Remy's "Light Bulb Song"; Nick Gillespie Talking Bulb Bans on Stossel

Remy mourns the impending loss of his beloved incandescent light bulbs with a song set to familiar music.

Written and performed by Remy and produced by Meredith Bragg.

About 2.30 minutes. Go to for downloadable versions.

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The "Light Bulb Song" debuted on the Thursday, December 1 edition of Stossel on Fox Business, which will be rebroadcast tonight at 9pm ET and again on Sunday, December 4 at 9pm ET.

Reason's Nick Gillespie appeared to talk about light-bulb mandates. Click below to watch.

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For a playlist of all Remy-Reason videos, go here.

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  • Old Mexican||

    Really? Fall of a cliff with a marmot on hand and see if, next, you wake up reading Reason again.

    Go ahead...

  • AlmightyJB||

    cute, that's a fun movie.

  • Old Mexican||

    Re: Rather,

    Now you try

    What for? The science is settled.

  • ||

    I'm still trying to figure out why I didn't know the difference between marmots, groundhogs and squirrels. In my defense I grew up in New Mexico which is not exactly teeming with them, marmots, that is.

  • ||

    Nihilists keep marmots as pets.
    Squirrels fuck up the internets.
    Groundhogs are climate change deniers.

    Pretty simple.

  • AlmightyJB||

    What about prairie dogs?

  • R||


  • ||

    Groundhog Day is one of those movies you can always watch one more time. The Remy video is sort of the opposite. Nice sentiment, but ouch.

    I think he could take a page from the Russ Roberts' videos, ie, the music needs to actually be well done.

  • ||

    Ned? is there anybody you won't fuck?

  • Ned Ryerson||

    Sy, wonder why they call me "Needlenose Ned"? "Ned the Head"? C'mon, buddy. I do the whistling belly-button trick from the iside of her vagina!

  • kevin||

    I made my family disappear too!

  • ||

    Wow, OK I never thought about it like that. Makes a lot of sense dude.

  • ||

    Feel safer now?

    Mr. Gonzalez was in his green-and-white Border Patrol vehicle just a few feet from the international boundary when he pulled up next to a fellow agent to chat about the frustrations of the job. If marijuana were legalized, Mr. Gonzalez acknowledges saying, the drug-related violence across the border in Mexico would cease. He then brought up an organization called Law Enforcement Against Prohibition that favors ending the war on drugs.

    Those remarks, along with others expressing sympathy for illegal immigrants from Mexico, were passed along to the Border Patrol headquarters in Washington. After an investigation, a termination letter arrived that said Mr. Gonzalez held “personal views that were contrary to core characteristics of Border Patrol Agents, which are patriotism, dedication and esprit de corps.”

    It's a good thing his brother officer was willing to step up and act on his principles in order tyo rid the service of a bad apple.

    Just imagine what they might have done to him if they found out he had been providing weapons to those narcoterroristas.

  • Drug dealers||

    One less agent, we do

  • Sevo||

    “personal views that were contrary to core characteristics of Border Patrol Agents, which are patriotism, dedication and esprit de corps.”

    Sorry, I see nothing he did or said which is contrary to any of those three.
    And I'll bet his lawyer agrees with me.

  • mad libertarian guy||

    What do you mean? It's part of the esprit de corps that border patrol agents treat drug smugglers with the utmost contempt because of how evil they are, and that they treat illegals as subhuman because they're, you know, icky Mexicans.

  • ||

    His lawyer?

    And here I thought libertarians considered employment a voluntary transaction rather than something to be regulated by law.

  • ||

    First of all, we can disagree with someone's firing without saying that the employer shouldn't have been able to fire the person.

    Say you, Tulpa, were fired because your boss is a huge freakin' Tim Tebow fan and found you online writings regarding Mr. Tebow. It would be fucked up and I would say your boss shouldn't have done that, but I wouldn't say that he shouldn't have the right to do so.

    Secondly, if your under an employment contract and your fired for a murky reason then you may have legal recourse depending on how the contract is written.

    I know that in the real world when someone disagrees with some action they generally think it should be illegal, but here people will bitch with no such expectation. It's hard to get used to.

    Unless I'm wrong, then fuck all you motherfuckers and shit.

