Brickbat: In the Jailhouse Now

Former Wilcox County, Georgia, jailer Casey Owens has pleaded guilty to failing to report witnessing then-Sheriff Stacy Bloodsworth, his son, and others assault three inmates. In his plea, Owens also admitted he was present when the Bloodsworths and others made up a cover story for the beatings. He is the third person to plead guilty in the case. Charges are still pending against the former sheriff and his son.

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  • Ted S.||


    Lights the Dunphy signal....

  • Ted S.||

    I didn't SugarFree the link; I forgot to put it in. (I didn't remember I had bookmarked it precisely for posts like this.)

  • ||

    Dunno what's more startling: the successful prosecutions, the father son tag-team, or the name Sheriff Stacy Bloodsworth

  • lrtventuresllc||

    this is good that he pleaded guilty maybe now all the truth will come out about the sheriff and the others involved in this horrible story

  • sarcasmic||

    Isolated incident or SOP?

  • anon||

    Wait wait, I know this one. It's definitely not isolated.

  • R C Dean||

    The jailhouse abuse? Not isolated.

    The prosecution? Isolated.

  • johnl||

    Why is this prosecution happening?

  • Copernicus||

    What a waste of prosecutorial resources.

    Are you telling me that all the little kids selling lemonade without permits and health inspections have all been arrested and put behind bars?

    Is that what you're telling me?


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