Reason on the Radio: Radley Balko Discusses the Brian Aitken Case on NRA Radio

Reason Senior Editor Radley Balko recently discussed the Brian Aitken case on NRA Radio. Here's the interview:

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  • Virginia||

    Is Christie going to pardon this guy or what?

  • Cecil||

    Unfortunately, Christie is not very big on 2nd Amendment rights, and is unlikely to pardon in this case.

  • ||

    So much for Christie.


  • Rich||


  • Cecil||

    "Christie also said he supports strict and aggressive enforcement of the state's current gun laws."

  • Spur||

    Lets see - no drugs found, he's white and lives in the northeast corridor - yep that seems like a safe story for the NRA to take on -

    The case is a tragedy but the NRA is a joke.

  • ||


  • Name Nomad||

    Threadjack on a Balko-esqe note: Vegas cop shoots a dog trying to play with her son
    Apparently, she was off-duty, so it's unknown whether or not she'll get overtime pay or if she's just shooting dogs on her own time.

  • Irresponsible Hater||

    As brutal as that was, why do they have to make the story even more horrific with that reporter-ese writing style?

    "Gurinder Kaur's mother was walking 4-year-old German shepherd "King" along their street, but just minutes after she left, Kaur said she received a frantic call from her mother."

    Why do they always have to make the subject-verb relation so convoluted?

    "The husband of North Las Vegas police Officer Becky Rook -- who shot King twice -- said his wife killed the dog because King got loose and attacked his son and then went after him."


    ""He charged me through my rock (garden) and he backed me up over here," said Rook's husband, Scott Salkoff, also a police officer."

    Who thinks like this?

  • Kristen||

    So, what, exactly is the NRA doing to help his guy, other than putting Balko on their radio show that no one has ever heard of? Are they using any of their considerable resources to lobby on his behalf, or hire him a crack legal team? If they are, I might actually consider dontaing some $$.

  • ||

    As brutal as that was, why do they have to make the story even more horrific with that reporter-ese writing style?

    Nice work.

    How long has that guy been married to a German Shepherd, anyway?


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