Ron Paul Roundup: His Legal Team in Action, He's Not (Yet) Announced as RNC Speaker, And his Possible Replacement in Congress Won't be a "Carbon Copy"

The Ron Paul world is abuzz this morning as the Examiner reports no Paul at the Republican National Convention, and takes their report to declare Paul has been "barred" from it.

But the Examiner is just riffing off this CNN story about announced speakers at the Republican National Convention--which does not include Ron Paul. But that list isn't necessarily complete, though all signs so far continue to be that a Paul speaking slot is unlikely (the RNC instead is bragging about helping Paul's people out in creating his own pre-RNC event).

Paul certainly doesn't seem to think he'll get one, and he still refuses to endorse his opponent Mitt Romney. But Paul's fate at the RNC isn't a sure thing yet one way or the other, certainly not on the basis of that CNN report. I've gotten no response from the Paul campaign this morning on this matter, but will update if I do.

Meanwhile, the Paul campaign continues to do the sort of thing that probably makes the RNC reluctant to give Paul a berth: fight shenanigans on the state level the campaign believes are denying them rightful delegates.

I reported at length last week at their challenges to the Louisiana delegation, and parts of the Oregon and Massachusetts delegations. 

Here are some newer reports on these matters, including the New Orleans Times-Picayune on the Louisiana challenge. Highlights, including language from the complaint:

"This contest challenges the tyranny of one person, Roger Villere, who, on the eve of the Louisiana Republican State Convention attempted to impose anti-democratic Convention rules that were without any authority," reads the 21-page challenge filed last week by Washington attorneys David Warrington and Lee Goodman of LeClairRyan, who have been retained by the national Ron Paul campaign to handle delegates challenges in Louisiana, Massachusetts and Oregon, and to defend Paul delegates from a challenge in Maine. "The rules he attempted to impose were draconian and more characteristic of a North Korean politburo than a democratic American political party that honors procedures and majority votes."....

It was the very different outcomes in the Louisiana primary and caucuses that led to the battle of Shreveport, where the state convention broke down amid shouts and scuffling into two separate conventions, each considering itself official and the other one rump.

The Louisiana GOP remains peeved with the Paul people:

Charlie Davis, a former executive director of the party, led the Paul forces.

"Charlie Davis and his followers could have won 17 delegates to Tampa simply by voting at the state convention, but they abstained." said Jason Dore, the party's current executive director and spokesman for Villere. "We left 13 of the seats open and offered to fill the vacancies with Ron Paul supporters, but they demanded 24. Now, they file a challenge." And, said Dore: "The challenge brief itself is full of personal attacks, hyperbole and unfounded assumption. It seems to have been written with the Paul blogosphere in mind, not the RNC Contest Committee. I think they just want to fight. The only fight we're interested in is the fight to remove Barack Obama from the Oval Office.".....

The delegate challenge could go right up to and even into the convention. The Contests Committee reports its findings to the RNC meeting in Tampa in advance of the convention, but any ruling by the RNC can be appealed to the conventions' Credentials Committee, and its decision could be challenged on the floor, though that seems very unlikely.

*The Advocate on the Louisiana challenge.

*U.S. News on the Oregon challenge.

*Meanwhile, Randy Weber, who won the GOP nomination to replace the seat in Texas's 14th congressional district that Paul is leaving in January, got Paul's endorsement but says he, as the Capitol Column reports:

sees himself as a tea party supporter and appreciated Mr. Paul’s endorsement, although he doesn’t consider himself an exact replica.

“I don’t think I’ll be called a carbon copy of Dr. Ron Paul … When you talk about rock solid conservative with a track record, we’re a lot alike in that regard.”

*A couple of recent clips of Ron Paul on the House floor, talking up competing currencies:

*And against Iran sanctions, mocking the "Obsession with Iran Act of 2012" and our saber-rattling over Syria and asks us to defend civil liberties here at home:

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  • CE||

    Wait -- the UNC School of Government is advertising on Reason? Do they think we're "passionate about public service"?

  • ||

    Prepare for the commies to take over, dudes. Paul lost the fight.

  • Pro Libertate||

    That image makes me have second thoughts on my anticommunism. Maybe it's more fun that I've been led to believe.

