Cop Brings Gun, Pink Marshmallow Fluff to a Snowball Fight

Every year, The Washington Post holds a heavily-anticipated contest about Peeps, the marshmallow Easter treat everyone loves to hate. The idea is to build a Peep-based diorama of a memorable event or scene.

This year, one of the semi-finalists depicted a scene familiar to Reason readers:

Look familiar?:

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  • ¢||

    They don't make white peeps?

  • ||

    A white Peep is just a funny-shaped stale marshmallow.

  • ||

    Like Franklin said, it ain't easy being white.

  • anarch||

    peep = perp

  • ||


  • sage||

    Those peeps are racist.

    Man I'm gettin' smacked down in front o' my peeps? Yo' ass is phuckin crazy!

  • Colonel_Angus||

    If more people carried guns, maybe there would be fewer hipster criminals assaulting people with snow and ice.

  • DC Cop||

    I don't wanna hear a peep outa you!

  • ||

    The snowballers weren't protesting anything, they were just throwing projectiles at uninvolved people's property. And throwing them at those uninvolved people if they stood up to them.

  • Joe_D||

    I was there. Those fuckers started throwing snowballs at me... I ended up with a black eye, two broken ribs, and permament brian dmage. I demand pancakes!

  • ||

    Fucking Pigs have no sense of humor.


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