The Inside and Outside of CPAC 2012

"The Occupy movement, if it weren't so dangerous to the American ideal, would be comical," says John Thompson, a Rick Santorum supporter who attended The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), which kicked off in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, February 9th, 2012.

CPAC is the premier annual gathering of the conservative movement, but this year not all the action was inside the convention center. Occupy D.C. was joined by the AFL-CIO, SEIU, National Nurses United, Metro Labor Council, and OurDC for a demonstration right outside. The group says it was protesting a "gathering of bigots, media mouthpieces, corrupt politicians, and their 1 percent elite puppet masters."

Reason's Lucy Steigerwald was on hand to see what all the fuss was about.

Produced by Jim Epstein, with help from Joshua Swain and Julie Ershad.

Approximately 4.30 minutes.

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  • Killazontherun||


  • I||

    I like the video still of the black people holding signs that proclaim their pride in belonging to a tribe of unthinking brutes. Does that make me a racist?

  • OWS||

    The group says it was protesting a "gathering of bigots, media mouthpieces, corrupt politicians, and their 1 percent elite puppet masters."

    This is OWS! We are under arrest for bigotry, sedition, corruption, and treason! We know we're in there! We have us surrounded! If we don't come out with our hands up, we're coming in after us!

    Come on now, crooks: let's make this easy on ourselves!

  • "Furious" Styles||

    Before the second-coming of Ronald Reagan, there has to be a second-coming of college rock...I desperately needed The Replacements and Jesus and the Mary Chain the first time.

  • Killazontherun||

    OT -- nephew turned 30 (I was 13 when he was born) Thursday, I left a message on his machine, he calls me back this morning at 6:30, waking me up. Tells me,'I would have called back last night but the Blades offered me membership. Played the entire night.'

    Told him, 'get a job.'

    'Got one, got to go take a shower now, 'cause I'm leaving in a little while.'


  • Jumbie||


    Isn't your nephew too old to be playing ninja with his friends?

  • Killazontherun||

    Elder Scrolls -- Imperial Secret Service. Well hidden in the latest installment.

    As for too old to play Ninja. You are never too old to play Ninja unless the wife catches you. Makes you turn the lights on. Scolds you in front of your company.

  • Jumbie||

    ahh, should have known.

    Played some Morrowind. Joined the Blades as part of the tutorial mission I think.

  • Killazontherun||

    Yep. The Blades are a big part of the main plot of Morrowind so you pretty much have to join them. One of my favorite parts of the Blade missions is when you become the leader and replace your former boss he gives you his crack pipe and other paraphernalia. It's a very touch moment.

  • Killazontherun||

    touch moment? I'm going to figure out this English language thing one day, and where those Freudian slips originate!

  • Jumbie||

    COrrection. You are never too old to play Batman. Ninja stuff you got to leave behind at some point.

  • RobSmalls||

    Hear hear.

  • El Duderino||

    The public scolding is WHY i still play ninja. Then I get the black silk "ninja" robes and do ninja combat with the little lady.

  • Killazontherun||

    My wife's back hand is like Satan's pet cobra.

  • El Duderino||

    Schwing...anchient chinese secrete eh!

  • Killazontherun||

    Puerto Rican devil woman. Don't let that fool you though. She's a honky. About as exotic as a steak biscuit.

  • Old Salt||

    Girl I used to date was born in Puerto Rico and would always say with pride about how she was a "pure" blooded native.

    She had the accent but her skin was whiter than Siberian snow with eyes blue enough to be almost alien.

    Would've broke up with her delusional ass sooner but she could do this thing with her kegels that could make a Rabbi goosestep through a brick wall!

  • ||

    Lucy draws the short straw.

    pssst...Riggs cheated.

  • ||

    I can't believe he told her "to go home and bake cookies". Those Occupy people always say the nastiest stuff. You don't have to make anything up about them! You just stick a microphone in front of them, and they'll hang themselves with it every time.

  • Jeffersonian||

    Is everyone, inside and out of CPAC, a total idiot?

  • ||

    I haven't seen any studies to back it up, but I suspect hyper-partisans probably tend to cluster somewhere near the front of the bell curve.

    Present company excepted, of course.

  • The Pointer-Outer||

    If you include the idiots waving the "99ers" signs... definitely inside AND outside.

  • 99ers||

    No, we're don't!

  • ||

    No we ain't.

  • ||


  • Random Tenchu Guard||




  • cynical||

    We're ideologues, not partisans. The difference should be clear: remember those 50+% of Democrats that support Gitmo? Those are partisans, not ideologues. Ideologues have principles. Partisans have principals.

  • Bingo||


  • ryan||

    'Do you have any problems with the fact that he's on his 3rd wife?'

    'Well... Um...'


  • Mr. FIFY||

    Larry the Cable Guy line:

    "I had a buddy of mine call up the other day, all upset 'cause he slept with his third cousin. And I'm like, man, if it upsets you that much, quit countin' them."

  • ||

    Steigerwald should get combat pay for that.

  • ||

    Yes, combat pay and a spittle shield.

  • Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben||

    Dear Homophobic George Washington Cos-player,

    I knew General Washington; you are no Washington. I served America faithfully as General Washington's chief-of-staff. I wrote the first drill manual for the Continental Army. Indeed, I single-handedly professionalized the colonial milita. General Washington had no problem with asking me to protect the "body politic" that you are a member of and enjoy membership there of.

    And now I find, sir, that you have the hubris to present yourself as General Washington and slander his reputation by place words in his mouth that he had never uttered in his life? Were I alive, I would horsewhip you into unconsciousness like the villain that you are, for I only duel fellow gentlemen.

    In short, you are a fool and an ass.

    Maj. Gen. Friedrich Wilhelm August Heinrich Ferdinand von Steuben

  • ||

    Maybe the point of this is that Von Stuben liked other men. I do not know, but whoever posted should have told us. Since that sort of thing has been around a long time and is at least partly genetic, it is not unreasonable. Old George was way more interested in winning the war and not getting hung than in what his generals did on their own time.

  • yeah, sure||

    and is at least partly genetic

    So, sorry, but there is no clear evidence that that is true. It is one of the talking points though. So "the team" sends its kudos for mentioning it.

  • Heroic Mulatto||

    Man, that was depressing. Here's something to cheer us all up.

  • ryan||

    Ahh... so it was global warming.

  • el Commentariosa||

    Jeremy Lin just won every straw poll ever.

  • el Commentariosa||

    Thanks for the great Video, LUCY

  • President Santorum?||

    CPAC, if it weren't so dangerous to the American ideal, would be comical.

  • anon||

    I'd take it more seriously if Colbert were delivering the keynote speech.

  • ||

    The nasty man sounded like Myron Cope, didn't he?

  • ||

    The "go bake some cookies" dude.

    But, after seeing the rest of those interviewees, I bet you wished you had baked some cookies instead of talking to them, don't you, Lucy?

  • cynical||

    Well, if she did, she would have cookies. So that's one plus.

  • db||

    My feminist GF baked cookies last night. Yum!

  • Do you||

    pay someone to be a food taster?

  • yeah, sure||

    Were they tasty enough to make it worth the 3 weeks of vacuuming and doing the dishes you had to promise in return?

  • Killazontherun||

    Oh, man! That is what was eating at me. He really does.

  • Bingo||

    Warty, wax the stache dude. Brian Wilson has fucking epic facial hair.

  • Killazontherun||

    Holy shit. Dude has got it all.

  • Bingo||

    Yeah I'm sure being a world champion pitcher helps, but you just know she's all about that stache.

  • ||

    whatever he's pitching, that girl WILL be catching.

  • Bingo||

    Glad you're back dunphy, thought I might've gone too far with my an-cap rant on police ethics the other day.

    And no doubt he laid more pipe than the Keystone XL proposal with Ginger Gonzaga. She tweeted that pic with "omg he's the funniest". That is some weapons-grade gettin'-laid.

    *shakes fist*

  • Old Salt||

    Was he in the Heineken commercial about the old school pugilists?

  • ||

    I'm on my way to looking like that. Right now, I look like Opie from SOA circa season 3, but with a shaved head.

  • quirckmode||


    Another sign that America is falling behind.

  • Libertarian2||

    A country that's out of money and still spending too much, yet they have a crazy president that wants to borrow even more so that they can go on a poorly defined space mission with no obvious benefits? God, I'm glad that couldn't happen here.

  • ||

    Sounds like a plan to me dude, I mean seriously.

  • ||

    Do thses guys really think anyone actually cares?

  • ||

    Banjos and I need e-mail addresses for many of you so we can send out our wedding invites. Can those of you that actually like one of us please send me your e-mail addresses and the name you post under? Thanks.

  • Jumbie||

    Why do I get the feeling that bow-tie boy goes home and makes sweet sweet love to his Santorum cutout at night?

    Full disclosure. I find bowtie boy to be cute and would be interested in whipping up some santorum with him.

  • The Doctor||

    Bowties are cool.

    But what are your opinions on fezzes?

  • Steely Dan||

    Don't you do it without your fez on.

  • db||

    Do you wear a fez now?

  • Bingo||

    Full disclosure. I find bowtie boy to be cute and would be interested in whipping up some santorum with him.


  • ¢||

    Man, that was depressing.

    I don't think it's possible to have a non-depressing look-in at any voluntarily attended convention's -eers. I've only been to an MLA convention, a 2600 "hacker" thing, an AVN expo, and a couple South By Southwests (it's a damn convention), but at all of them, the people were saddening in the same way this video's nerds and assholes and nerdholes were.

    (We're all gonna get Lucy rescue fantasies now.)

  • mad libertarian guy||

    Kalamazoo (International Medieval Conference) was fuckin' great.

    Any conference where there is a medieval food historian with various kegs of mead for a tasting is worth it.

