Tim Cavanaugh Mourns Stimulus on WBAL, 1:35 PM Eastern

Held over!

Can ARRA Stimulus be considered a success even if it didn't stimulate anything

Will the total collapse of everything finally put a pin in the Keynesian balloon? 

Or do we just need some Keynesian Wahhabis

Can you only see the Phillips Curve when you're wearing Hoffman lenses? 

If Tim Geithner and David Gregory were in Moonwatcher's tribe, which one would figure how to use a bone as a tool? 

Reason senior editor Tim Cavanaugh talks with Clarence "C4" Mitchell on Baltimore's WBAL radio, tomorrow (Wednesday) at 1:35 PM Eastern time, 10:35 AM Pacific.

To listen on old-school radio, tune your Sony Walkman to WBAL at 1090 AM.

To listen on the international cybertubes, click "Listen Live" at the WBAL.com.

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  • Jeff P||

    "You're listening to WBAL, the BALL!"

  • ||

    Bernanke is my hero, he believes in a God that will pay the bills. Most of the stimulus money will wind up in the bedrooms of hookers, they own 85% of the nations wealth. Lets make the ladies happy,life is too short to worry about the future.

  • Corey||

    Tim Cavanaugh is black? When did this happen?

  • Rob||

    Yeah, really. Who's the brotha?

  • cynical||

    Alt-text, motherfucker, do you read it?

  • Nike Dunk High||



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