Obama Out of Afghanistan!

John Nichols of The Nation is mad at Moveon.org for not making wrapping up the war in Afghanistan a pressure priority on the new Obama administration.

Meanwhile, the Christian Science Monitor reminds us that Afghanistan's young democracy is a fragile thing, and the scheduled May elections face many unresolved problems and the three branches of the Afghan official government can't quite agree on who is the decider, or what should be the decision process.

And Ron Paul at CPAC tried to hold Obama's feet to the antiwar fire:

"We get a new President who didn't like the war going on," he said. "So what are we going to do? We are going to drag another 17,000 Americans and pump them into Afghanistan. Don't we know anything about history?"

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  • Hugh Akston||

    Don't we know anything about history?

    Of course we do, Dr. Paul. Roosevelt had his New Deal and Johnson had his Great Society. What wars did they ever get us involved in?

  • ||

    The Afghanistan surge can be attributed to the stimulus. As anyone who takes male enhancement pills can tell you, stimulus always causes surges in your package.

  • Adrian Veidt ||

    Meanwhile, Joao Bernardo Vieira the President of Guinea-Bissau is assasinated. The world continues to turn turn turn.

  • the innominate one||

    that's amazing! CPAC let Ron Paul speak?

    good for him. I'm honestly surprised.

  • ||

    We can repay these debts.

    If not, China has agreed to use eminent domain to recover their loss.

    Don't know if this is for real.

  • ||

    Probably not - that's usually the case with the juicy stories

  • ||

    Wrong thread anyway. DOH!

  • SIV||

    Ah the "China gets eminent domain from Hillary Clinton" conspiracy theory.If it's true there are a lot of angry Southern boys fixin' to deal with it.I'm assuming it isn't true and I'd hate for a civil war to interrupt my relative prosperity in the deflationary depression/ socialist coup we are currently enduring.

  • ||

    Yes, but the important thing about this discredited story is that it could have been true...

  • ||

    Yeah, Hugh, but Reagan invaded Grenada!

  • economist||

    "Meanwhile, the Christian Science Monitor reminds us that Afghanistan's young democracy is a fragile thing,"

    And we care why? This same democratic government, as I recall, decided to keep a law threatening death to anyone who left Islam.

  • ||

    Exactly, economist. They failed the test. Let them be and get out.

  • ||

    Ron Paul, you voted for that fucker, so shut up.

  • han||

    I know my earlier comment


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