  • ||

    My eyes..they bleed...
    My laughs..

  • ||

    "The Occupy movement Rick Santorum, if it he weren't so dangerous to the American ideal, would be comical,"


  • anon||

    "The Occupy movement Rick Santorum Morons, if it he they weren't so dangerous to the American ideal, would be comical,"

    More better fixed.

  • Kevin||

    Time to be unoriginal: Occupy ??? = Astroturf

  • Killazontherun||

    There is that story that the protesters are getting paid sixty bucks to protest. Maybe a reporter that is on the spot can verify whether that is true or not.

    However, I don't doubt the sincerity of most protesters else where. They seem pathetic enough for the roll.

  • DK||

  • ||

    Michelle Fields was an intern there? Did she photocopy her butt for you guys? You know, free speech.

  • Skip||

    The only butt I wanna see is the chick's who made Matt Damon beclown himself.

  • Bingo||

    Seriously, this is what the cocktail scene in DC is like?? Reason makes sacrifices on the altar of political correctness for this shit?!/daveweigel/status/168182320296247297/photo/1


  • Bingo||

  • Bingo||

    Oh fuck me I thought it was Nutella, I just read the damn label. OKAY IT MIGHT BE WORTH IT.

  • mad libertarian guy||

    I find it hilarious that the George Washington dude equates homosexuality with wasteful government behavior.

    Really what private, consenting adults do on their own time in their own homes is wasteful government behavior? How about the idea that the government worrying about what private, consenting adults do on their own time in their own homes is wasteful government behavior.

  • Jumbie||

    Maybe we all misunderstood quasi-George and he was really saying the political debate about homosexuality was inefficient? :-)

  • mad libertarian guy||

    If only. That guy was ready to do some world class mental gymnastics to connect homosexuality to government wastefulness.

  • ||

    I'm trying... Damn. I'm usually good at that kind of stuff.

  • BakedPenguin||

    Gay men are wastefully spending their seed in ways that will not increase the herd as God has commanded, and that will not increase the tax base. Hence, wasteful!

    Yeah, stupid as hells, but it's all could figure. I suspect logic is not Georgie's strong suit.

  • mad libertarian guy||

    At some point I'll learn proper punctuation. Until then . . .

  • ||

    Don't bother. It's overrated.

  • El Duderino||

    I like the objective feel of the video, but I feel like I missed about fourteen hours of perfectly rational discourse from both "inside" and "outside" people in favor of about four miniuts of retardedness.

  • yeah, sure||

    I think it's safe to say that there was no rational discourse outside. Occupy, SEIU, 99% - not likely.

  • El Duderino||

    Valid point I suppose, which leads me to the following conclusion. If you cannot reason with people because they are irrational, and you dont believe in the use of force, except in the act of self defense, then you really have only one thing to do to convince them they are irrational and that is to wait until the systems they create to enforce their world view fail, which will eventually devolve into police violence as a last ditch effort to maintain order in the system, which will result in individuals taking action to defend themselves from the police state these morons created to enforce fairness. The self defense will come in the form of black markets, free speech, and sometimes actual physical defense.

    Oh wait, I believe that day has already come and these idiots are upset that the system their hippie parents created is somehow bungling their plans for world fairness. The problem is they are too stupid to recognize the irony.

  • Joe M||

    The girl around the 45 second mark literally could not talk and keep the beat at the same time.

  • ||

    Why is the hyper-bunged up guy at 3:44 wearing a dress over his suit and complaining about the homos?

  • Joe M||

    Oh my fucking god. We are DOOOOOOOOOOMED. Lucy, props to you for surviving that experience.

  • mad libertarian guy||

    My thoughts exactly. Everyone is dumb. All of them.

  • Joe||

    Who is this "fucking god" you speak of, and how may I worship him?

  • Killazontherun||

    In the morning Jim Epstein is going to be saying to himself, 'she's a home schooled cutie, how it got here, I haven't a clue.'

  • PantsFan||

  • Apatheist||

    fuck me.

  • Old Mexican||

    Those look like well-fed protestors to me...

  • Apatheist||

    Would make a good Christopher Guest movie, complete with the gay guy with a dog:

  • PantsFan||

    I don't know why anything happens anymore.

  • Bingo||

    Because atoms and molecules and stuff.

  • ||



  • ||

    Don't worry. This shit won't go on forever, probably.

  • yeah, sure||

    Entropy, you scientific illiterate.

  • Almanian||

    I think we all know the story of the REAL Geo. Washington. I posted this on Lucy's FB yesterday, so hopefully it helped keep the evil spirits at bay...

  • ||

    Did you get that video from Cracked?

  • Almanian||

    I actually saw it here a couple years ago and just Youtubed "George Washington" and there is was

  • Almanian||

    The end of "Blade Runner". I so love Sean Young - she's aged well, but she was SMOKIN' when she was younger.

    Harrison Ford - surprisingly BAD - he sure improved later. Rutger Hauer - always good in everything ever. They should have cast him as Lestat instead of Mr. Bignose Tom Cruise....

  • Bingo||

    I've never been able to make it through this movie. Is it one of those "you had to have seen it at the time" things?

  • Apatheist||

    I wasn't alive when it came out and love it so I would say no.

  • ||

    There were certain atmospheric aspects that probably didn't age well.

    It's hard for people to relate to a time when a lot of people thought the Japanese were going to overwhelm the United States economically and take over.

  • Bingo||

    I feel like a lot of cyberpunk literature ages badly because of this.

  • ||

    You'd think they would have thought of cell phones or i-phones. Hell, Dick Tracy had a wrist radio.

  • ||

    What? Of all movies, you can't get through Bladerunner? What's wrong with you?

  • Bingo||

    Because its boring and 80s-as-fuck. What the fuck is wrong with you to sit through that bullshit?

  • ||

    Boring? You don't know shit.

  • Bingo||

    I know shit. It comes out of my ass. This shit is fucking boring.

  • EDG reppin' LBC||

    It is a little hard to follow on the first couple of viewings. I think Scott tried to make it abstract, and wanted to have gaps (that maybe mimicked the sensation of implanted memories). Watch it a few more times, and you will realize why it is one of the most awesomeist movies ever made!

  • yeah, sure||

    I didn't have any trouble following it the first time I saw it. Maybe because I saw the version with the voiceover narration by Decker. That's the best version IMO because it does the best job of incorporating the film noir atmosphere. I must admit that I have never enjoyed Bladerunner all that much after the first viewing. It seemed to drag a lot in later viewings.

  • yeah, sure||

    If you don't understand what the big deal about Bladerunner is, then rent something like Logan's Run and compare. Also, rent Alien and compare it to either 2001 or Silent Running. Ridley Scott changed the standard for projecting a vision of the future onto film.

    Oh, and Sean Young looked good all dolled up in Bladerunner, but her necked pictures were a little disappointing.

  • Chani||

    Tell me about the waters of your home world, Usul.

  • RonPaul||


  • Only Says Ron Paul||

    Ron Paul

  • ||

    Matt Damon?



  • Matt Damon Marionette||


  • Mruce Mayne||


  • MJ||

    "The group says it was protesting a "gathering of bigots, media mouthpieces, corrupt politicians, and their 1 percent elite puppet masters."

    I'll buy that when they Occupy an Obama presser.

  • A Serious Man||

    I loved it when Rand Paul asked Obama if he hated all rich people or just the ones that don't donate to his campaign.

    But as those die hard Obama supporters showed, nothing is ever his fault.

  • Joe M||

    I know. The Republicans made Obama support the bank bailouts (when he was a Senator)!!! Amazing the power those Republicans have.

  • Jumbie||

    George Washington up there seems to be channeling Christopher Walken.

  • ||

    Quick! Someone hand him a revolver.

  • Micha Ghertner||

    +1 for Deer Hunter reference.

  • Bingo||

    So is anyone else a regular in reddit's /r/anarcho_capitalism ? It's been a great place lately, like Old Mex rigorous logic with a friendly "fuck you"!

  • ||

    reddit? Really?

  • Bingo||

    Reddit sucks. The sub-reddits MIGHT be worthwhile

  • ||

    It's like I don't even know you anymore, man.

  • Chadwyck||

    Thanks for sharing! In 20 minutes of lurking, I've seen 2 people admit to someone else having the superior argument and reverse their opinion.

  • ||

    OT: probably the hottest sloth-related video you will see in the next 24 hours:

  • ||

    Shit. I thought it was something like tips for enjoying the weekend.

  • Ted S.||

    Before I click the link: does sloth refer to the tree-dwelling mammal, or to laziness?

  • ||

    the mammal.

  • LeSigh||

    She isn't hot enough to be that much of a whackadoo.

  • A Serious Man||

    So in summation: our entire political spectrum is a bell curve with weapons grade stupidity on both the left and right ends.

    But this was a good Reason TV piece. Good job Lucy, I like it when the interviewer stays as aloof as possible when engaging the participants.

  • Killazontherun||

    Jabba the Hut's wife was pretty pissed off! Doubt if that mouth has a non pissed off mode.

    'They. put. that. on. him!'

    So he is powerless to do anything himself? Smart move Ms. Hut, you know how to speak to libertarians and make the case for an Obama second term after all.

  • Eduard van Haalen||

    You can expect that sort of explanation to be trotted out *a lot.* Bailouts - Republicans forced it on him. Civil liberties in the War on Terror - he could have done something if it wasn't for his enemies preventing it. The economy? George W. Bush and the Tea Party.

    The people saying this will perhaps do it in a more sophisticated way than the lady on the video, but by the time this campaign is over we will have learned that Bush and Palin worked with Glenn Beck and Mitt Romney to wreck the economy.

  • mad libertarian guy||

    It's in line with heir entire political philosophy: blame others for your misfortunes so you can justify using government to steal from them.