  • ||

    I agree, cap. It's just that sevo mentioned a lawyer.

    Whattya say we make up and go out and throw the ol' pigskin around like back in the old days?

  • ||

    Okay, you be Tebow and I'll run out just like T.O.

    You know what's funny is that I used to be a huge football fan before I moved to Pittsburgh, but by playoffs I'm so sick of goddamn know-nothing yinzer Steeler fans that I can't take it anymore.

    Once I move out to Montana and the Steelers get rid of Roethlisberger I'll get nfl ticket and talk football all day long.

  • ||

    Snitching coworkers cannot be good for morale(esprit de corps).

  • brother officer||

    Seig Heil!

  • mad libertarian guy||

    Or beating the fuck out of illegals and shooting their dogs as they cross.

  • ||

    Obviously the drug war is stupid, but I can definitely see someone who's knee deep in smuggler scum day in and day out, and getting shot at by drug runners, being ticked at someone saying the work they're doing is pointless.

  • Kolohe||

    It's not an uncommon feeling in Afghanistan

  • Scruffy Nerfherder||

    It's getting harder not to hate people

  • Scruffy Nerfherder||


  • AlmightyJB||

    It's easier if you just stop trying.

  • Suki||

    He sure has changed from his Unique Whips days.

  • Heroic Mulatto||

  • EDG reppin' lBC||

    Missing You-- Not a lightbulb. Aussie punk.

  • Cytotoxic||

    In which Michael Medved explains why Romney is perfectly electable. What does Reason think? I think there's a lot of red herrings, but that's just me.

    A quote Moreover, in the general election Mr. McCain ran ahead of the Republican ticket in every region of the country. He drew 7,750,000 more votes than did GOP candidates for the House of Representatives, winning 45.7% compared to 42.5% for his GOP running mates. Mr. McCain captured 49 congressional districts where the Republican candidates who ran alongside him lost. If GOP nominees had performed as well as Mr. McCain in those districts, the Republicans would have won a House majority of 227. and John Boehner would have become speaker two years earlier.

    How do put in hyperlinks into my words?

  • Old Mexican||

    Re: Cytotoxic,

    Type < a href = " [link] " > [TEXT] < / a >

    to hyperlink your text. The link has to be inside quotes in order to work.

    Except without the spaces I added to shoo the internet squirrels away.

  • Old Mexican||

    Uh, the "a" and the "href" require the space between them, i.e. a href. Just don't include the other spaces.

    Also, to blockquote use < blockquote >[TEXT]< / blockquote> and write any other text immediately below it.

    Like this.


  • Cytotoxic||

    Thank you OM.

    That's the first I've ever read of Medved Mr. FIFY. You should read it if only to get an inoculation against the deluge of Romneylove bullshit we are going to get from rightist publications and Tulpa.

  • ||

    Ironically, Medved and I are about as far apart on actual positions on, well, pretty much everything as you can get.

    I'm surprised Cyto doesn't have a higher opinion of him, frankly.

  • Ice Nine||

    No I don't see. When I tried that, the brackets flanking he text showed - so I took them out of the formula. Still, I can't get that little vertical grey bar next to the quote. Isn't that supposed to be part of it?

  • Cytotoxic||

    Maybe you need to adjust your contrast?

  • ||

    If you google "html tutorial" you should get some sites that have examples and a practice area. If you go to the unicode wiki page you can find things like the Trademark™ codes, including sub and super script.

  • ||

    You know how to use blockquote, OM?

    Frankly, I'm shocked.

  • mad libertarian guy||

    Or just get Reasonable with Chrome and be done with it.

    I switched to Chrome specifically because of Reasonable, and it was a great choice.

  • Cytotoxic||

    I use Chrome. What the hell is Reasonable?

  • mad libertarian guy||

    Go to the Chrome store and search for Reasonable.

    It's an extension for Chrome that makes browsing the Reaason way nicer.

  • ||

    Reasonable kept blanking the entire comments page every other load so I stopped using it and went back to Firefox. Plus the main troll has evolved to get around it.

  • ||

    We need to use the expertise of the people on these here boards to come up with a better troll filter. I think you said using strings of words identify copy and pasters could be effective.

