"Residents! Run! Your building is going to be knocked down!"

Keeping with our theme today of corporate welfare boondoggles, the Internets Celebrities, a sort of comedic duo of chubby New Yorkers who make Web documentaries, have a pretty good new one up about stadium welfare and eminent domain abuse in New York. Check it out:

Thanks to Hit&Run commenter Resident Smartass for the tip.

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  • ||

    corporate welfare boondoggles

    Hey now!

  • shrike||

    Don't be too quick to knock eminent domain!

    That is why Israel exists.

    (I say that as a supporter)

  • Enyap||

    Why do you support yahwehfags?

  • jtuf||

    Shrike, brush up on your history. Jews bought their land family by family when they made alliyah.

  • ||

    Dude, thats downright scary dude. Wow.


  • jtuf||

    Even more depressing than the video is the lack of comments here. If someone knocked down a mail box in the West Bank, there would be dozens of outraged bloogers commenting about it.

  • ||

    Perhaps put this in perspective - Yankee Stadium cost $0.8Bs - Deepwater Horizon cost $0.56Bs, and 33 rigs like it are now moving to Brazil, Nigeria, Angola and Ghana. Don't really know what this means, but money is a funny thing.

  • ||

    These guys do a good job but I didn't hear anything about the Giants. The San Francisco GiaNTS! YEAHAAHOOHOO! BZZZZZZZZZZZZ! GIANTS! CLANG CLANG CLANG! THEY MOVED FROM NEW YORK 50 YEARS AGO! PACBELL PARK (OR WHATEVER IT'S CALLED NOW) IS the sweetest park on the planet. SEASTEAD IN MCCOVEY COVE!


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