  • OWS VPS||

    There is no absolute right to private property.

    A starving man taking bread from a billionaire is not theft.

  • Killazontherun||

    It's still theft.

    How did he get the bread? Home invasion?

    I suppose if he were to have killed the billionaire for his bread, that would be just fine and dandy too. After all, the billionaire is just a class enemy, right?

    What can't you justify with relativist property rights?

    Are public employees entitled to their ill gotten gains? Should I be allowed to plunder public workers and union bosses because their good were obtained through third party coercion? The state may owe them for their labors, but the state has not paid them in a legitimate manner as that money was obtained unwillingly through me. See, how that works?

    Paraphrasing Von Mises, you can go through the history of how a property was obtained to justify a counter theft without end but it isn't going to do you any good in resolving a dispute, but only lead to more dispute.

    Courts are where you decide property disputes, not home invasions. In the left anarchy you advocate, your starving man would wind up the looser every time. Billionaire not only has more bread, but more guns!

  • Mr. FIFY||

    Tell us where you live, OWS, so we can raid your fridge for sammich material, and shit on your living-room floor.

    THEN you can tell us what you think of property rights.

  • Killazontherun||

    looser, loser, jeez, I'm not drunk, stoned, or fried this, er, still feels like morning to excuse that.

  • OWS VPS||


  • Joe||

    Hutts can change sex. There's a strong possibility that it was actually Jabba, not Jabba's wife.

  • WWNGD?||

    The group says it was protesting a "gathering of bigots, media mouthpieces, corrupt politicians, and their 1 percent elite puppet masters."

    Our bigots, media mouthpieces, corrupt politicians, and elite puppet masters are better than their bigots, media mouthpieces, corrupt politicians, and elite puppet masters!!!!

  • Libertarian2||

    Just for the record, there's not much to disagree with from the guy with the long hair and scarves(!) at 1:55.

  • Killazontherun||

    Duly noted. The three points he makes are on target.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Yo, where are my cookies?

  • Lucy Steigerwald||

    Ooooh, now it all makes sense. It was so nice to meet you yesterday.

  • Killazontherun||

    I finally got curious about that ad on Drudge; it's more a list of celebrities who donate to Republican campaigns (Cindy Crawford conservative for switching from Obama to Romney???), but still some surprises on there.

    Did not know Adam Sandler is one of those /sarc. Did not know L L Cool J is is one, either, but that is not surprising. Read his lyrics, the man loves hims some capitalism, and I recall the leftist press being pissy about raps materialism in the early nineties using him as exhibit A. Have not seen any libertarians or Randians in the list yet. That may indicate the list composer is aware of some significant differences.

  • Killazontherun||

    man loves hims some capitalism

    Jeez, can't even make intentional grammatical peculiarities correctly.

  • *ahem*||

    Don't you mean Xzibit A?

  • blueman||

    More like Xzibit X. Damn, and now the song is stuck in my head.

  • OWS VPS||

    "Two white supremacists speak at CPAC panels discussion on “The Failure of Multiculturalism: How the pursuit of diversity is weakening the American Identity.”

    I had just finished watching a History channel documentary called "Black Tankers", the story of the 761st tanker battalion to serve in WWII. They were the first African American armored unit to serve in the war and fought in Patton's 3rd Army at the Battle of the Bulge. They received the highest honor a unit can receive, the Presidential Unit Citation, like the Tuskegee Airmen.

    In interviews with surviving members of the unit they spoke about the racism they had to over come to get to fight for this country and how it vanished on the battle field, but how shocked they were when they came home and nothing had changed.

    After recalling several incidents, one of them intoned while sadly shaking his head;

    "My county tis of thee
    Sweet land of bigotry"

    I felt horrible for those guys and thought about the current opposition to the Dream Act and thought to myself that we can not let that happen again.
    Then I turned on the Ed Show and there was a segment about how two white supremacist were at CPAC on a panel discussion on “The Failure of Multiculturalism: How the pursuit of diversity is weakening the American Identity.”. They were there with Romney, Newt, and Santorum, as well as leading members of congress... yet no one said a word about these guys.

    So I went and searched the names of these guys and found dozens of hits on civil rights websites. I believe in free speech and would never seek to silence anyone... no matter how abhorrent their ideas are to me.

    But the idea of having these guys on the same stage as Presidential candidates... and no one objected... not one of them or the attending members of congress so much as batted an eye over sharing the stage with these bigots.

    White Supremacists Showcased At CPAC Conservative Conference

    Two white supremacists are set to speak at panels at CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference that will also feature speeches by Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

    The first white supremacist is Peter Brimelow the owner of the website VDare, which is labeled by the SPLC as an anti-immigration hate website. VDare has featured the works of noted white supremacists, Jared Taylor, Sam Francis, Virginia Abernethy, Kevin MacDonald as well as conservative pundits, Michelle


    The other white supremacist is Robert “Bob” Vandervoort who spoke on a panel called “High Fences, Wide Gates: States vs. the Feds, the Rule of Law & American Identity.” Vandervoort works for the site and also was the organizer for Chicagoland Friends of American Renaissance which met regularly with the Chicago Chapter of Council Of Conservative Citizens.

    American Renaissance is white supremacist organization run by notorious racist Jared Taylor that organizes a conference of racists including neo-Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan including David Duke and Stormfront owner, Don Black. The Council Of Conservative Citizens is another white supremacist organization.

    Never mind all the debate about Newt's use of "dog whistle" racist rhetoric in his campaign speeches... now it is out in the open for all to see. What is curious is how none of the MSM reported this except the ED show.

    This sure ain't your daddy's republican party any more! They used to denounce them, but now they have gone mainstream in the GOP:

  • Killazontherun||

    You really should avoid SPLC as your source material as they have zero credibility with those who know that group well, like most every one on this site. They list sites as hate groups for being anti-government and anti-socialist, including Mises, to which I have given donations. I, for one, resent the fuck out of that. Look up the history of the shake down artist Morris Dees who started SPLC while you are at it, particularly who he worked for in the early seventies.

  • Almanian||

    RAAAAAAAC....wait, no, Killa is, of course, spot on.

    Fuck you, you ignorant OWS troll tool.

  • The Pointer-Outer||

    You'll make the Occutard cry with talk like that.

  • Killazontherun||

    He has a point about Vandervoort that is worth considering, so I stuck to what was beyond the pale, taking SPLC seriously.

  • The Pointer-Outer||

    No one should take SPLC seriously.

  • SPLC||

    You're obviously a right-wing terrorist. Shit list for YOU, pal.

  • So you admit||

    The occupy movement is really only about the right and not about addressing grievances?

  • Almanian||

    I blame Bush

  • The Pointer-Outer||

    Bush was an ass, but he'll be blamed for causing hangnails on the next three presidents' fingers.

  • yeah, sure||

    “The Failure of Multiculturalism: How the pursuit of diversity is weakening the American Identity.”

    There is nothing even remotely racist about that topic and the truth of the thesis can't be denied. By celebrating every culture except American Culture and by encouraging new immigrants to retain the culture of their country of origin rather than assimilating, the American identity is being weakened. Of course, when liberals talk about promoting "diversity" what they really mean is giving special treatment to their politically favored identity groups. Certainly, "diversity" in the liberal mind has nothing to do with diversity of viewpoint.

    History channel documentary called "Black Tankers"

    This is 2012, not 1945. Welcome to the future. American is a different place now. Put aside your racialist worldview and join the colorblind society.

    VDare, which is labeled by the SPLC as an anti-immigration hate website

    As Killazontherun has pointed out, one should not accept SPLC's characterization of anything or anybody. Also, beware of the usual liberal attempt to associate any policy position with which they disagree with the word "hate". It is possible to disagree with an open border policy without being filled with animus.

    I felt horrible for those guys and thought about the current opposition to the Dream Act and thought to myself that we can not let that happen again.

    What does the racial prejudice experienced by blacks in the 1940s have to do with an amnesty program for illegal aliens, most of whom are Latinos, in 2011? The immigrant experience of blacks is unique in America since they are the only group brought forcibly to the U.S. The immigrant experience of Latinos is more akin to the experience of immigrants from Eastern Europe or other non-English speaking countries than it is to blacks and all those other immigrant groups didn't need special programs or special treatment.

    noted white supremacists, Jared Taylor...

    I realize that the distinction between a racial "separatist" and a racial "supremacist" may be too subtle for you to grasp, but ponder it anyway and then ponder why the sources you value seem to like the "supremacist" label better. BTW, have you ever tallied the frequency with which the ED show uses the phrase "white supremacist" vs. "black supremacist", the phrase "black nationalist" vs. "white nationalist" and the phrase "black separatist" vs. "white separatist"? Just something to think about.

    Never mind all the debate about Newt's use of "dog whistle" racist rhetoric in his campaign speeches

    What debate? There is no debate, just unsupported accusations by the usual suspects. Have you ever thought about the propensity by liberals to ascribe every policy position of their opponents to some kind of enmity, particularly racial enmity? Can't you acknowledge that it is possible to disagree with liberal ideas just because one thinks the ideas are harmful and destructive without regard to race?

  • Capitalisms||

    I had just finished watching a History channel documentary about Stalin's purges. Then I went online and saw that the occutards were allowing Marxists to speak at their events.

  • ||

    The Occupy (Bowel) Movement dangerous? No, Mr. Thompson, they're just a bunch of immature dumbasses who need to grow up and get a damn job.

  • Gilbert Martin||

    "Occupy D.C. was joined by the AFL-CIO, SEIU, National Nurses United, Metro Labor Council, and OurDC for a demonstration right outside"

    In other words, the usual collection of the sponge, leech and parasite class.

