Welcome Stossel Viewers! Here's Remy's Occupy Wall Street Protest Song

Last night's Stossel episode on Fox Business didn't just include an appearance by Reason's Damon Root (video to come later today), it also included a snippet from internet sensation Remy's new Occupy Wall Street Protest Song, produced with Reason.tv. So for all the Stossel viewers looking for the full monty - and for the rest of us who need a smart laugh on a rainy-in-DC-Friday morning, here's the whole thing:

Original release date: October 8, 2011

As the Occupy Wall Street movement spreads like a, well, financial contagion through global markets, intergalactic Internet sensation Remy and Reason.tv give the movement its anthem.

Written and performed by Remy and produced by Meredith Bragg.

About 2.45 minutes. Go to http://reason.tv for downloadable versions. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get automatic updates when new material goes live.

For Reason's coverage of Occupy Wall Street, including video coverage from lower Manhattan, go here.

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For more Remy & Reason.tv vids, go here.

For even more Remy, go to his YouTube channel.

Lyrics to the "Occupy Wall Street Protest Song"

Come gather round people
come and join your hands
we're taking Wall Street
and we're making demands
and we're heeding the call
and we're crying for help
only 1% of us have wealth

but first we need posters
we need to make signs
but to do so it seems
that we need some supplies

We need poster board
I can't make it myself
but it's 10 cents a sheet
at the store it's on sale
an example of economies of scale
it's so evil

They're saying that freedom
has done little to stop
Corporations from keeping
the wealth at the top
But at what point in history
would a kid and a king
both have clean water to drink?

George Washington was
the richest man of his age
But he lost all his teeth
at a very young age
Because they didn't have Scope
and they all crapped in trays
we're not wealthy?

now there's fountains on streets
from which clean water pours
Four dollar generics
at all big box stores
a sultan and student
both have iPhone 4s
it's not fair

Come gather young people
come on everyone
and I'll tell you a tale
of a fortunate son

He's born in a country
and given vaccine
and rendered immune
to all kinds of disease
the Kardashians are on
all his TVs
it's not perfect

Banks don't need bailouts
on that we agree
so let's start up a group
and let's take to the streets
because if we do that then
you know what that means
we're racist.

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  • Michael Bloomberg||

    I'll let your song stay.

  • ||

    Unused poster board for 10 cents a sheet? Not in the store on the shelf. Not even on sale. If you want that kind of economy of scale, you'd have to buy it by the skid.

  • ||

    Oh and Scope is horrible for your teeth.

  • Ouch||

    And this "satire" is horrible for my mind.

  • ||


  • JB||

    Major props on this one guys; good in so many ways.

    This is the type of stuff that makes me want to donate to reason.

  • Michael||

    Oh how this song just melts away all my silly OWS reasoning. I think I'm going to stop protesting and buy stock from a crashing market. Then go drink water from a Fluoride heavy public water fountain that will cripple my pineal gland and cause me to need anti-depressants because my brain can't produce melatonin anymore. Plus I'll ignore all the the studies of high levels of acid in mouthwash that corrode teeth enamel. Forget that vaccines can kill people with an aversion to eggs. Neglect the thought of the last time there was a cure for a disease that didn't cause a host of side effects making you a slave to pharms for the rest of your low quality dependent life. Guys pretty funny....heh.

  • Michael||

    Really? You approve? *shock*

  • Nike Dunk High||



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