New Hampshire GOP Presidential Poll: Guess What "Non-Major" Candidate Tied For Second Place?

That would be Ron Paul, on the eve of Thursday's first GOP candidate debate in North South Carolina.

It's a very far second, yes, behind Mitt Romney at 35 percent. But Paul polled at 8 percent, tied with media funboy Donald Trump and don't-worry-about-him Rudy Giuliani.

Yes, that's ahead of such stars in the minds of their fans and enemies as Tim Pawlenty and Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich.

Many are yearning for non-candidates as well. Colin Powell would be the favorite of 30 percent of them were he a candidate. And 13 percent are still undecided.

The poll was done by Suffolk University, and involved live telephone interviews with 400 likely GOP primary voters in New Hampshire.

Matt Welch and I wrote yesterday on the Los Angeles Times' unilateral declaration of all non-Tim Pawlentys in the Thursday debate as "non major" candidates.

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  • Hugh Akston||

    I wonder if Rudy's had any time to read up on blowback.

  • Nipplemancer||

    You got the wrong Carolina Brian.

  • Paul||

    What I want to know is, when did the mainstream GOP fall in love with Obamacare?

  • Hugh Akston||

    Being a principled Republican means fighting to preserve the status quo that the Democrats established yesterday.

    Massive healthcare clusterfucks are the new normal, so you have to be on board in order to be a Serious Candidate.

  • The Thinking Man's NASCAR||

    Hey, and don't forget to donate to the Ron Paul Debate Day Moneybomb today.

    The second place in NH candidate needs some support, I hear.

  • ||

    Gary Johnson has a money bomb today too. No reason you can't contribute to both.

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  • Hacha Cha||

    No info on Gary Johnson?

  • ||

    Can we haz live blogging of the debate tonight?

  • Fred||

    Honest to God, Doherty, you might as well put up a banner ad on the side that says, "If you don't want to see daily shilling for Ron Paul, please avoid for the next 18 months."

  • CE||

    More Ron Paul coverage please. Shilling optional.

  • averagejoe||

    In the latest CNN poll, Paul is tied with Gingrich at 10% for the GOP nomination, but outperforms all the others against Obama in a hypothetical general election matchup, trailing Obama by only 7% (Huckabee trails by 8% and Romney trails by 11%)

  • CE||

    In the latest Quinnipiac national poll, Ron Paul polled at 5 percent, ahead of "top tier" Tim Pawlenty at 4. Ten percent were "enthusiastic" about Ron Paul, and 25 percent said they would consider voting for him.

  • CE||

    Here's the poll:

    Quinnipiac national poll

    Another interesting result:

    Only 27 percent said they would never vote for Ron Paul, compared to 58 percent opposed to Palin, 58% against Trump, 42% against Gingrich, 32% against Huckabee, and 26% against Romney.

  • Joseph Zrnchik, MAJ (Ret.)||

    The military agrees with and supports Ron Paul and seeks a leader that will defend the Constitution from its domestic enemies. We have sworn an oath to defend liberty but watch with horror as the nation we defend becomes a corporate-fascist police state ruled by corrupt politicians. Please help Ron Paul save the nation

    Joseph Zrnchik, MAJ (Ret.)

    Day of Rage in D.C.


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