  • White Indian||

    "Die nie Dryf beweging, as dit nie so gevaarlik vir die Amerikaanse ideaal, komiese sou wees," sê John Thompson, 'n Rick Santorum ondersteuner wat Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), wat in Washington, DC op Donderdag afgeskop bygewoon, 9 Februarie 2012.

    CPAC is die grootste jaarlikse byeenkoms van die konserwatiewe beweging, maar hierdie jaar nie al die aksie was in die Konvensie-sentrum. Beklee DC is saam met die AFL-CIO, SEIU, Nasionale Verpleegsters United, Metro Labor Raad en OurDC vir 'n demonstrasie reg buite. Die groep sê dat dit 'n uit protes teen "byeenkoms van bigots, media-woordvoerders, korrupte politici, en hulle 1% elite marionet meesters."

    Rede se Lucy Steigerwald was op die hand te sien waaroor al die bohaai was oor.

    Geproduseer deur Jim Epstein, met van Josua Swain en Julie Ershad hulp.

    Ongeveer 4,30 minute.

    Gaan na vir aflaaibare weergawes en skryf aan ons YouTube-kanaal outomatiese updates te kry wanneer nuwe materiaal live gaan.

  • White Indian||

    "Pushtojnë lëvizje, në qoftë se nuk ishin aq të rrezikshëm për idealin Amerikan, do të ishte qesharake", thotë John Thompson, një mbështetës Santorum Rick i cili mori pjesë në Konferencën konservatore politike Veprimit CPAC), e cila nisi në Uashington, DC të enjten , 9 shkurt 2012.

    CPAC është mbledhja Kryeministri vjetor i lëvizjes konservatore, por këtë vit jo të gjitha veprim ishte në brendësi të qendrës së konventës. Pushtojnë DC u bashkuan nga AFL-CIO, i SEIU, National infermjereve Bashkuara, Metro Punës Këshillit, dhe OurDC për një demonstratë të drejtë jashtë.Grupi thotë se ishte duke protestuar një "mbledhje e fanatikëve, të mouthpieces medias, politikanë të korruptuar, dhe 1 tyre mjeshtra elitës qind kukull".

    Steigerwald Lucy arsye ishte në dorë të parë se çfarë të gjitha bujë ishte rreth.

    Prodhuar nga Jim Epstein, me ndihmën e Joshua Swain dhe Julie Ershad.

    Rreth 4.30 minuta.

    Shko tek për versionet e shkarkueshme dhe të regjistroheni në YouTube kanalin tonë për të marrë përditësimet automatike kur materiale të reja shkon live.

  • White Indian||

    "Ocupan mugimendua, ez balitz, beraz, American ideal arriskutsua, komiko izango litzateke", dio John Thompson, Rick Santorum aldekoa nor bertaratu Conservador Politikoa Ekintza Conference (CPAC), eta Washington, DC ostegunean Atao off, otsailaren 9an, 2012.

    CPAC, kontserbadorea mugimenduaren urteko topaketa ataria da, baina aurten ez ekintza guztien batzarretarako zentro barruan izan zen. Okupatzen DC AFL-CIO, SEIU, Batuen National Erizain, Kontseiluak Metro Trabajo, eta eskuineko kanpoko manifestazio baten OurDC elkartu zen. Talde dio protesta bat izan zen "bigots, mouthpieces komunikabideetan, politikarien hondatuta dago, eta bere elite ehuneko 1 txotxongilo maisu topaketa."

    Arrazoia bere Lucy Steigerwald izan zen alde batetik ikusteko zer fuss guztietan izan zen buruz.

    Jim Epstein ekoiztuta, Joshua Swain eta Julie Ershad-laguntzarekin.

    4,30 minutu inguru.

    Joan bertsio deskargatzeko eta gure YouTube kanalean harpidetzeko eguneratze automatikoak material berria zuzenean doa.

  • White Indian||

    "Ocupar el moviment, si no fos tan perillós per a l'ideal americà, seria còmic", diu John Thompson, un partidari de Rick Santorum, que va assistir a la Conferència d'Acció Política Conservadora (CPAC), que va començar a Washington, DC el dijous , 9 de febrer de 2012.

    CPAC és la principal reunió anual del moviment conservador, però aquest any no tota l'acció es trobava dins del centre de convencions. Ocupar DC es va unir a l'AFL-CIO, SEIU, Nacional d'Infermeres Unides, Consell Laboral de Metro, i OurDC a una manifestació davant de l'hotel. El grup diu que estava protestant per una "reunió dels fanàtics, broquets mitjans de comunicació, polítics corruptes, i els seus amos 1 per cent de l'elit de titelles".

    La raó de Lucy Steigerwald va ser l'encarregat de veure el que tot l'enrenou.

    Produït per Jim Epstein, amb l'ajuda de Josuè Swain i Ershad Julie.

    Al voltant de 4,30 minuts.

    Anar al per a les versions descarregables i subscriure al nostre canal de YouTube per obtenir actualitzacions automàtiques quan el nou material va en viu.

  • White Indian||

    "Zauzeti pokret, da nije tako opasna za američke ideala, bilo bi smiješno", kaže John Thompson, Rick Santorum pristaša koji su sudjelovali na konferenciji Konzervativne političke akcije (CPAC), koja je započela u Washingtonu u četvrtak , 9. veljače 2012.

    CPAC je premijer godišnje okupljanje konzervativnog pokreta, ali ove godine nisu svi akcija unutar kongresnog centra. Zauzimati se pridružio DC AFL-CIO-a, SEIU, Nacionalni medicinskih sestara Uniteda, Metro rada Vijeća, te OurDC za demonstraciju pravo izvana. Skupina tvrdi da je prosvjedovali na skupu "bigots, medijskih usnika, korumpirani političari i njihove 1 posto elitnih lutkarskih majstora."

    Razlog je Lucy Steigerwald je na ruku da vidi što je sve digla tolika prašina.

    Produced by Jim Epstein, uz pomoć Joshua Swain i Julie Ershad.

    Oko 4,30 minuta.

    Idi na za download verzije i pretplatite se na naš YouTube kanal da biste dobili ažuriranja automatski kada novi materijal ide uživo.

  • White Indian||

    "Zabírají pohyb, kdyby to nebylo tak nebezpečné na americký ideál, by bylo směšné," říká John Thompson, Rick Santorum zastánce, kteří se zúčastnili konzervativní politické akci konference CPAC), která odstartovala ve Washingtonu, DC ve čtvrtek , 09.2.2012.

    CPAC je první výroční setkání konzervativního hnutí, ale letos ne všechny akce byla uvnitř kongresového centra. Zabírají DC byl spojený AFL-CIO, SEIU, Národní sester United, Metro práce Rady a OurDC pro demonstraci přímo před hotelem.Skupina tvrdí, že protestuje do "shromáždění fanatici, mediální náustků, zkorumpovaných politiků a jejich 1 procento elitních loutkáři."

    Rozumu Lucy Steigerwald byl po ruce, aby viděli, co všechno rozruch byl kolem.

    Produkoval Jim Epsteina, s nápovědou od Joshua Swain a Julie Ershad.

    Přibližně 4,30 minuty týden

    Přejít na pro stažení verze a přihlaste se do našeho kanálu YouTube získat automatické aktualizace, když nový materiál vejde.

  • White Indian||

    "Den Indtager bevægelse, hvis det ikke var så farlig for den amerikanske ideal, ville være komisk," siger John Thompson, en Rick Santorum supporter, der deltog i Det Konservative Politisk Action Conference (CPAC), som startede i Washington, DC på torsdag , 9 feb 2012.

    CPAC er den førende årlige forsamling af den konservative bevægelse, men i år ikke hele aktionen var inde i konferencecentret. Besætte DC fik følgeskab af AFL-CIO, SEIU, National Sygeplejersker United, Metro Labor Rådet, og OurDC for en demonstration lige udenfor. Gruppen siger, at det protesterede en "samling af fanatikere, medier mundstykker, korrupte politikere og deres 1 procent elite marionet mestre."

    Reasons Lucy Steigerwald var på hånden for at se, hvad alt postyret var ca.

    Produceret af Jim Epstein, med hjælp fra Joshua Swain og Julie Ershad.

    Ca 4,30 minutter.

    Gå til for download versioner og abonnere på vores YouTube-kanal for at få automatiske opdateringer, når nyt materiale går live.

  • White Indian||

    "De beweging te bezetten, als het niet zo gevaarlijk voor de Amerikaanse ideaal, zou komisch zijn," zegt John Thompson, een Rick Santorum supporter die aanwezig waren op The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), die van start ging in Washington, DC op donderdag 9 februari 2012.

    CPAC is de belangrijkste jaarlijkse bijeenkomst van de conservatieve beweging, maar dit jaar niet alle actie was in het congrescentrum. Bezetten DC kreeg het gezelschap van de AFL-CIO, SEIU, Nationale Verpleegkundigen United, Metro Arbeid Raad, en OurDC voor een demonstratie voor de deur. De groep zegt dat het een protest "bijeenkomst van dwepers, media mondstukken, corrupte politici, en hun 1 procent elite marionet meesters."

    Reden van Lucy Steigerwald was bij de hand om te zien wat al die drukte over ging.

    Geproduceerd door Jim Epstein, met hulp van Joshua Swain en Julie Ershad.

    Ongeveer 4,30 minuten.

    Ga naar voor downloadbare versies en abonneren op ons YouTube kanaal om automatische updates te krijgen wanneer nieuwe materiaal live gaat.

  • White Indian||

    "The movement occupy, if it Were not so dangerous to the American ideal, would be comical," says John Thompson, a Rick Santorum supporter who attended The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), All which kicked off in Washington, DC on Thursday , February 9th, 2012.

