

    Now THIS is the sort of hard-hitting reporting we expect from Reason.

  • Brian from Texas||

    Hey, even Jerry Falwell was once caught on camera crowd-surfing at that so-called Liberty University of his.

  • SIV||

    So Gary Johnson supports, Mike Huckabee's tax policy, Pat Robertson's marijuana policy, and Jerry Falwell's crowd-surfing policy.

    Suck it cosmos!

  • Calidissident||

    This is why Libertarians can't get elected

  • Lyle||

    Not very Presidential, but I can see Abraham Lincoln doing this.

  • Mickey Rat||

    How is crowd surfing relevent?

  • The Immaculate Trouser||

    Really, really lame. *shakes head*

  • Juice||


    I was there, the energy in the room was awesome. He was a ton of fun and has a great way of getting a crowd excited.


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