"Reason Saves Cleveland with Drew Carey" a Finalist for a Digital National Magazine Award!

I'm happy to announce that Reason is a finalist for a digital National Magazine Award in the "multimedia package" category for our cross-platform work on "Reason Saves Cleveland with Drew Carey: How to fix the 'Mistake on the Lake' and other once-great American Cities."

The National Magazine Awards have long been recognized as the highest editorial honor in the field; this is the second year for digital awards (and the second year that Reason has been a finalist).

The multimedia package category "recognizes the imaginative use of interactivity and multimedia in the coverage of an event or subject." Other finalists include Fast Company, National Geographic, New York, and Virginia Quarterly Review.

Reason Saves Cleveland is, first and foremost, an original hour-long video documentary that explores what went wrong with a once-prosperous city that was last year named the most miserable city in America by Forbes. The series' six episodes do more than bemoan what Cleveland had become; they show how cities ranging from Chicago to Houston to Oakland have tackled problems such as education, depopulation, and business development in successful ways that harness market forces and innovation. We supplemented the documentary with a raft of policy and research tools and a special issue of Reason magazine, creating a resource that is relevant to all urban areas that are facing difficult times.

The video series was the brainchild of Cleveland native son Drew Carey, who also hosts; produced and written by Paul Feine; shot and edited by Alex Manning and Roger Richards; and narrated by me. Special thanks go to Reason Foundation president David Nott, who made the whole thing happen, to Reason mag editor in chief Matt Welch for pulling together a great special issue on the subject, and to Reason Foundation policy researchers who crafted a series of workable and effective policy recommendations.

The digital National Magazine Award winners will be announced tomorrow, so check back here to see if Reason snags the top honor.

And in the meantime, watch the series and scour the online resources available here.

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  • Gus||

    Stroke me, stroke me,
    Stroke! Stroke!

  • Almanian||

    So KochDollars can buy obscure awards now. I hope your mother's proud.

  • ||

    urban farming. clear abandoned & derelict structures then farm the large recovered swaths of land as detroit plans. productive farmland would produce foods & revenues.

  • ||

    Mmmmmm, you can taste the urban goodness in every bite!

    As lucrative as that sounds, I'm placing my bets on farming reclaimed copper mines.

  • ||

    we'll take that food

  • Pip||

    You do realize that the land it grew in was contaminated with lead and arsenic, right?

  • ||

    we're talking hood not industrial/commercial

  • Lowrider||

    Christ you are stupid. Inner city neighborhoods are contaminated with lead because of years and years of cars burning leaded gas. Also, lead paint is a problem.

  • ||

    since urban farming is already extent, this is a known variable. try pulling ur head outta ur suburb

  • sevo||

    OhioOrrin|3.15.11 @ 9:37AM|#
    "...productive farmland would produce foods & revenues...."

    To the myriad of subjects of which OO has shown his/her ignorance, we can now add the economics of farming.
    OK, OO, tell us the yield/acre of which crop and the selling price of that crop. We need another laugh.

  • Tonio||

    Congrats Drew, Nick and everyone else. Hope you win.

  • ||

    lol, I dont see what all the Drew Carey fuss is about, the dude is a major tool!



    So how's good old Cleveland doing these days? All saved now? If not, the video was just feel good bullshit. No change, no glory.

  • ||

    Not answered is the question of WHY should the Mistake on the Lake be saved.

    Just light the river on fire again call it urban renewal

  • ||

    I still fundamentally disagree with the premise that dying cities need to be saved, but it was a very good series nonetheless.

  • sevo||

    Jim|3.15.11 @ 11:03AM|#
    "I still fundamentally disagree with the premise that dying cities need to be saved,..."

    How about if they're dying simply because of bad government policies?

  • ||

    Zombie cities need a cure or a double tap. There is no gray area here.

  • ||

    once great?

  • sevo||

    And congrats to Reason!


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