    CPAC is the premier annual gathering of the conservative movement, but this year not all the action was inside the convention center. Occupy DC was joined by the AFL-CIO, SEIU, National Nurses United, Metro Labor Council, and OurDC for a demonstration right outside. The group says it was protesting a "gathering of bigots, media mouth pieces, corrupt Politicians, and Their 1 percent elite puppet masters."

    Reason's Lucy Steigerwald was on hand to see what all the fuss was about.

    Produced by Jim Epstein, with help from Joshua Swain and Julie Ershad.

    Approximately 4.30 minutes.

    Go to for downloadable versions and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get automatic updates When new material goes live.

  • White Indian||

    "Hõivata liikumist, kui see nii ei oleks ohtlik American ideaalne oleks koomiline," ütleb John Thompson, Rick Santorum toetaja, kes osalesid konservatiivide poliitilise tegevuskava konverentsil (CPAC), mis käivitati Washingtonis neljapäeval , 9. veebruar 2012.

    CPAC on premier iga-aastane kohtumine konservatiivne liikumine, kuid sel aastal ei ole kõik tegevus oli sees konverentsikeskus. Hõivata DC ühines AFL-CIO, SEIU, National Õdede United, Metro Labor nõukogu ja OurDC ette näidata siinsamas.Grupp ütleb, et see oli protestivad "kogumine bigots, meedia Huulikud, korrumpeerunud poliitikud ja nende 1 protsenti eliit nukumeistrite."

    Põhjus s Lucy Steigerwald oli aga näha, mis kõik rahmeldama oli umbes.

    Tootja Jim Epstein abiga välja Joshua Swain ja Julie Ershad.

    Umbes 4,30 minutit.

    Mine jaoks allalaaditav versioone ja tellida meie YouTube kanal saada automaatselt värskendusi kui uus materjal läheb elus.

  • White Indian||

    "Ang sakupin ang kilusan, kung ito ay hindi mapanganib sa ang mga Amerikano na mainam, ay magiging katawa-tawa," sabi ni John Thompson, isang tagataguyod ng Rick Santorum na dinaluhan Ang konserbatibo Action Pampulitika Conference (CPAC), na kicked off sa Washington, DC sa Huwebes, Pebrero ika-9, 2012.

    CPAC ay ang premier taunang pagtitipon ng konserbatibo kilusan, ngunit hindi ang taon na ito ang lahat ng pagkilos ay sa loob ng convention center. Sumakop DC ay sumali sa pamamagitan ng ang AFL-CIO, SEIU, National nars Estados, Metro Labor Council, at OurDC para sa isang pagpapakita na karapatan sa labas. Ang grupo ang nagsasabing ito ay ng protesting isang "pagtitipon ng bigots, mga media mouthpieces, mga sira pulitiko, at ang kanilang 1 porsiyento pili manika Masters."

    Ang Lucy Steigerwald Dahilan ng ay sa kamay upang makita kung ano ang lahat pagpapakaabala ay tungkol sa.

    Ginawa sa pamamagitan ng Jim Epstein, na may tulong mula sa Joshua manliligaw at Julie Ershad ang.

    Humigit-kumulang 4.30 minuto.

    Pumunta sa para sa maida-download na bersyon at mag-subscribe sa aming mga channel sa YouTube upang makakuha ng awtomatikong pag-update kapag maging live ang bagong materyal.

  • White Indian||

    "Hallita liike, ellei se olisi niin vaarallista Yhdysvaltain ihanteellinen, olisi koominen", sanoo John Thompson, Rick Santorum kannattaja, joka osallistui Konservatiivien poliittisen toiminnan Conference (CPAC), joka käynnistyi Washington, DC torstaina , 9. helmikuuta 2012.

    CPAC on tärkein vuosittainen kokoontuminen konservatiivinen liike, mutta tänä vuonna ei kaikki toiminta oli sisällä konferenssikeskuksesta. Hallita DC sai rinnalleen AFL-CIO, SEIU, National Sairaanhoitajat United, Metro työneuvoston ja OurDC ja esittelyn aivan.Ryhmä sanoo, että se oli mieltään "kokoontuminen kiihkoilijoita, media suukappaletta, korruptoituneet poliitikot ja heidän 1 prosenttia eliitin sätkynukke mestareita."

    Syy on Lucy Steigerwald oli käsi mitä kaikki häly oli kysymys.

    Tuotanto: Jim Epstein, avustuksella Joshua Swain ja Julie Ershad.

    Noin 4,30 minuuttia.

    Siirry ladattavien versioiden ja tilata YouTube-kanava saada automaattisia päivityksiä, kun uutta materiaalia menee elää.

  • White Indian||

    "Le Occuper mouvement, si ce n'était pas si dangereux pour l'idéal américain, serait comique», déclare John Thompson, un partisan Rick Santorum qui ont assisté à la Conférence d'action politique conservateur (CPAC), qui a débuté à Washington, DC, le jeudi 9 Février 2012.

    CPAC est le premier rassemblement annuel du mouvement conservateur, mais cette année, pas toute l'action était à l'intérieur du centre des congrès. Occuper DC a été rejoint par l'AFL-CIO, le SEIU, national des infirmières et infirmiers-Unis, Metro Conseil du travail, et OurDC pour une démonstration juste à l'extérieur. Le groupe affirme qu'il a été pour protester contre un "rassemblement de fanatiques, les embouchures des médias, des politiciens corrompus, et leurs maîtres 1 pour cent de marionnettes d'élite."

    Lucy Reason Steigerwald était sur place pour voir ce que tout le tapage était sur le point.

    Produit par Jim Epstein, avec l'aide de Joshua Swain et Julie Ershad.

    Environ 4.30 minutes.

    Aller à la pour les versions téléchargeables et vous abonner à notre chaîne YouTube pour obtenir les mises à jour automatiques lorsque du nouveau matériel va vivre.

  • White Indian||

    "Ocupar o movemento, se non fose tan perigoso para o ideal americano, sería cómico", di John Thompson, Rick Santorum torcedor que participou na Conferencia de Acción Política Conservadora (CPAC), que comezou en Washington, DC o xoves , 09 de febreiro de 2012.

    CPAC é a reunión anual do premier do movemento conservador, pero este ano non toda a acción estaba dentro do centro de convencións. Ocupar DC, xuntouse a AFL-CIO, SEIU, Enfermeiros Nacional Unido, do traballo Metro do Consello, e OurDC para unha manifestación na porta. O grupo di que estaba protestando contra un "encontro de fanáticos, as bocas de medios, políticos corruptos, e os seus mestres de marionetas de 1 por cento de elite".

    Razón da Lucy Steigerwald estaba na man para ver o que todo o alarido era sobre.

    Producido por Jim Epstein, coa axuda de Josué Swain e Ershad Julie.

    Aproximadamente 4,30 minutos.

    Ir a de versións para descargar e asine noso canle en YouTube para obter actualizacións automáticas cando o novo material vai vivir.


    i dont know who to hate more


    oh, i know, i hate White Indian more.

  • White Indian||

    "Das Besetzen Bewegung, wenn es nicht so gefährlich für das amerikanische Ideal, wäre komisch", sagt John Thompson, ein Rick Santorum Unterstützer, die The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), die aus in Washington, DC trat am Donnerstag besucht , 9. Februar 2012.

    CPAC ist die wichtigste jährliche Zusammenkunft von der konservativen Bewegung, aber dieses Jahr nicht die ganze Aktion war im Inneren des Kongresszentrums. Besetzen DC wurde von der AFL-CIO, SEIU, National Nurses United, Metro Betriebsrats und OurDC für eine Demonstration direkt vor der Tür trat. Die Gruppe sagt, es wurde protestiert eine "Versammlung von Fanatiker, Medien-Mundstücke, korrupte Politiker und ihre 1 Prozent Elite Strippenzieher."

    Reason Lucy Steigerwald war zur Hand, um zu sehen, was all die Aufregung war.

    Produziert von Jim Epstein, mit Hilfe von Joshua Swain und Julie Ershad.

    Etwa 4,30 Minuten.

    Zum für herunterladbare Versionen und abonnieren Sie unseren YouTube-Kanal, um automatische Updates zu erhalten, wenn neues Material live geht.

  • White Indian||

    "Okipe an mouvman, si li pa t 'konsa danjere ideyal Ameriken an, ta dwe komik," di Jan Thompson, yon Rick Santorum sipòtè ki te asiste Konsèvatif konferans la Politik Aksyon (CPAC), ki derape nan Washington, DC, nan Jedi , 9yèm fevriye, 2012.

    CPAC se rasanbleman an premye minis anyèl nan mouvman an konsèvatif, men ane sa a pa tout aksyon an te anndan sant la konvansyon. Okipe DC te ansanm ak AFL CIO a, SEIU, National enfimyè Etazini, Metro Travay Konsèy, ak OurDC pou yon demonstrasyon dwa deyò. Gwoup la di li te pwoteste kont yon "rasanbleman nan bigots, medya anbouchur, politisyen fin pouri, ak 1 mèt pousan yo mannken elit".

    Steigerwald Lucy rezon an te nan men yo wè sa ki tout gaòt a te sou yo.

    Pwodwi pa Jim Epstein, ak èd nan men Jozye Swain ak Julie Ershad.

    Apeprè 4.30 minit.

    Go to pou vèsyon Downloadable ak abònman nan kanal YouTube nou jwenn dènye nouvèl sou otomatik lè materyèl nouvo ale viv.

  • White Indian||

    "A mozgalom elfoglalva, ha nem lenne annyira veszélyes, hogy az amerikai ideális lenne, komikus," mondja John Thompson, a Rick Santorum támogatója, aki részt vett a konzervatív politikai cselekvés Konferencia (CPAC), amely indult Washingtonban csütörtökön , február 9., 2012.