  • ||

    I wrote a Python script a few months ago that filtered commenters by more sophisticated methods, but I suspect even that would be defeated by the troll's current activity. I also have absolutely no idea how to get a Python script to automatically run in a web browser.

    Some basic machine learning techniques / natural language processing might be necessary to filter the current incarnation, which is changing name in unpredictable ways.

  • ||

    The walls of text and overflowing over the right margin would be easy to filter, though. Counting characters ain't hard.

  • Mr. FIFY||

    I instituted a No Medved policy for myself years ago, when he started using imbecilic, childish anti-third party jabber - I know, since he's a so-con, he has reasons to hate libertarians, but seriously... why shold he hate the Constitution Party? They're farther to the right than the GOP, after all.

  • ||

    How do put in hyperlinks into my words?

    Get reasonable extension for Chrome

    Copy link

    Click link

    Paste link

    Insert desired text between > and .

  • ||

    or install nothing and just type

    <a href="http://mylink.fu/">My text</a>

    like a real person.

  • PantsFan||

    Rex Murphy: Useful Idiots in the Environmental Movement

  • A Serious Man||

    And down goes Herman Cain. What makes people like Edwards and Cain think they can run for president and not have these dirty secrets exposed?

  • ||

    Not what, who. As in Kennedy (pick one), Weiner, Frank, Dodd, Clinton ad nauseam. Assuming everything about Cain was true, nothing he did was as offensive as the above.

  • Sevo||

    Commodity goes where prices are highest, commenters are horrified.
    Those darn oil companies expect to make money! They're worse than bankers!

  • ||

    Agree with Nick Gillespie in interview
    re light bulb regulations being a bad idea

    To begin with, on a general note,
    as mentioned in another post on the issue,
    apart from affecting people's freedom of product choice,
    the actual switchover savings are not that great anyway =less than 1%
    of overall energy use, or 1-2% grid electricity is saved, as shown by
    US Dept of Energy etc references
    with more meaningful ways to save energy in generation, grid distribution or consumption... (contd)

  • ||

    Regulations are in this case also ideologically a bad idea,
    whether Liberal or Conservative
    (or Libertarian, of course)....

    Liberal - Democrat?
    = Tax and Subsidies instead

    Think of bankrupt California Government,
    banning everything in sight (buildings, cars, TV sets etc based on
    energy consumption)
    - and getting nothing for it.
    The ban on some bulbs is all about lowering electricity use.
    To lower electricity use, if seen as relevant,
    then coal, electricity from coal, all electricity,
    or the bulbs themselves could simply be taxed, and
    cross-subsidize lower prices on energy saving alternatives,
    so people are "not just hit by taxes"
    equilibrating the market and keeping consumer choice.
    1 1/2 - 2 billion annual pre-ban USA sales of relevant bulbs
    show the income potential at federal as well as state level
    (while a very high tax zeroing sales is the same as the desired ban
    = win-win for pro-ban liberal Governments, either way)

    Conservative - Republican?
    = Stimulated Free Market Competition instead

    Free market competition stimulation is best in my view
    - also to lower energy consumption,
    since electricity producers and manufacturers are then more keen to keep down their energy costs,
    and manufacturers deliver energy and cost saving products that the
    public actually want.
    New energy saving inventions can be helped to the market.

    This is all about a token ban on simple safe light bulbs,
    light bulbs that people obviously like to use (or there would not be a
    "need" to ban them!)

    It has been intensely lobbied for by GE and Philips on profit motives, as they themselves admit - and why not.
    But that does not mean that politicians have to bow to their wishes.

  • Spoonman.||

    What the fuck

    is with the
    =line breaks?

  • ||

    It's a drunken wiki edit.

  • ||

    or a drunken scribe? ;-)

  • ||

    for those interested, regulation updates, including the announced
    Canada delay to 2014, and the repeal ban bills in 7 US States
    (legislated Texas)

  • ||

    That looks like it might actually work dude.

  • ||

    The Hermanator just gave the media an excuse to ignore the big Fast and Furious Friday document dumb. We are withdrawing this "inaccurate letter" but we didn't lie or anything. Trust us!!

  • ||

    You may not see them, but they definitely see you.

    They are the Mall Ninjas!!

    Hilarious thing that I ran across.

  • chaussures air max||


  • Kolohe||

    Ok, the book plug was pretty funny.


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