Brickbat: Gang Symbols

Colorado's Weld County School system says students can't wear Peyton Manning's Denver Broncos jersey to school. School officials say Manning's No. 18 is one of several they have banned because police told them it was affiliated with gangs.

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    Good morning Reasoners....wake up already.

    "affiliated with gangs" could apply to almost anything. If you compiled a complete list of government stupidity I am confident that half of the list would involve school officials.

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    Good morning Suthenboy. My reason t-shirt is presumably a gang symbol

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    Yikes, I hadnt thought of that. Reason gang-bangers.
    We will have to come up with some appropriate hand signals and tattoos. Maybe we could all get "Fuck off Slaver" tattooed across our knuckles.

  • db||

    How many fingers do you have?

  • db||


    I'm pretty sure there's no CRLF in knuckle tattoos.

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    I was thinking something nicely done across the metacarpals, not some jailhouse, one letter per finger, crudely done with a crusty straight pin and ball point pen ink kinda thing.

  • db||

    Oh. So, maybe you could make it appear to be a pendant hanging from a broken shackle around the wrist.

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    Hey, I like that better. Excellent idea.

  • Fluffy||

    West coast Reasoners wear the t-shirts.

    East coast Reasoners go with ill-fitting black leather jackets and, of course, monocles.

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    as a poor simple antipodean, I team my t-shirt with the leather jacket and get shot by both sides

  • RBS||

    My reason t-shirt is presumably a gang symbol

    True statement. Several years ago Nick wrote a column responding to various people's assumptions about libertarians. Someone said it was like a cult to which Nick responded it's more like a gang.

  • Bee Tagger||

    I assume any Jets jersey fits this definition as well then.

  • WTF||

    I know some Jets fans, so that one would at least make sense.

  • Fluffy||

    San Jose hockey jerseys, too, I assume.

    Since we're making West Side Story jokes, I feel like I should add:

    No homo.

  • Randian||

    Too late for that disclaimer.

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    OT: Daily Fail's website's being a jackhole, so I can't find it again, but there's a story about a guy who got a fine of $136 and paid it back with 136 one-dollar bills all shaped (origami-like) into pigs. Awesome.

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  • sarcasmic||

    I've got it queued up for the MLs.

  • Translucent Chum||

    Assuming it's going to be a good Friday waking up to news that Kate Middleton has been photo'd topless.

  • Entropy Void||

    Pics or it didn't happen ...

  • Rich||

    Unfortunately for Kate, going topless indicates gang affiliation. You know: Shirts vs. Skins.

  • Ted S.||

    Why would anybody want to wear the jersey of a whiny prick like Peyton Manning anyway?

  • Niantic Rebel||

    So does this mean the number 18 cannot be used in any math class in the Weld County School System?

  • Mo||

    This is nothing new. LA Raiders gear was verboten from schools in the 80s.


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