    CPAC a premier éves találkozója a konzervatív mozgalom, de ebben az évben nem minden intézkedés volt benne a kongresszusi központ. Elfoglalni DC-ben csatlakozott az AFL-CIO, SEIU, Nemzeti Ápolók United, Metro Munkaügyi Tanács, valamint a demonstrációs OurDC kint. A csoport azt mondja, hogy volt tiltakozás a "találkozója bigottok, média szócsövei, korrupt politikusok, és 1 százalék elit báb mester."

    Ész Lucy Steigerwald volt viszont, hogy mi ez a nagy felhajtás volt, kb.

    Készítette Jim Epstein segítséggel Joshua Swain és Julie Ershad.

    Körülbelül 4,30 perc.

    Ugrás a letölthető verzió, és iratkozz fel a YouTube csatornát kap automatikus frissítéseket, amikor az új anyag élővé válik.

  • White Indian||

    "The hernema hreyfingu, ef það væri ekki svo hættulegt að bandaríska hugsjón, væri fyndinn," segir John Thompson, sem Rick Santorum stuðningsmaður sem sóttu Íhaldsflokknum pólitískra aðgerða ráðstefnu (CPAC), sem sparkað burt í Washington, DC á fimmtudag , 9. febrúar, 2012.

    CPAC er fyrstur árleg samkoma af íhaldssamt hreyfingu, en á þessu ári ekki allar aðgerðir var inni í ráðstefnumiðstöðinni. Hernema DC bættist AFL öllum CIO, SEIU, National hjúkrunarfræðingar United, Metro Labor ráðið, og OurDC fyrir kynningu rétt utan. Hópurinn segir að það var mótmæli við "öflun bigots, fréttastofa mouthpieces og spilltum stjórnmálamönnum og 1 prósent Elite þeirra meistara Puppet."

    Lucy Steigerwald ástæður var á hendi til að sjá hvað öll læti var um.

    Framleitt af Jim Epstein, með hjálp frá Joshua Swain og Julie Ershad.

    Um það bil 4,30 mínútur.

    Fara til fyrir downloadable útgáfur og gerast áskrifandi að YouTube rás okkar til að fá sjálfvirkar uppfærslur þegar nýtt efni fer lifandi.

  • White Indian||

    "Yang Menempati gerakan, jika tidak begitu berbahaya dengan cita-cita Amerika, akan menjadi lucu," kata John Thompson, seorang Rick Santorum pendukung yang menghadiri Konferensi Konservatif Aksi Politik (CPAC), yang dimulai di Washington, DC pada Kamis , 9 Februari, 2012.

    CPAC adalah pertemuan tahunan utama dari gerakan konservatif, tapi tahun ini tidak semua perbuatan itu di dalam pusat konvensi. Menempati DC bergabung oleh AFL-CIO, SEIU, Perawat Nasional Serikat, Metro Tenaga Kerja Dewan, dan OurDC untuk demonstrasi tepat di luar. Kelompok itu mengatakan ia memprotes sebuah "pertemuan fanatik, corong media, politisi korup, dan 1 persen mereka dalang elit."

    Alasan Lucy Steigerwald berada di tangan untuk melihat apa yang diributkan itu.

    Diproduksi oleh Jim Epstein, dengan bantuan dari Yosua Swain dan Julie Irsyad.

    Sekitar 4,30 menit.

    Pergi ke untuk versi download dan berlangganan ke saluran YouTube kami untuk mendapatkan update otomatis ketika materi baru ditayangkan.

  • White Indian||

    "An áitiú gluaiseacht, más rud é nach raibh sé chomh contúirteach don idéalach Mheiriceá, bheadh ​​comical," a deir John Thompson, a Santorum Rick tacaíocht a d'fhreastail ar an Chomhdháil Gníomhaíochta Coimeádach Polaitiúil (CPAC), a chuir tús i Washington, DC ar an Déardaoin , 9 Feabhra, 2012.

    Is é CPAC a bhailiú premier bliantúil ar an ngluaiseacht coimeádach, ach i mbliana nach raibh sé ar fad ar an ngníomh taobh istigh den ionad choinbhinsiún. Tugadh isteach áitiú DC ag an AFL-CIO, SEIU, Náisiúnta Altraí Aontaithe, Metro Labor gComhairle, agus le haghaidh taispeántais OurDC ceart taobh amuigh. A deir an grúpa go raibh sé agóidíocht ar "a bhailiú bigots, mouthpieces meáin, polaiteoirí truaillithe, agus a gcuid máistrí 1 faoin gcéad puipéad mionlach."

    Cúis le Lucy Steigerwald bhí ar láimh a fheiceáil cad a bhí ar fad an fuss faoi.

    Léirithe ag Jim Epstein, le cabhair ó Joshua Swain agus Julie Ershad.

    Thart ar 4.30 nóiméad.

    Téigh go dtí do leaganacha a íoslódáil agus a liostáil dár cainéal YouTube a fháil nuashonruithe uathoibríoch nuair a théann ábhar nua beo.

  • White Indian||

    "Il Occupare movimento, se non fosse così pericoloso per l'ideale americano, sarebbe comico", dice John Thompson, un sostenitore Rick Santorum che ha partecipato alla Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), che ha dato il via a Washington, DC il Giovedi , 9 febbraio 2012.

    CPAC è la raccolta premier annuale del movimento conservatore, ma quest'anno non tutta l'azione era all'interno del centro congressi. Occupare DC è stato raggiunto dalla AFL-CIO, SEIU, Nazionale Infermieri Uniti, Metro Labor Council, e OurDC per una dimostrazione proprio fuori. Il gruppo dice che stava protestando "un raduno di bigotti, imboccature dei media, politici corrotti, e dei loro burattinai 1 per cento elite".

    Reason Lucy Steigerwald era a portata di mano per vedere cosa tutto questo trambusto era circa.

    Prodotto da Jim Epstein, con l'aiuto di Joshua Swain e Julie Ershad.

    Circa 4,30 minuti.

    Vai a per le versioni scaricabili e iscriverti al nostro canale YouTube per ottenere gli aggiornamenti automatici quando il nuovo materiale entra nel vivo.

  • White Indian||

    "De negotiamini motus, si non adeo ad American specimen, esset RIDICULUS," dicit John Thompson, a Rick Santorum fautor qui ministrabant conservativum Legibus Actionis conferentia (CPAC), quod calce off in Washington, DC in Jovis , February 9, MMXII.

    CPAC est SUMMUS annua congregatione conservativum motus, sed hoc anno non omnes actio intus conventione centrum. Occupare DC coniunctus in AFL-CIO, SEIU, National nutrices Britanniarum, Metro Operamini Concilium, et OurDC enim demonstratio ius extra. Coetus dicit est protestando a "congregatione bigots, media mouthpieces, corrupta politici, et I cento elite PUPA domini."

    Rationis Lucy Steigerwald erat in manu ad quid omnes fuss erat.

    A Jim Epstein, cum auxilium a Iosue pastorum et Julie Ershad.

    Proxime 4.30 minutes.

    Ad enim inferorum versions et scribet ad YouTube alveo ut automatic updates cum nova materia vadit vivunt.

  • White Indian||

    "Aizņem kustību, ja tā nebūtu tik bīstami Amerikas ideālam, būtu komiski," saka Džons Tompsons, Rick Santorum atbalstītājs, kurš piedalījās Konservatīvo partijas politiskā rīcības konferenci CPAC), kas kicked off in Washington, DC ceturtdien , februāris 9, 2012.

    CPAC ir premier ikgadēja konservatīvās kustības, bet šogad ne viss rīcība bija iekšā konvencijas centru. Aizņem DC pievienojās AFL blakusproduktu PS, SEIU, Valsts Māsu Lielbritāniju, Metro Darba Padomei, un par demonstrāciju tiesības ārpus OurDC.Grupa apgalvo, ka tā bija protestēja par "vākšana bigots, mediju iemuši, korumpēti politiķi, un to 1 procentu elites leļļu meistari."

    Iemesls ir Lūsija Steigerwald bija klāt, lai redzētu visus satraukums bija par.

    Ražo Jim Epstein, ar palīdzību no Joshua Sveins un Julie Ershad.

    Apmēram 4,30 minūtes.

    Iet uz par lejupielādējamus versijas un parakstīties uz mūsu YouTube kanāls, lai saņemtu automātiskus atjauninājumus, kad jauns materiāls iet dzīvot.

  • White Indian||

    "Užima judėjimą, jei tai buvo ne taip pavojinga Amerikos idealo, būtų komiškas," sako John Thompson Rickas Santorum rėmėjas, kuris dalyvavo konservatorių politinių veiksmų konferenciją CPAC), kuri prasidėjo ketvirtadienį Vašingtone, vasario 9, 2012.

    CPAC Premier metinį konservatyvios judėjimo, bet šiemet ne visi veiksmai buvo viduje konferencijų centro. Užimti DC prisijungė AFL-CIO, SEIU, Nacionalinis medicinos seserų Jungtinių Amerikos Valstijų, esanti Darbo Tarybai, ir OurDC demonstracijoje teisė ribų.Grupė sako, kad jis protestavo fanatikai, žiniasklaidos mouthpieces, korumpuotų politikų, ir 1 proc prabangių lėlių meistrų "rinkimas".

    Proto ". Liusija Steigerwald buvo, vertus pamatyti, kas visas tas triukšmas buvo apie.

    Produced by Jim Epstein, su Joshua Swain ir Julie Ershad padedant.

    Maždaug 4,30 minutes.

    Eiti į atsisiųsti versijų ir užsiprenumeruoti mūsų kanalą YouTube gauti automatinius naujinimus, kai nauja medžiaga eina gyventi.

