Reason on the Radio: Zach Weissmueller Talks Democrats and Choice on Cincinnatti's 55KRC

Reason TV Producer Zach Weissmueller appeared on The Brian Thomas Morning Show on Cincinnatti's 55KRC to talk about his experience discussing the issue of "choice" with Democratic delegates at the 2012 DNC. Thomas devoted a portion of his show to Reason TV's video before chatting with Weissmueller.

You can listen to the interview here.

And watch the video they discussed below.

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  • Mr Whipple||

    inb4 FIRST

  • sarcasmic||


  • sarcasmic||


  • Mr Whipple||

    People should only be allowed to make choices if they are the right choices.

    Circular logic FTW.

  • Caleb Turberville||

    "Right Choices"? Translation: "Government-Approved (by virtue of the Democratic Party) Choices!"

  • sarcasmic||

  • Caleb Turberville||

    What? No St. Anger?

  • sarcasmic||

    Nope. As far as I'm concerned Metallica only made five albums.

  • nipplemancer||

    What's the fifth? I can only think of Master of Puppets, Ride The Lighting, Kill 'Em All, and And Justice for All...; The black album was commercial shit and everything after was an abomination (with the exception of a few tracks from the symphonic album).

  • sarcasmic||

    I say five only so I can include their covers of "Am I Evil" and "Stone Cold Crazy" on Garage Days, otherwise it's four.

  • nipplemancer||

    Understandable. Those covers are great, I just never consider it canon.

  • Almanian's Evil Twin||

    More like "St. Pussy Whiner Bitches and We Filmed It".

    What an embarrassment. THERE IS NO CRYING IN METAL!!

  • Caleb Turberville||

    Actually, I like We Filmed It as an album tite.

  • ||

    Informed choices...informed. And government has a role in that. It is still freedom if you freely choose to do as you are told....isnt it?

  • Mr Whipple||

    And government has a role in that. It is still freedom if you freely choose to do as you are told....isnt it?

    Actually, that's a good question. You can choose to not comply and get locked in a cage, or have a bullet put in your brain. Right?

  • CampingInYourPark||

    If you've never been to NC, take notice and beware of the giant brain sucking mosquitoes such as the one feasting on this woman.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    And just where does Weissmueller get off representing reason on the radio?

  • JW|| more concentrated stoopid...I can't...take...any more.

  • albo||

    Fish in a barrel facing a .44 magnum.

    C'mon. The average D delegate (and R delegate) is dumber than a bag of hair. He or she is there because he got the most people to the polls.

  • Almanian's Evil Twin||

    I keep wanting to praise Mr. Weissmueller for his grandfather's work in the movies. I am supressing the urge to refer to him as "Boy".

  • Jesus H. Christ||

    If your kid is going to be named "Rocky" or "Zach Weismueller" he'd better not be a skinny git like this guy. Come on, his name should be Devon or Chandler.

  • Tman||

    The level of disconnect is truly stunning.

    "There are too many fat people! I don't want to pay for the fat people, so we should make a law so they can't be fat!"

    Says the fat person.


  • Almanian's Evil Twin||

    When I worked at the BK in high school, "Tab" was the diet drink of choice. We called it "The Neutralizer", cause of the order....

    "Gimme a Whopper™...make it a Double Whopper™, a large fry, a large onion ring....and a Tab®. Better make that a large..." Right - cause a Regular won't be enough to take care of all that other GARBAGE you're shoveling into your fat, spandex-covered trailer-park white-trash ass, you fucking pig.

    The Neutralizer. Diet Coke would serve that role today.

  • Tman||

    I guess that's what Bloomberg should have done to go full retard, exempt "diet" sodas from his stupid soda ban.

  • sarcasmic||

    I thought he did.

  • Tman||

    Did he? Wow. I was joking. Full retard indeed.

  • BakedPenguin||

    "What do you think this is, some kind of joke?
    I want ten Big Macs and a small diet Coke..."

  • sarcasmic||

    I would often answer the drive through with "Hi there! Can I dick your daughter please?"

    No one ever caught on.

    They loved me because I kept drive thru times down by not ringing in items where I knew the exact price, like combo meals for example, until they got to the window.

    Little did they know that if no one was around, and the customer paid with exact change, the money went into my pocket.

  • albo||

    Nice. You were the H.I. McDonough of drive thrus. Such an outaw. Okay then.

  • JW||

    No one ever caught on.

    Because all they would hear is "Cn eye rck r der eez?"

  • Eduard van Haalen||

    They don't believe in choice on *anything.* Even with abortion they don't, because they want it subsidized.

    "Choice" is a focus-group-tested slogan designed to appeal to swing voters so that the Dem position on abortion seems moderate.


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