  • ||

    The following image should counteract that reaction.[1].jpg

  • Pro Libertate||

    That seems less fun.

  • ||

    I wonder how Stalin or Mao would react if you traveled back in time with a huge, building-size copy of that picture (the party one), and mounted it somewhere within their juridictions.

    100,000 random arrests? 200,000. Fuck, man, 500,000.

  • Pro Libertate||

    I'm sure they'd say, "Oh, my God" and change their ways completely.

  • Citizen Nothing||

    Come on already, Paultards! We can use some more Johnsontards on the bandwagon!

  • Fluffy||

    I honestly don't understand the GOP.

    The amount of effort they're willing to devote to fucking Paul out of delegates even though Romney gets the nomination anyway, no matter what, astounds me.

    If they wanted the Paul people to return to the reservation, the only hope they had of that happening was to let them go through the motions of trying their delegate strategy, and let them show up at the convention, vote for their guy, and lose. (They might even have gotten the press to pay attention to the convention if that happened.)

    Instead they've chosen to fuck with them in every way possible, and for what? So Kerry Healey can get a free trip to the convention? So Romney can get the nomination unanimously on the first ballot? It doesn't make any sense.

  • SugarFree||

    "Idolatry is worse than carnage."

    -Surah 2:190

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Paul certainly doesn't seem to think he'll get one, and he still refuses to endorse his opponent Mitt Romney...

    One thing might have to do with the other. Of course, Science bless the RNC for telling the Paulites that the GOP doesn't need to even try to win over those enthusiastic voters in November.

  • Pro Libertate||

    It's not like Paul didn't get any votes this time. While I suspect that Romney will win with a significant margin, given the shittiness of Obama, nothing's set in stone. Besides, these days, with partisans voting the party line in large part without thinking, a big win is maybe a nine percentage point margin.

  • KemW||

    You do know Ron Paul never endorsed McCain in 2008. He will not endorse Romney and that is because Romney is pretty much the opposite of him just like McCain was.

  • The Immaculate Trouser||

    I hate to be the colonoscopy bag in a crowded hospital, but seriously -- why is this a bad thing? If anything, it might be a plus to have the establishment GOP at odds with the Paulites -- establishment GOP figures are hardly beloved by conservatives, and there's some merit to keeping Paulites engaged and angry enough to keep up the activism.

    There's some potential to be mined in this hostility -- I recall a certain President during the 80s who was taken to the White House on similar sentiment.

  • Alex||

    (the RNC instead is bragging about helping Paul's people out in creating his own pre-RNC event)

    You know who else wanted to move things he didn't like into ghettos?

  • New Hampshire||

    This article from the Examiner is pure speculation.

    If you are talking about Kevin Kervick's Examiner article it's pure opinion taken from a CNN piece where Romney named some people he invited to speak.

    I say, if Ron is on the ballot then he will naturally be speaking! What is wrong with everyone they can't understand that??

    And, this from Jesse: “I can tell you that both Ron and Rand will have an important role in the convention and their supporters and ideals will be well represented,” said Jesse Benton, who managed Ron Paul’s presidential campaign."

    Kevin, (God love him) is one of the leaders of a tea party supporting group in NH and is a Paul supporter but he totally misinterpreted the lack of Ron's name in that article as meaning he had been "denied" a slot... I'm glad Reason did not fall for it and I'm sorry Lew reposted it.

    If someone is already going to speak they do not need to be invited.

    Please read the article at Bedford NH Patch entitled "The Tea Party Goes to Tampa"

    (I tried to post the link and it was flagged as spam)

  • KemW||

    I have one question. Why does every one want war, why more deaths.
    Is this really what Americans are? warmongers. do Americans really care that little for the troops lives, and the innocents that has died because of us.
    With Bush we were lied to about going into war, with Obama he flat out lied about bringing all the troops home and ending the wars. Now people want more war.
    Romney has said he will go to war with Iran, Ron Paul don't want to. which BTW according to the constitution the president has control over the military unless he over reaches his powers, and congress has the say in every thing else. Ron Paul will not over reach his powers he follows the constitution to the tee, Romney is in the race for power he has every thing else what more would a rich tycoon want?
    Why does every one want the one that will bring more war??


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