  • White Indian||

    "Menduduki pergerakan, jika ia tidak begitu merbahaya kepada ideal Amerika, akan menjadi lucu," kata John Thompson, Rick Santorum penyokong yang menghadiri Persidangan Tindakan Konservatif Politik (CPAC), yang bermula di Washington, DC pada hari Khamis, February 9, 2012.

    CPAC perhimpunan perdana tahunan pergerakan konservatif, tetapi tahun ini tidak semua tindakan adalah di dalam pusat konvensyen. Menduduki DC disertai oleh AFL-CIO, SEIU, Kebangsaan Jururawat Amerika, Majlis Metro Buruh, dan OurDC untuk demonstrasi tepat di luar. Kumpulan itu berkata ia telah membantah "perhimpunan taksub, mouthpieces media, ahli politik yang rasuah, dan tuan 1 peratus boneka mereka elit."

    Steigerwald Lucy sebab berada di tangan untuk melihat apa yang semua kekecohan itu kira-kira.

    Dihasilkan oleh Jim Epstein, dengan bantuan dari Joshua pecinta dan Julie Ershad.

    Kira-kira 4,30 minit.

    Pergi ke untuk versi yang boleh dimuat turun dan melanggan saluran YouTube kami untuk mendapatkan kemas kini automatik apabila bahan baru ditayangkan.

  • White Indian||

    "Il-Jokkupaw moviment, kieku ma kienx hekk perikolużi għall-ideali Amerikana, ikun komiku," jgħid John Thompson, sostenitur Santorum Rick li attendew Il Konservattiv Politiku Azzjoni Konferenza (CPAC), li bdiet f'Washington, DC nhar il-Ħamis , 9 Frar, 2012.

    CPAC huwa l-laqgħa annwali premier tal-moviment konservattivi, iżda din is-sena mhux l-azzjoni kienet ġewwa ċ-ċentru konvenzjoni. Jokkupaw DC kienet akkumpanjata mill-AFL Ciò-, SEIU, Nazzjonali Infermiera Uniti, Metro Labor Kunsill, u OurDC għal dimostrazzjoni dritt barra. Il-grupp jgħid li kien qed jipprotestaw ta '"ġbir ta' bigots, il ħalq midja, politiċi korrotti, u 1-kaptani tagħhom fil-mija puppet elite."

    Raġuni ta 'Lucy Steigerwald kien fuq naħa biex tara dak l-fuss kienet madwar.

    Prodott minn Jim Epstein, b'għajnuna mill Joshua Swain u Julie Ershad.

    Madwar 4.30 minuti.

    Mur għall-verżjonijiet downloaded u tabbona għall-kanal YouTube tagħna sabiex inġibu l-aġġornamenti awtomatiċi meta materjal il-ġdid tmur tgħix.

  • White Indian||

    "The Okkupere bevegelsen, hvis det ikke var så farlig for amerikanske ideal, ville være komisk," sier John Thompson, en Rick Santorum supporter som deltok Høyre politisk handling Conference (CPAC), som sparket i gang i Washington, DC torsdag , 9 februar 2012.

    CPAC er den fremste årlige innsamlingen av den konservative bevegelsen, men dette året ikke all handlingen var inne i konferansesenteret. Okkupere DC fikk selskap av AFL-CIO, SEIU, National Sykepleiere United, Metro Ap Council, og OurDC for en demonstrasjon rett utenfor. Gruppen sier at det var protesterte en "samling av trangsynte, media munnstykker, korrupte politikere, og deres 1 prosent elite renkespill."

    Årsaken er Lucy Steigerwald var på hånden for å se hva alt oppstyret var om.

    Produsert av Jim Epstein, med hjelp fra Joshua Swain og Julie Ershad.

    Ca 4.30 minutter.

    Gå til for nedlastbare versjoner og abonnere på vår YouTube-kanal for å få automatiske oppdateringer når nye materialet går live.

  • White Indian||

    "Zajmij ruch, gdyby nie były tak groźne dla amerykańskiego ideału byłby komiczny", mówi John Thompson, Rick zwolennikiem Santorum, który uczestniczył w Konserwatywna która odbyła Działań CPAC), który rozpoczął się w Waszyngtonie w czwartek , 09 lutego 2012.

    CPAC jest wiodącym Coroczne spotkanie z ruch konserwatywny, ale w tym roku nie cała akcja była wewnątrz centrum kongresowego. Zajmują DC dołączył AFL-CIO, SEIU, National Pielęgniarek United, Metro Pracy Rady oraz OurDC do demonstracji na zewnątrz.Grupa twierdzi, że protestował na "gromadzenie bigotów, ustników mediów, polityków skorumpowanych, a ich 1 procent elity mistrzów marionetek".

    Rozumu Lucy Steigerwald było pod ręką, aby zobaczyć co to całe zamieszanie chodzi.

    Produkowany przez Jima Epsteina, z pomocą Joshua Swain i Julie Ershad.

    Około 4,30 minut r.

    Idź do do pobrania wersje i zapisz się na nasz kanał YouTube, aby uzyskać automatyczne aktualizacje, gdy nowy materiał idzie żyć.

  • White Indian||

    "Ocupar O movimento, se não fosse tão perigosa para o ideal americano, seria cômico", diz John Thompson, Rick Santorum torcedor que participou da Conferência de Ação Política Conservadora (CPAC), que começou em Washington, DC na quinta-feira , 09 de fevereiro de 2012.

    CPAC é a reunião anual do premier do movimento conservador, mas este ano não toda a ação estava dentro do centro de convenções. Ocupar DC, juntou-se a AFL-CIO, SEIU, Enfermeiros Nacional Unido, do Trabalho Metro do Conselho, e OurDC para uma manifestação à porta. O grupo diz que estava protestando contra um "encontro de fanáticos, as boquilhas de mídia, políticos corruptos, e os seus mestres de marionetes de 1 por cento de elite".

    Razão da Lucy Steigerwald estava na mão para ver o que todo o alarido era sobre.

    Produzido por Jim Epstein, com a ajuda de Josué Swain e Ershad Julie.

    Aproximadamente 4,30 minutos.

    Ir para de versões para download e assine nosso canal no YouTube para obter atualizações automáticas quando o material novo vai viver.

  • White Indian||

    "Ocupa mişcare, dacă nu au fost atât de periculoasă pentru idealul american, ar fi comic", spune John Thompson, un Rick Santorum suporter care a participat la Conferinţa Conservator de acţiune politică (CPAC), care a debutat în Washington, DC joi , 9 februarie, 2012.

    CPAC este colectarea premier anuală a mişcării conservatoare, dar în acest an, nu toată acţiunea a fost în interiorul centrului de convenţii. Ocupa DC a fost alăturat de către AFL-CIO, SEIU, National Asistentele Unite, Consiliul de metrou Muncii, şi OurDC pentru o demonstraţie chiar din afara.Grupul spune că a fost protesta o "adunare de bigoţi, purtatori de cuvant ai mass-media, politicieni corupţi, şi a lor, 1 de masterat la suta de elita marionete."

    Motivul lui Lucy Steigerwald a fost pe o parte pentru a vedea ce tot tam-tam a fost de aproximativ.

    Produs de Jim Epstein, cu ajutor de la Iosua Swain şi Ershad Julie.

    Aproximativ 4.30 minute.

    Du-te la pentru versiunile downloadable şi abona la canalul nostru de YouTube pentru a obţine actualizări automate atunci când noul material merge live.

  • White Indian||

    "Zaberajú pohyb, keby to nebolo také nebezpečné na americký ideál, by bolo smiešne," hovorí John Thompson, Rick Santorum zástanca, ktorí sa zúčastnili konzervatívne politické akciu konferencie CPAC), ktorá odštartovala vo Washingtone, DC vo štvrtok , 09.2.2012.

    CPAC je prvý výročné stretnutie konzervatívneho hnutia, ale tento rok nie všetky akcie bola vnútri kongresového centra. Zaberajú DC bol spojený AFL-CIO, SEIU, Národné sestier United, Metro práce Rady a OurDC pre demonštráciu priamo pred hotelom. Skupina tvrdí, že protestuje do "zhromaždenie fanatici, mediálne náustkov, skorumpovaných politikov a ich 1 percento elitných bábkari."

    Rozumu Lucy Steigerwald bol po ruke, aby videli, čo všetko rozruch bol okolo.

    Produkoval Jim Epstein, s nápovedou od Joshua Swain a Julie Ershad.

    Približne 4,30 minúty týždeň

    Prejsť na pre stiahnutie verzie a prihláste sa do nášho kanála YouTube získať automatické aktualizácie, keď nový materiál vojde.

  • White Indian||

    »Zasedajo gibanje, če ne bi bilo tako nevarno, da ameriški ideal, bi bilo smešno," pravi John Thompson, Rick Santorum zagovornik ki so se udeležile konservativno politično delovanje konferenco CPAC), ki je začel v Washingtonu, DC v četrtek , 9. februar 2012.

    CPAC je premier letno srečanje s konservativno gibanje, vendar pa letos ne vseh ukrepov je bilo v notranjosti kongresnega centra. Zasedajo DC je pridružil, AFL-CIO, ki SEIU, National medicinskih sester Amerike, Metro Labor Svetu in OurDC za demonstracijo desno izven.Skupina pravi, da so protestirali tudi "zbiranje bigots, medijskih ustniki, skorumpiranih politikov in njihovih 1 odstotkov elitnih lutkovnih mojstrov."

    Zato je Lucy Steigerwald je bil pri roki, da vidite, kaj vse Komiješanje bilo okoli.

    Produciral Jim Epstein, s pomočjo Joshua Swain in Julie Ershad.

    Približno 4,30 minute.

    Pojdi na za nalaganje različic in se naročite na naše kanal YouTube, da se samodejne posodobitve, ko gre nov material v živo.

