Joseph Gordon-Levitt Teams With ACLU to Promote Your Right to Photograph Cops

Forever Child Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Auto-Tune the News pioneers the Gregory Brothers, the ACLU, and Ben Franklin have made a music video promoting your right to take pictures of cops: on the War on Cameras:

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  • spencer||

    I'm videotaping you right now.

  • rather||

    Funny, turn around

  • lily||

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  • ||

    Stop resisting, Mr Riggs, or one of your relatives is going to have to pick up your corpse after work while we get off with a paid vacation on first-degree murder. Damned civilians filming US? Hurumph, mother-fuckers.

    /NYPD shithead.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Yeah, civil liberties are going to keep your cell phone from meeting the pavement. When ghost Franklin gets that little girl's camera back, any evidence on it will be gone. Totally unrealistic.

  • Ice Nine||

    So, if you live in one of those twelve "wiretap" states you simply cannot film cops, like all the other kids can (on the assumption that a cop will never give his permission to be recorded). Do I have that right?

  • No, you do not||

  • Ice Nine||

    Interesting and encouraging article. Thank you. These key words from it - "While this case isn't over yet," - leave my question standing, however.

  • Brett L||

    Hey, look: 2nd Amendment foundation get's Rahm E's autograph, on a check for $400k from the City of Chicago.

  • EscapedWestOfTheBigMuddy||

  • ||

    A pretty lame video. Do many three years old have cameras? Because that appears to be the target audience for this video.

  • nobody||

    They're going for the Schoolhouse Rock thing.

  • ||

    What we need are cameras that can connect to a smart phone and clip to a lapel or something. Totally stealth and upload the video remotely in real time. Go ahead and destroy the phone. Too late!

  • ||

  • Donut Squad||

    You can beat the rap but you can't beat the ride.

  • ||

  • ||

    That "singing" was so bad it needs to be "tuned up" by some cops.

  • Tom||

    Sorry, but I still have an irrational, visceral hatred of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


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