Cable Windbag Returns (To Channel No One Watches)

He's back! And the man who last year earned $7.5 million from General Electric, promises there will be no "corporate" compromises on his new show with the same name, Countdown with Keith Olbermann.

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  • Joe M||

    To quote Paul Anka: "Just don't look!"

  • ||

    But what if I live in Tennessee?

  • fish||

    Guarantee void in Tennessee.

  • ||

    Cable Windbag Returns (To Channel No One Watches)

    He's going back to MSNBC?

  • Rachel Maddow||

    That's reallyreallyreallyreally not funny.

  • Maddow (Redux)||

    I'm reallyreallyreallyreally a dude.

  • Anonymous Coward||

    And nary a sole fuck was given on that day.

  • Rich||

  • MWG||

    Thank you Rich.

  • Southerner||

  • rather||

    Well, he doesn't dress like a libertarian

  • Old Mexican||

    Re: rather,

    Well, he doesn't dress like a libertarian

    He doesn't sound like one, either. Maybe he is defective.

  • Dello||

    Naw, if he was a defective, people would watch him...

  • Ska||

    And the man who last year earned $7.5 million from General Electric

    I might have to point to this little gem next time some jealous coworker complains about jersey shore talent making millions.

  • Otto||

    You might want to put talent in quotes in your above sentence, lest you offend people with actual talent.

  • ||

    Harumph! Rabble rabble rabble. Outrage!!

  • DJF||

    Look at the good side, if he did not get this TV program then he would be standing on street corners ranting. At least this way he will bother less people.

  • Pedant||

    "Fewer" people.

  • DJF||

    He’s going to Current TV, the Gore propaganda network, so its less people, since anyone seeing Gore will tell you that he is not fully human. He is some sort of cross between shrubbery and human which is less human.

  • ||


  • Ted S.||

    Thanks for pointing out which channel he's going to.

    I find it interesting in that Current was originally positioning itself as a youth-driven channel with content created by its young viewers. I don't think Olbermann fits that in any way.

    (I remember when Current first took over the Newsworld International slot on DirecTV, and wondering to myself how long it would take before I saw the Ernie G. image. I only tuned in from time to time, but it was within the first weekend that it showed up.)

  • ||

    sir, I have known shrubberies, and Al Gore is no shrubbery. He is an offence to shrubbery, an obamanation to shrubberis, nay even to small trees, and all decent shrubberies everywhere.
    Retract your low insult of shrubberies, or I will be forced to transplant all shrubberies from your landscape!

  • Rob||

    As a landscaping contractor, I find this comparison to shrubbery to be quite offensive. (to the shrubbery)

  • Knights Who Say Ni||

    That is not a shrubbery, that is an algor

  • ||


    Take that, Power; now you'll get a stern talking-to.

  • Dee||

    Obama is leading a scam. America is in trouble. Things must change.
    Listen to me speak on it in my video.
    "The analogy of War in The Heavens & War in America"

  • Almanian||

    SPEAK, Dee! SPEAK! Good Dee!! Gooood Dee!

    Now roll over...

  • Otto||

    Did It's Always Sunny... get canceled?

  • Arf Yip Nip Snap||

  • ||

    Has the Hit and Run post from 26 April 2011 about the "Las Vegas Man Beaten" by a police officer been "disappeared"?

    What's up with that?

  • The Onion||

    Maybe it wasn't true.

  • ||

    I wonder that too, but I think it would be better to say, "Hey, we got this wrong, so we took it down."

  • Chuck||

    It got memory-holed after warnings from Righthaven.

  • Almanian||

    If Olberdouche brings the chipmunk on his show as his sidekick, I'll watch.

    Well, just as soon as my Cable Provider® gets this "Current TV" channel...

  • Joshua||

    What is "Current"?

  • fish||

    I thought that the name of the show was going to be changed to "Countdown to no Ratings with Keith Olbermann".

    Thanks I'm here all week!

  • ||

    He should wear a bow tie.

    The kind which spins, and squirts water.

  • fish||

    I wouldn't watch that if he was Mel Zetz.

  • fish||

    Of course I might watch him if he opened the show with a rendition of "Kung Fu Fighting"...but he'd probably just get in trouble.

    Yes OT....but SFW!

  • Bee Tagger||

    promises there will be no "corporate" compromises on his new show

    At least we have the litany of other compromises to still look forward to!

  • Mike M.||

    Worst third-tier cable channel in the wooooooorld?

  • ||

    I knew Gore owned a TV channel out there somewhere. Thought maybe it was Versus or something. Guess not.

    Dan Rather is now all lonely and ranting on...I wanna say HD Theater or something like that? Olbermann's even more out in the sticks than he is.

    Now that I think about it, will Olberpuke be on before Ghandi II or after Conan the Librarian on U62? Because I like those shows, but want to miss Olbermann.

  • ||

    Why did I watch that? That was the longest three and a half minutes of my life.

  • Atanarjuat||


    A disturbing daily show clip of an expensive Obama fundraiser that starts with a singing protest but ends with these maroons admitting they'll still vote for him in 2012.

  • A.G. Pym||

    There are actually a couple good shows on "Current," but they're mostly apolitical snarky technology shows. And one interesting animated news commentary show. Much of the rest looks like leftovers from "democracy now" or whatever it is that's up by Link TV on Dish's channel array.

  • ChrisO||

    Maybe they could just leave the cameras turned off and not tell Olbermann. It's not like it would make much difference in the ratings, and it would save some energy.

  • 0x90||

    Naturally, I read that as: "It's not like it would make much difference in the rantings..."

  • The Derider||

    Given the heavy investment and promotion Reason has given to Atlas Shrugged, I'd be careful about making fun of a channel that "no one watches"

    Stones, glass houses, pots and kettles, you know?

  • jasnos||

    Haha. He "has a free hand in assembling the finest staff."

    Good luck to Olby and his journalistic integrity. Good luck and good night, sir. America's Roast Beef Yes, sir.

  • Authentic jerseys nfl||

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