  • White Indian||

    "Ocupar el movimiento, si no fuera tan peligroso para el ideal americano, sería cómico", dice John Thompson, un partidario de Rick Santorum, quien asistió a la Conferencia de Acción Política Conservadora (CPAC), que comenzó en Washington, DC el jueves , 9 de febrero de 2012.

    CPAC es la principal reunión anual del movimiento conservador, pero este año no toda la acción se encontraba dentro del centro de convenciones. Ocupar DC se unió a la AFL-CIO, SEIU, Nacional de Enfermeras Unidas, Consejo Laboral de Metro, y OurDC a una manifestación frente al hotel. El grupo dice que estaba protestando por una "reunión de los fanáticos, boquillas medios de comunicación, políticos corruptos, y sus amos 1 por ciento de la élite de títeres".

    La razón de Lucy Steigerwald fue el encargado de ver lo que todo el alboroto.

    Producido por Jim Epstein, con la ayuda de Josué Swain y Ershad Julie.

    Alrededor de 4,30 minutos.

    Ir al para las versiones descargables y suscribirse a nuestro canal de YouTube para obtener actualizaciones automáticas cuando el nuevo material va en vivo.

  • White Indian||

    "Fikiri harakati, kama si hivyo hatari kwa bora ya Marekani, itakuwa comical," anasema John Thompson, Rick Santorum msaidizi waliohudhuria Conservative Siasa Action Mkutano (CPAC), ambayo ilianza nchini Washington, DC siku ya Alhamisi , Februari 9, 2012.

    CPAC ni Waziri wa kila mwaka wa mkutano wa harakati za kihafidhina, lakini mwaka huu si hatua zote alikuwa ndani ya kituo cha mkataba. DC alikuwa anashughulika alijiunga na AFL-CIO, SEIU, Taifa Wauguzi United, Metro Kazi Baraza, na OurDC kwa maandamano haki ya nje. Kundi anasema ilikuwa wakipinga "mkutano wa bigots, mouthpieces vyombo vya habari, wanasiasa wala rushwa, na wao asilimia 1 mabwana wasomi bandia."

    Sababu ya Lucy Steigerwald alikuwa upande kuona nini fuss wote alikuwa karibu.

    Zinazozalishwa na Jim Epstein, pamoja na msaada kutoka Yoshua Swain na Julie Ershad.

    Takriban dakika 4.30.

    Kwenda matoleo downloadable na kujiunga na channel yetu YouTube kupata updates moja kwa moja wakati nyenzo mpya huenda hai.

  • White Indian||

    "Den Lägg på rörelsen, om det inte vore så farligt till den amerikanska ideal skulle vara komiskt", säger John Thompson, en Rick Santorum supporter som deltog i konservativa Political Action Conference (CPAC), som startade i Washington, DC på torsdagen den 9 februari 2012.

    CPAC är den främsta årsmöte för den konservativa rörelsen, men i år inte alla åtgärder var inne i kongresscentret. Lägg på DC fick sällskap av AFL-CIO, SEIU, National Sjuksköterskor United, Metro Labor rådet och OurDC för en demonstration precis utanför. Gruppen säger att det protesterade en "samling av fanatiker, media munstycken, korrupta politiker och deras 1 procent elit mästare marionett."

    Orsak: s Lucy Steigerwald var på plats för att se vad all uppståndelse handlade om.

    Producerad av Jim Epstein, med hjälp av Joshua Swain och Julie Ershad.

    Cirka 4,30 minuter.

    Gå till för nedladdningsbara versioner och prenumerera på vår YouTube-kanal för att få automatiska uppdateringar när nya materialet går live.

  • White Indian||

    "Bu Amerikan ideal kadar tehlikeli olmasaydı, işgal hareketi, komik olurdu," John Thompson, Perşembe günü, Washington'da başladı Muhafazakar Siyasi Eylem Konferansı'nda (CPAC), katıldığı bir Rick Santorum destekçisi diyor 9 Şubat 2012.

    CPAC muhafazakar hareketin önde yıllık toplantı olduğunu, ancak bu yıl değil, tüm eylem kongre merkezi içinde oldu. İşgal DC AFL-CIO, SEIU, Ulusal Hemşireler United, Metro İş Konseyi ve sağ dışında bir gösteri için OurDC katıldı.Grup bir protesto olduğunu söylüyor "yobaz, medya ağızlık, yozlaşmış politikacıların ve onların yüzde 1 seçkin kukla ustalarından toplama."

    Nedeni Kullanıcı Lucy Steigerwald bütün yaygara neyle ilgili olduğunu görmek için oradaydı.

    Joshua Swain ve Julie Ershad yardımıyla, Jim Epstein tarafından üretilir.

    Yaklaşık 4.30 dakika.

    Indirilebilir sürümleri için gidin ve yeni malzeme canlı gittiğinde otomatik güncelleştirmeleri almak için bizim YouTube kanalına üye.

  • White Indian||

    "Mae'r mudiad anheddu, os nad yw mor beryglus i'r delfrydol America, fyddai doniol," meddai John Thompson, un o gefnogwyr Santorum Rick a fynychodd y Gynhadledd Gweithredu Gwleidyddol Ceidwadol (CPAC), a gychwynnodd yn Washington, DC ar ddydd Iau , 9 Chwefror, 2012.

    CPAC yw'r brif casglu blynyddol y mudiad ceidwadol, ond eleni nid yw'r holl gamau oedd y tu mewn i'r ganolfan confensiwn. Ei feddiannu DC ymuno gan y AaD-CIO, SEIU, Nyrsys Cenedlaethol Unedig, Metro Labor Cyngor, a OurDC ar gyfer arddangosiad dde y tu allan. Mae'r grŵp yn dweud ei fod yn protestio yn "casglu o bobl ragfarnllyd, mouthpieces cyfryngau, gwleidyddion llwgr, ac mae eu meistri 1 y cant pyped elitaidd."

    Rheswm oedd yn Lucy Steigerwald wrth law i weld beth yr holl stŵr.

    Cynhyrchwyd gan Jim Epstein, gyda chymorth gan Joshua Swain a Julie Ershad.

    Tua 4.30 munud.

    Ewch i am fersiynau y gellir eu lawrlwytho a thanysgrifio i'n sianel YouTube i gael diweddariadau awtomatig pan fydd deunydd newydd yn mynd yn fyw.

  • hurts donut||

    Way to fuck up the comments section you fucking nobody.

  • yeah, sure||

    I would feel better if I knew for a fact that White Indian injected all those translations without using any automation.

  • Mr. FIFY||

    It's gibberish in ANY language.

  • ||

    I see Occupy found a few blacks to hire. So I guess President Toonces job creation record is...three?

  • ||

    When the Occupy Movement people talk about the 99% and the 1%, they imply that those in the 1% are automatically somehow exploiting the rest or 99%. That is absolute hogwash. There are plenty of bums in the 99% who produce nothing of value and deserve to be poor. And a big chunk of the 1% work their tails off to produce a lot of wealth.

    Their rhetoric is toxic and does not help because they propose to simply attack all established wealth without distinguishing whether it was obtained honorably and in one form or another
    shared with the rest of society.

    Some well thought out proposals that tax ill gotten income may be in order. But that is not what these guys are working on. They are simply squatting on public or semi-public property and claiming ( without a shred of evidence ) that they deserve to use it more than everyone else.

  • ||

    I really didn't get the point of this video. It's disgusting to hear people make comments about gay people in the manner they did however was that the consensus of CPAC participants? Reason focused on a couple of people who made repeated comments about gays because they were trying to? I really don't get what Reason TV was aiming at but you sure made it seem like all conservatives where consumed with homosexuality and a bunch of bigots. If that was your aim - mission accomplished.

  • BakedPenguin||

    Have you heard who won the past three primaries? Do you know what his platform is?

  • Tennesse Stud||

    Just to fill you in on reality regarding the last 10 years or so: Most GOP are obsessed with homos, god, and the military you dumbass. You're avowed "conservatives" want to build a lunar colony on the moon!

  • ||

    The Chopin background was great!

  • Occupy My Asshole||

    It's truly inspiring to witness an age where we stand up for our rights and then proceed to sell those rights to the highest bidder.

    American Spring?! Ha, ha!

    Maybe after the Labor Day sales...

  • Rush Trusting Cracker ||

    What the 99% don't fucking understand is that rich dudes lift us outta our poverty and shit and make life worth living. The poors are like bugs on the windshield of progress. Onward X-ian soldiers. Newt/ Santorum / Palin, Sodomy with blunt object 2012

  • Mouth Breathing Oregonian ||

    What Palin said of Obama (WTF) timesy double stampsy~! Why do they let stark raving lunatics on this board claiming to be GOP when they actually KGB for the Paulistas and stuff.

  • LLoyd's in London||

    Oh, blow it out your ass.

  • Circling Roadside Buzzard||

    Why don't you take a hot bath in bacon fat?

  • Utah Carol||

    i believe that Rush is right and that the military hating queers will occupy hell when the time comes. Amerika Uber Alles!

  • Tennesse Stud||

    What do you Romney supporters do for fun on the weakends?? Rearrange your sock drawer? Invest in companies that outsource labor to China and Indonesia? Dress in your magic undies and get your photograph taken in the "temple"? Some of us out here in real America still remember the Mountain Meadows Massacre. You should be shamed and marginalized!

  • RomneyNewtSantoRUM = Hell NO!||

    I would rather see a Osama Killing Marxist preside over the death of the Republic than one of the Rush approved big government loving ass clowns. Obama/Biden 2012!

  • mouth Breathing Oregonian ||

    Krugman for Sec. of Treasury!

  • RomneyNewtSantoRUM = Hell NO!||

    oh shut up...

  • Mr. Soul||

    I'm in the 1% and we give 110%


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