The Top 10 Most-Read Blog Posts at Hit & Run in 2009

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  • Kevin||

    I don't think Radley Balko is really pulling his weight at Reason.

  • oaktownadam||


  • hmm||

    Someone needs a raise.

    So is there an office pool for who gets the most views and what's the prize?

    Who produced the most articles. Lets see who has no life. Come on you can't just toss out half the data.

    Mr. Tim, Mr. Root, and Mr. Sullum have been shunned. You all need to redistribute your views so everyone wins. It's just not fair that some people are not on the winning list.

  • alan||

    The most popular contributor gets a lap dance from the least popular.

  • hmm||

    That can't end well.

  • hmm||

    FYI There's no sex in the champagne room.

  • juris imprudent||

    Actually I was wondering why the readership has such a fondness for his punches to the nuts.

  • hmm||


  • alan||

    Actually I was wondering why the readership has such a fondness for his punches to the nuts.

    If the boot aimed a little higher that would Balko a lot like whiskey, except he sobers you up.

  • ||

    5. Sheriff Lott's New Toy. Radley Balko | September 1, 2008

    Even for a calendar relativist like me, it's hard to see how this is from 2009...

  • ||

    Read the most in 2009, not necessarily posted in 09. Was linked from the Michael Phelps stuff, got lots of clicks there.

  • ||

    In that case I'm surprised the original Lobster Girl thread isn't #1 year in, year out.

  • Kyle Jordan||

    Still though, perhaps it was still read many times in 2009.

    And damn. Reason would be fucked if Balko left.

  • The Angry Optimist||

    Uh, because it was fucked before he got here?

    Is there a drink in there somewhere?

  • Balko's Agent||

    Say it again brother!

  • highnumber||

    No salty ham tears?

  • Johnny Longtorso||

    Does The Jacket get its own hit count, or is it forced to share w/ Gillespie?

  • oaktownadam||

    The Jacket only makes appearances in videos, so I doubt it makes much of any contribution to how many people read Nick's prose.

  • ||

    No doubt about it. 2009 was indeed and interesting year.


  • The Gobbler||


  • Kolohe||

    And a happy new year to you too, Ms. McArdle. :)

  • Ratko||

    Radley Balko on his lonesome holding five of the top ten. He must be doing something right. Or maybe it's just all judges, prosecutors, wardens, police, and so forth, all just logging on to make sure they weren't mentioned by name.


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