Ron Bailey on Bloggingheads Talking Climate Change from Copenhagen

Reason Science Correspondent Ronald Bailey talks about environmental concerns with David Roberts of Grist on Bloggingheads.

Bailey is over in Copenhagen at the big climate change hoo-hah. Read his daily dispatches here.

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    Roberts looks like he combed his hair with his foot.

  • MNG||

    Dude, he used computer models.

  • ||

    Then I would expect to see "smoothing."

    I bet Ron just crank vlogged him in the middle of the night.

    "Huh, wha? Ron, what the fuck dude? My wife's asleep, man."

    "Copenhagan! Go!"

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    "crank vlogged" - That is hilarious.

    Roberts: uhhh.....hello?
    Bailey: Is your refrigerator running?

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    On a related note... do you warn your opposite about us before you put up the Bloggingheads? We're probably quote a shock to people who aren't used to jet black cynicism and withering sarcasm.

  • John Tagliaferro||

    May I quote that?

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    Quote away.

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    Its getting real quite in here.

  • John Tagliaferro||

    That's a shock!

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    Quite the raven, nevermore.

  • ¢||

    Is the big climate change hoo-hah free for reporters, too? That needs a follow-up. Because it's big.

  • Xeones||

    We're probably quote a shock to people who aren't used to jet black cynicism and withering sarcasm.

    TAINT-withering sarcasm, no less. And sasquatch rape.

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    Sounds to me like this dude may be a wee bit full of himself!


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    Which "dude"? Ambiguity serves no one.

    This is why you aren't considered a very good commenter.

  • BakedPenguin||

    Ambiguity serves no one.

    SugarFree, ambiguity serves the purpose of reflecting our real understanding of the world. Anonymity guy was not merely trying to sell a crappy product to an audience that is incredibly tired of him. No, he was making a meta-comment on the whole furor surrounding the lack of understanding of climate science, and the deepening cynicism that the document release help foment.

    We sit here, wanting to know, with certainty, with solidity, with bold confidence that dismisses doubt. Anonymity guy's metaphoric "dude" has revealed to us that this is impossible - we can never really be sure which guy it is who's full of himself, or what name the anonymity guy will use, or whether the temperatures around the world are climbing or not. The metaphor deepens, because he is anonymity guy. We can never know who he really is, and his whole purpose - his idiom - is to destroy our belief in identity qua identity.

    His cryptic, dadaesque statements are more than mere bot spam. They are a commentary on the limits of our knowledge. They are a Sophoclean lesson wrapped in junk mail.

    /pretentious film critic

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    Now I am merely adrift in a sea of endless ennui.

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    wake up on a desert island in some sort of debt? no longer amused?

    Look at me, look at me,
    Look at me, look at me,
    And drown.

    I think the crux of the problem are these concepts of credit and debt and sovereignty. They are being used as obstacles and challenges rather than as tools.

    The morality the situation demands is immediately surrendered to the easier, traditional pursuit of power and profit. Egad, let's not add personality too!


    I think Dave and Ron are having a pretty lively conversation. And they both agree Electricity is the least innovative sector in the economy....

  • ||

    What tripe. Not up to Reason's standards.


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