Still no Chair of the Libertarian National Committee [UPDATED]

Las Vegas - On and on it goes at the Libertarian National Convention.

After some unusually quick parliamentary maneuvers this morning the race for chair of the Libertarian National Committee expanded from None Of The Above and Mark Rutherford to five candidates, including LNC Treasurer Bill Redpath and former chair Geoff Neale.

Lee Wrights, the man who many thought was behind this dust up, was nominated for chair but dropped out to endorse Neale while giving his acceptance speech. Wrights is running for vice-chair. 

The third round of voting (there was a revote of the second round, not a new ballot) has just completed and there was no winner. 

UPDATE: Bill Redpath knocked out in fourth round of voting; still no winner. 

UPDATE: Mark Rutherford knocked out in fifth round of voting; still no winner.

UPDATE: Geoff Neale elected chairman on the sixth round of voting.

Vote totals after the jump. 


First Round Results

Mark Rutherford 228 41.3% 

Mark Hinkle 221 40.1%

None Of The Above 101 18.3%

Write-In 1 .01%

Hinkle is dropped from the next ballot because he had the lowest vote total.

Second Round Results

Rutherford 278 50.00%

None Of The Above 277 49.82%

Write-In (Sam Sloan) 1 .018%

Rutherford failed to get 50 percent plus one, throwing the race for chair into a state of confusion. Convention adjourns until Sunday morning without declaring a winner. 



Second round thrown out and nominations for chair are opened to the floor. 

Lee Wrights, Mark Rutherford, Geoff Neale, Bill Redpath, Ernest Hancock, and Wes Wagner are nominated.

All accept their nomination except for Wrights. Wrights endorses Neale. 

Third Round Results

Mark Rutherford 153 32.3%

Geoff Neale 149 31.5%

Bill Redpath 128 27%

Ernest Hancock 21 4.4%

None Of The Above 13 2.7%

Wes Wagner 9 1.9%

Hancock and Wagner are dropped from the next ballot because they did not hit 5% 

Fourth Round Results

Geoff Neale 167 36.543%

Mark Rutherford 155 33.917

Bill Redpath 119 26.039%

None Of The Above 12 2.626%

Write-in 4 .875%

Redpath is dropped from the next ballot because he had the lowest vote total.

Fifth Round Results

Geoff Neale 212 47.3%

Mark Rutherford 205 45.7%

NOTA 29 6.4%

Write-in 2 0.44%

Rutherford is dropped from the next ballot because he had the lowest vote total. 

Sixth Round Results

Geoff Neale 264 61.6%

NOTA 159 37.1

Write-Ins 5 1.16%

Geoff Neale elected chairman of the Libertarian National Committee

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  • Randian||

    I think NOTA should get dumped off for being under 5% too.

  • Pound. Head. On. Desk.||

    Love it!

  • NOTA||

    My name is NOTA and I endorse this campaign comment.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    In the game of chairs, you win or you go to another round.

  • affenkopf||

    Spoiler: Rutherford gets killed when you least expect it.

  • affenkopf||

    I hope all the Rutherford voters vote NOTA in the sixth round. Just for the lulz.

  • FSBA||

    Mark Rutherford has been told 3 different times the majority of LP delegates don't want him

  • BruceMajor||


    Gary Johnson's cousin stripped of credentials

  • BruceMajor||

    And new Libertarian Chris Barron

  • Garrett Quinn||

    Party has the convention hall until 5pm but they may end at 3pm. Stay tuned!

  • sloopyinca||

    We bugged out early today. I'm glad I didn't stick around for this clusterfuck. It would have changed my entire opinion of the positive mood I saw when we left yesterday.

    What is the opinion on what will happen if NOTA wins the next round? Or if the sole remaining candidate fails to get 50%+1? Will they convene and leave the officers in position on an "acting" basis until a solution can be thought up?

    And there's no reason in the world for Gary Johnson not to call for an end to this insanity and throw his support behind one of the candidates. Do you know why he didn't do this? Is he still even there?

  • ||

    Herding cats.

  • sloopyinca||

    Monkeys fucking a football sounds more like it.

  • zamoracarl711||

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